Marnie gets the cane

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Marnie gets a well-deserved caning

Marnie is the youngest of my four beautiful daughters and over the years, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that the female of our species need a strict disciplinary framework. I’ve always striven to give them that.

It all started with Gudrun, my gorgeous, sexy wife. We had not been married long before I realised that she liked me to take control of matters; and that she seemed most secure if I chastised her when she got things wrong. At first I would do so in a gentle fashion, usually making a joke of things and telling her she deserved a spanking. But gradually it dawned on me that she really did want to be punished. To begin with I’d just tell her to bend over before giving her a slap on her bottom. Then, one day, she said to me that I should stop playing around and spank her properly. If I remember correctly, she’d forgotten to pass on a message, and I’d had to make profuse apologies for missing an important meeting. So that night, as we were preparing for bed, I reminded Gudrun of what had happened and told her to take her panties own and bend over for a real spanking; to my delight she complied immediately, and I found myself looking at her beautifully rounded bottom. For a brief moment I deliberated on whether I should really punish her but after a moment’s thought I decided that she would not have said what she did, or bent over so readily, if she had not wanted me to. So it was that I went to the chest-of drawers where I kept my clothes and took out a leather strop that had belonged to my father. When I was young he’d used it to sharpen his old cut-throat razor. Suffice to say, I used it on Gudrun. And I didn’t spare her. The marks were visible for several days. After I’d finished I was sexually aroused – and so was Gudrun. I told her to stay where she was – bent over the side of our bed – and, without any foreplay, I entered her from behind. She was already very wet inside and my penis slipped in easily. Gudrun moved forwards onto the bed and we made love. I was left in no doubt that Gudrun liked to be punished and that she found it intensely arousing.

As our daughters grew up I learned that they too needed discipline to feel secure. Gudrun encouraged me to be a stern father and I soon found that, when circumstances required, a paternal spanking helped to maintain our family’s equilibrium. But when my daughters reached their teenage years there were occasions when just a spanking was not enough; that was when I decided to us the cane, but only for serious offences. They were all lively girls, with strong wills and strong passions. Boyfriends came and went with regularity. I was determined that none of my girls should ever be taken advantage of. So I made some very strict rules. Boys had to be approved by us and they were forbidden to be with a boy on their own and I insisted on them being home by 10.00 pm. Gudrun vetted their clothes, making sure that they wore nothing provocative. Needless to say, there were occasions when they fell foul of our rules and I was left having to punish them.

Helga, Greta and Ingrid – Marnie’s elder sisters – were sometimes a little naughty but the occasions when I had to punish them were infrequent. Helga and Greta were inseparable and got up to all sorts of pranks, but never anything really bad. Most times they just needed a little reminder. For that I usually used my paddle, preferring not to cane them if I could help it. I always insisted on them undressing down to just their panties and bra. I’d learned that an important part of any effective punishment was the feeling of shame that the process engendered. For such young girls the thought of their father seeing them in just their underwear was a deterrent in itself. Ingrid was a little more of a problem and her misdemeanours were a generally more serious. She was caned more often than Helga and Greta, but most times a spanking was enough. For Ingrid, having to undress down to just her panties a bra was a punishment in it self; she was very self-conscious.

With Marnie things were very different. From an early age Marnie seemed constantly to be in trouble of one kind or another. As a small child she was almost unmanageable; whatever was asked of her would do the opposite. She was always upsetting her sisters and her mother. Many times Gudrun was reduced to tears by Marnie’s behaviour. Night after night I returned to a house in uproar. And night after night I called Marnie to my study for a spanking.

With all my girls I managed to refrain from using my cane until they had reached the age of 13. In the case of Helga, Greta and Ingrid that posed no problem. But with Marnie there were many times, long before she reached her teens, when I was strongly inclined to break with precedent. I might well have done so were it not for her compliance – in her case the exception to the rule – when it came to accepting punishment. Looking back, that was the only time that she was compliant. I think she wanted to be punished. She never cried and not once did she deny or excuse her bad behaviour. Whenever I pronounced that she was to be spanked she lifted her skirt and bent over immediately. After I had finished she always said ‘Thank you Daddy’. And when she was about to leave she always added ‘I’m sorry Daddy. I love you’.

All through the years of our happy marriage, Gudrun has relied on me to chastise her from time to time; so as well as punishing my four beautiful daughters I was punishing her as well. It started with the strop but after a time I began to experiment with other implements – a slipper, a flat wooden paddle, and a riding crop. By the time Marnie was 13 I had used the cane on all four of my ‘women’. With Gudrun, of course, it was highly sexualised. Gudrun had to have her panties off; I would see her bare bottom and her sex. Most times I insisted she undress completely. Sometimes I was naked as well.

I delivered Gudrun’s punishments as slowly as I could, touching her intimately between strokes. I had an erection throughout and after her punishment was over we invariably made love. No sooner was the last stroke delivered than Gudrun would reach between her legs and open herself for me; so that I would see how wet and ready she was.

It is scarcely surprising therefore that when punishing my daughters I experienced some of the same sexual feelings as I did when punishing Gudrun. However, I never acted on those feelings; at least, not with Marnie’s sisters. As always, Marnie was different.

Soon after her 18th birthday, Marnie was sent home from college for being insubordinate to one of her teachers. It had happened many times. On this occasion I’d been working from home. I was at my desk when Gudrun brought me a cup of coffee. Accidentally, she spilled it over some of my papers and onto the carpet. ‘Darling, I’m so sorry’ she said. Then she rushed to the kitchen for a cloth to clean up. The spillage on the papers was easily dealt with but the coffee on the floor was more difficult. Gudrun was wearing quite a short skirt and a low-cut blouse. As she tried to mop up the mess I could see her breasts and – when she turned away from me – I saw up between her legs. The crotch of her panties had found it’s way into the crevice between her labia. I became instantly aroused.

‘Stop woman’ I ordered. ‘Get my cane from the cupboard’. Gudrun went across and fetched the cane, handing it to me with a smile. She read my thoughts. ‘Bend over for your punishment'; I pointed to an upholstered chair. Gudrun bent over the chair-back. I lifted her skirt and pulled down the panties. She gave a little gasp at that point. I’d forgotten about her panties being trapped in her sex and it must have hurt her. I placed the panties on my desk and gave Gudrun four hard strokes with my cane. I could see she was excited and when I touched her my fingers came away covered in her wetness. I fucked her, quite roughly, while she remained bent over the chair-back. Gudrun liked me to be a little rough sometimes and when I entered her she panted ‘Thank you darling …. thank you’. After we had cum, Gudrun knelt down in front of me and took my penis, still wet from inside her, into her mouth. Then she stood and kissed me; her lips tasting of pure unadulterated sex.

What I did not realise – until quite some time later – was that on returning from school Marnie had quietly let herself into the house and heard the cane-strokes; then, with the natural curiosity of all young people, she had gone to see who was being caned. The door to my study had been open. She’d seen everything. She must even have seen Gudrun lick away the semen that coated my penis.

Ironically, it was to be another unexpected homecoming that led to Gudrun finding Marnie with a boyfriend in her room. She’d gone to ask Marnie about her day and had caught them unawares. Marnie was naked except for her skirt around her middle. Carl, the boyfriend, was completely naked and was giving her oral sex. Seeing Gudrun they both tried pointlessly to cover themselves. Carl had a full erection. Gudrun felt acutely embarrassed. ‘I’m sorry’ she said, before leaving the room.

After Carl left Gudrun asked if they’d done that kind of thing before. ‘Yes’ Marnie replied, with her customary honesty. ‘I’m still a virgin though if that’s what you want to know. He hasn’t fucked me properly yet. I want him to do everything but he won’t. He says we shouldn’t until we’re really serious about each other. So we touch and kiss and do all the other things. Carl makes me all hot until I scream and then he spurts his stuff’.

Gudrun was taken aback. She hadn’t realised how sexually mature her youngest daughter had become. ‘I do understand darling … but you mustn’t … Carl’s right and you are still young ….I wouldn’t want you to get pregnant. Does Carl wear a condom?’

‘No Mummy … I told you he won’t do it … even though I keep asking him to.’

‘Well you mustn’t darling. And you realise that I’ll have to tell Daddy. I don’t know what he’ll say.’

Later, after I got home from work, Gudrun recounted what had happened. ‘Do you think she’s telling the truth … that she’s still a virgin I mean?’

‘Oh yes darling … but she wouldn’t be if she’d got her own way. We’re lucky that Carl refused.’

‘But he won’t refuse for ever. And you know how persuasive Marnie can be if she wants something. No boy can resist being offered sex on a plate – at least not for long. I must put a stop to this.’

‘What are you going to do darling?’

‘I don’t know yet. I’ll decide after I’ve heard what she has to say’.

‘MARNIE’ I shouted ‘Come to my study … immediately young lady’.

A few moments later Marnie stood in front of me, with a defiant look on her face. ‘What’s this I hear about you and Carl?’

‘We did nothing wrong Daddy. I’m old enough to decide if I want sex’.

‘No you are not Marnie – not while you’re living in my house’.

‘You have sex and – you may not know it – Ingrid does as well … I don’t know about Helga and Greta’.

‘That’s quite different – they’re over 21 and your mother has made sure they have proper contraception’.

‘And what about you Daddy?’

‘That’s private between your mother and me.’

‘I’ve seen what you do to Mummy … I’ve watched you … with the cane and then afterwards, when you put your thing inside her. I’ve seen everything … here in this very room. I saw Mummy kissing your penis … what’s wrong with me kissing Carl’s?’

‘I’ve told you Marnie … I’m not going to allow it’.

‘You just want to cane me again … I expect it excites you. It obviously does when you cane Mummy. Your cock was enormous. Do you play with it after you finish caning me?’

‘That’s enough young lady. What Mummy and I do is none of your concern. It’s what she likes and it has nothing to do with me having to punish you.’

‘Well I think it does Daddy. I think you’d like to fuck me and that the only reason you’re cross now is because you don’t like the idea of Carl doing it. I am going to let him whatever you say or do. ‘

‘Well we’ll see about that. Take off your top and skirt; then bend over. I can assure you that you’ll be too sore to want Carl anywhere near you when I’ve finished with the cane.’

‘You can cane me as much as you like Daddy. I won’t change my mind.’ With that, Marnie stripped off her top and then undid her dress. To my astonishment, she had no panties on. ‘There Daddy … you can see my cunt now when I bend over. That should excite you. And if you want to fuck me afterwards – like you did to Mummy – I won’t move. I’ll even lick your mess off when you’ve finished.’

‘Silence … that’s enough. Now bend over the table and brace yourself for the severest caning you’ve ever had. You’re not to move’.

Marnie did as I had ordered her. Apart from her bra she was naked. I went to the cupboard and took out my cane. Marnie was right; I was very aroused. My penis was as hard as if it were her mother bending over and inviting punishment; and sex.

I flexed the cane between my hands, and positioned myself ready to aim the first stroke. Marnie stayed absolutely still. Usually I insisted on her just touching her toes, but I planned to give her 20 strokes and it was too much to expect her to support herself through that. So the table was essential; but being on the low side, it meant that Marnie’s legs had to be parted. I could see her sex. And like her mother’s, it was very noticeably damp. Could it be that being punished made her sexually aroused? Was she so defiant because she liked the cane?

For just a brief moment I nearly relented. But if I was right Marnie did not want that. And I was extremely aroused at seeing my youngest daughter following so closely in her mother’s footsteps. I lifted the cane and administered the first stroke. As always Marnie was silent, but I could see that it hurt terribly. On the third stroke I saw a droplet of clear fluid descend from between her labia and form a string, before dropping to the floor between her legs. That was followed a few strokes later by another, and then another. Marnie was definitely aroused. Her labia had swollen and the cleft between them glistened with wetness. After nine strokes I stopped for a moment wondering if I should take a tissue and wipe her dry. ‘No’ I decided, figuring that Marnie would be well aware of what was happening and, probably, relishing it all. After two more strokes there was another welling-up of fluid and I paused again. It was as though she was inviting me to touch her – and I succumbed. Very gently, I applied pressure between her legs, just to the left of her sex, causing the lips to spread apart and release still more of the fluid within. She gave a long sigh. There was no doubting that Marnie was deriving intense sexual pleasure. As was I. If it had been her mother bending over for me I would not have resisted; but the thought of me fucking Marnie was too much. I had to control myself. I ploughed on, stroke after stroke, until, at last, I had finished. Marnie stayed where she was. ‘I’m finished’ I said ‘You can get dressed now’.

‘No Daddy … please … do what you did to Mummy. Pleeease Daddy. I won’t ever say’.

‘No darling – you must go now’.

‘But Daddy – I really do want you to do it for me – please – I’m feeling so sexy. And I can see you’re all hard.’

My feelings were overwhelming. Marnie looked so inviting, bent over the table, her sex wetter than I would ever have imagined.

‘Stay still my darling.’ I went to the door and locked it, quietly.

‘Are you quite sure sweetheart?’

‘Yes Daddy. Pleease do it for me. I’ve wanted you to do it for so long. And I want you to be the first. Don’t spare me. I’m so wet.’

I undressed quickly and saw how enormous my cock had grown. Was I really going to fuck my daughter?

I knew it was wrong. I shouldn’t have let things go so far. Even at that stage I had thoughts about just seeing if Marnie really wanted to go through with it. I thought, ‘What if I just put my cock up against her pussy? Touch her with it. Will she tell me to stop then? I’ll just do that and then pull away. Tell her I had no intention of doing it. Just testing her out. I can keep control. There’s no way I’ll really fuck my daughter.’ That was how I rationalised what I was doing. Seconds later I stood behind Marnie – she hadn’t moved a centimetre – and gently parted her labia with my fingers. As before, when I did that, there was another outpouring of fluid and I could see that the whole of her vulval area was drenched in the sticky, viscous, liquid that poured from her vagina. I touched her with my cock, just at the entrance. I still imagined I could stop myself. I began to stroke and tease her until the head of my penis was coated in her wetness.

‘Please Daddy. I want it so bad.’ Suddenly, in confirmation of what she had just said, another large droplet formed and fell silently onto the floor beneath us. As every man knows there is a point of no return, and I had long passed that point. I applied pressure until the end of my penis was hidden inside her and I could feel the resistance of her young virgin flesh.

‘Do it Daddy. Do it now’.

I pressed a little harder but still met with resistance. My penis was very thick and, despite her high state of arousal, Marnie was very tight. As well as Gudrun’s, I’d taken three other women’s virginity in my past. But that was so long ago that I’d forgotten how it must never be rushed. My first ‘conquest’ had been deeply upset by how I had forced my way into her and our relationship had never been as trusting afterwards. Marnie deserved better.

‘Darling … you must trust me. I’ve done this before and it mustn’t be rushed. It will take time to stretch you. I know how desperately you’re feeling you want me inside you but the more you relax and let me do my work the more easily it’ll be accomplished’.

‘Was it like this with Mummy?’

‘Well … now you ask … yes it was. Your mother was very frightened at first. She wanted it desperately, but I had to keep stopping so I wouldn’t hurt her and she would stay fully aroused. You see that’s the danger. If I push too hard it’ll hurt and I won’t be able to pleasure you as I should. That takes time and skill if I am to keep you at the peak of your desire. The important thing is that you are fully aroused throughout, and that I keep you like that for as long as possible. That way, when you do finally succumb, the sensations will be so intense that you’ll be able to have several orgasms. In your mother’s case she had one after another over quite a long period. When it’s good for her she always asks me to stay inside her so she can have more climaxes while I maintain the pressure on her clitoris. And that’s the secret here. I must keep teasing your clit in order to keep the juices flowing while I try intermittently to test your resistance. When I think you’re ready I’ll tell you. I shouldn’t have to push very hard and it won’t hurt very much at all’.

‘Ooh Daddy … that feels so nice. Keep your cock just there, on my button’.

It took me some time before I felt sure that Marnie was finally ready and open enough for me to penetrate her. All the time I tried her and touched her she told me how she’d wanted me to make love to her since she came home from college that day. ‘After I saw you with Mummy I knew I just had to make it happen Daddy. I always think of that time when I’m touching myself.’

‘I think you’re ready now. I’m going to do it now my darling. Are you sure you want that?’

‘Oooh yes Daddy … hold my breasts when you go inside … they’re so sensitive now … Ooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo Daddy … you’re in … and you’re so big and hard … Mummy is so lucky.’

My cock slid into Marnie’s vagina so smoothly that I was barely aware of any resistance at all. Looking down there was just a tiny speck of blood. ‘Did I hurt you my darling?’

‘No Daddy … not at all … it was like you said … and it feels so good having your big hard cock inside me. The cock that made me. The one Mummy has inside her every night’.

‘You feel good too sweetheart. Nice and tight. Tell me when you’re ready to cum’.

‘I will Daddy. I want you to cum as well.’

‘No darling … I mustn’t cum inside you. I’m taking a big risk as it is. When you’ve cum I’ll pull out of you and – if you want – you can do what you saw Mummy do … with your mouth. Would you like that?’

‘Oh yes Daddy … I’ve done it for Carl and I like it.’

Fortunately for me Marnie came quite quickly. I might not have been able to stop myself if she’d been much longer. As it was I knew I must have leaked semen or pre-cum and we’d have to do something about that. Fortunately there was a douche and some spermicidal cream in the bathroom that Gudrun and I used.

I pulled out immediately after she’d had her first orgasm. Marnie took me in her mouth and I stroked her hair while she worked on me. I came inside her mouth. To my amazement she swallowed everything. It was all over very quickly, which is what I’d hoped. Marnie was still highly aroused.

‘Quick darling, sit on the table and open your legs wide for me’. I knelt between her open thighs and placed my mouth over her engorged wet cunt. Her clitty was still swollen with lust, just the way her mother always was. I was in very familiar territory. She even tasted like her mother, but with just a slight tang from the small amont of blood she had shed.

‘Do you like my cunt Daddy?’

‘Yes darling – it’s beautiful. Now stay still while I give you another orgasm’.

Marnie came another two times. When we were finished I told Marnie she must use some of the spermicidal cream, and douche herself thoroughly.

Marnie and I got dressed again quickly and I unlocked the door. Fortunately, my study was isolated from the main part of the house and no one had noticed anything unusual. As Marnie left she kissed me on the cheek and said ‘Thank you Daddy …. I’m so glad it was you … I think every girl should have that … I love you so much’.

With a lump in my throat I answered ‘ Thank you sweetheart … I feel very honoured’.

Marnie and I never had sex again after that time and I never wanted to. I really did feel honoured and although I knew it was wrong I never regretted what we’d done. And Marnie turned over a new leaf and was never troublesome again; in fact she became the most loving and thoughtful of our daughters. We never spoke about it but I could see she was happy and fulfilled. She and Carl eventually married and had two beautiful children. I did not tell Gudrun what we’d done. When she asked me in bed that night I told her that Marnie had been very repentant and I hoped she’d learned from it all.

This is only my second story so I’d be grateful for constructive comments. It is all pure fantasy, and I certainly would not advocate any parent ever caning children or having any kind of incestuous relationship. But I find the idea erotic and I hope that others may as well. There is a version with pictures and a video clip of the imagined caning scene.

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