Marykate and Ashley and Me Continued #2

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Please excuse any errors and enjoy.

Seeing Marykate and Ashley hold each other in such a way sent chills down my spine. They were beautiful, like two white doves. I still had my pants and shirt on, but with my dick hanging out I felt a little silly. I turned my head around to look at Nikki and Ray who were still knocked out, somehow I wanted them to be a part of this, but Marykate and Ashley wouldn’t hear of it.

“Hey tigger, don’t waste time looking at them, your not done with us yet!” Ashley said as she grabbed my cock in her hands.

“Lets take him to my room.” Marykate said as Ashley not lead me still holding on to my manhood.

As we entered Marykates room Ashley let me go and locked the door behind us. I could now tell that the chances of Nikki and Ray joining the party were small, but I regained myself knowning that I had my hands full anyway. Ashley now pulled me to her and we began to makeout. Her sweet lips still tasted like Marrykate, and a little bit of me too. It was the most erotic moment of my sex life at that point. Ashley was very aggressive with me, and I loved it. She began to take off my clothes very roughly wanting me inside her quickly. I started to unhook her bra, which was stil on, but she slapped my hand away. It became clear that she wanted full control of me.

“Sorry Tigger, you need to please me before you get to see my goods!” Ashley said as she placed my hands on her tits. “Hmmmm, i know you want to see them, but first you need to earn them!”

Marrykate then held me from behind and grabbed my still hard dick and slowly stroked me kissing my neck. “Don’t mind Ashley, she likes playing games!” Both of them then slowly laid me down on the bed and removed what clothes I still had on.

Ashley crawled on the bed making her way to me and we began to kiss again while Marrykate kept jerking my 8 inch cock. I lost myself in the moment, if my friends could see me now, they’d shoot me for being so lucky. Ashley broke from our kiss and moved down to Marrykate, I closed my eyes. My cock suddenly felt wonderful, I never felt so good. Ashley’s blowjob was the best I ever recieved, but when I saw both Marrykate and Ashley working my cock at the same time I nearly died. They tilted their heads to the side like in a kiss, but placed my dick in the middle of them. They were runnig their mouths sideways up and down my cock going oppisite directions. When Ashley reached the top, Marrykate was working the bottom, when Marrykate took the top, Ashley was at the bottom. And like cute kissing twins, their mouths would kiss each other at the center of my cock. Pure bliss!

I just stared in complete amazment. “Oh-god-I can’t believe it! Fuck you girls are-so-ohhhhh! Fuck suck that cock! Fuck this is great!”

Not long after the girls began their double team on my cock I came. My cum shot everywhere. A small part of it landed on my chest and I felt a little embarassed, but Ashley being her naughty self crwled to me and licked it right off me. I just looked at her and lust filled my mind. I needed to fuck her first, I told myself. Ashley deserved it, and I wanted it too. I grabbed her hand and pulled her ontop of me. For the first time I showed my control over her. She stared into my eyes and for a moment I fell in love, but came to my senses when a lusty smile filled her face.

“Yeah Tigger, your really horny arn’t you?” she said

As Ashley mounted me, I lost track of where Marrykate had went. I gave a quick look around the room, but couldn’t see her. My attention when strait back to Ashley as she was now standing directly above me still wearing her bra and panties. She licked her finger and slowly moved it down her body circling her breasts and bellybotton. It was very sexy I thought as she kept smiling at me.

“James, I’m feeling at little used. So far you and Marrykate are the only ones who got to cum tonight. I want it to be my turn! Will you eat my pussy for me please Tigger?”

She gave such a cut face that I had no choice but to complie. I wanted to fuck her badly, but I had already came twice and it was only fair to give her a treat for herself. Besides I could use the time to give my dick a rest. Ashley grabbed my hands and lead them up to the straps of her panties and while her hands still held mine we pulled her panties down together. I stared dumbfounded by her cute pussy. It had just a tiny patch of blond hair, she had obviously shaved it. I thought it was so cute and sexy at the same time. She bent down to meet my eagarly awaiting mouth. I opend my lips ready to reward Ashley for her hard work.

“hmmmm” Her moans were small at first, as if she was getting a massage, then they became louder as I quickened my speed. The humming of her voice was very satisfying to me as I licked. How wonderful she tasted, sweet, for some reason it tasted diferent then all pussies before her. She didn’t taste funny, bitter, or sour, just sweet like a cherry. I was loving it, even though i was working my ass off pleasing her, I loved it. “mmmmm, f-f-uck… James. Fuuuu-ck, Yes. I love it, fuck… mmmm HOLY SHIT!” With out any real warning Ashley came and came and kept cumming in my mouth. She had to have had a multiple orgasm because her pussy would not stop cumming. I don’t know what I did, but it had to be good. She quickly fell to my left side and clutched her pussy. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! James, where’d you learn that?” Ashley said in amazment.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember what I did. I must have hit your G-Spot.” I answered

She slowly regained herslef and smiled at me. “Tigger, you knocked it out of the Fucking Ballpark!”

“Thanks…” I said softly, and with that she kissed me.

To be continued…

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