Marykate and Ashley and Me

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My name is James and let me just say that I’m in love with two girls, their names are Nikki and Ray.(Marykate and Ashely will be in my story in just a bit) They’re twins ofcourse, and I really do enjoy talking to them. Their young both only 16 and I who just graduated high school, just turned 18. Now for the past two years I have fallen in love with these black haired brown fickled face beauties and I wasn’t the only one. At school they are liked by alot of guys, which is commen for such beauties as Nikki and Ray. But most guys liked them for the simple fact that they were twins, well I didn’t, I can truly say that I liked them for who they were.
Nikki seemed to be the quieter twin, while Ray was known was being wild. So it came to my surprise when I found Nikki was a pothead. Any way,I never got with them, and it hurt me to find they both had boyfriends. Not long after I graduated my friends brought me a magazine of Rolling Stones with the famous twins Marykate and Ashley, they talked about how they would love to fuck them, but at the time they just reminded me of Nikki and Ray. I told my friends that I’d rather sleep with Nikki and Ray then Marykate and Ashley, but they just looked at me like I was a jackass. Although Nikki and Ray were hot in their eyes, they just didn’t compare to Marykate and Ashley. But for me, I’d have all four soon enough.
Later on that week I called a radio station and without realizing it won a ticket to see the opening of New York minute. I had two extra tickets and decided to try my luck inviting Nikki and Ray. To my surprise they excepted and I was going to watch a twin movie with the most beautiful twins I ever knew. It was like a dream, being at the opening of a great movie and being with the most beautiful twins on the planet. When we arrived at the opening we all caught a glimps of Marykate and Ashley as we entered the theatre. People were surprised to see me walk in with Nikki and Ray, I suppose it was because they were twins two. As we went in and walked through the “red carpet” media kept asking me who I was and who Nikki and Ray were. I just told them I won a stupid radio contest and that they were my friends who just happened to be twins. I even heard on of the reporters say “Look out Marykate and Ashley here come Nikki and Ray” but we just ignored the comments. After the movie we went outside and agian we were questioned by the media, but this time it was different because the Olsen Twins were just infront of us. They turned around and asked us who we were. Nikki and Ray were shocked to meet them, but I didn’t think it was a big deal, I mean a watched these two girls growup on the T.V. and to me they didn’t meetup to Nikki and Ray.
I was Friendly to them though. I’m not that rude of a guy, so the three of us talked to them for a brief while.

“Hey you guys should come to the after party at our hotel.” Marykate said

“Sure we’d love too” Nikki said barely hoping her own excitment.

“We know you’ll love our party, Marykate and I hardly ever invite people to our Hotelroom.” said Ashley as she rubbed my face. I’m not gonna lie to you, I liked it. Hey I may love Nikki and Ray but a party is a party!

Not long after the conversation with Marykate and Ashle, we found ourselves in their rooms. To our surprise there was nobody there. No party at all. I was about to ask the girls to leave when Ashley walked out of her room in a sexy red dress holding a tray with wine and five glasses.

“Hey guys glad you made it. You guys drink?” Ashley asked

“Sure in this case yes.” I said as we all took seats on the couch. Then Marykate joined us with another tray of wed to my surprise.

“Want to hit this girls?” Marykate turned to Nikki and Ray, and Nikki being a pot-head gladly hit the joints. Ray, and I didn’t smoke wed, but in a few moments Nikki would be knockedout along with Ray. Not even a minute after Ray drank from her glass, that she passed out on the couch with Nikki. I became confused but soon realized that Nikki and Ray’s glasses were laced with “X” to knock them out.

In a rage I asked “What the hell did you two do?”

“Oh come on James, a strong guy like you with a pair of hot twins like that, some things gotta be in those pants of your to please them both.” Marykate said, or was it Ashley, I couldn’t tell any more. I realized that my glass also had “X”

I couldn’t control myself, and part of me wanted to go along with it too. I mean who wouldn’t want to fuck the Olsen Twins?

“Come here James. I want you to undress me.” Ashley said as I put my hands on her soft tits. Slowly I began to give in to my lusts. I unzipped Ashley’s red dress and let her drop it to the ground. Looking at her beautiful body made me feel greatful. Her bra and panties matched her dress as I looked at her I could tell she was very turned on.

It didn’t take long for Marykate to join the fun as she removed her blue dress showingoff her body to me. They looked good together. Both wearing blue and red underwear, matching and mixing in complete bliss. I was in heaven. They pushed me on the couch and I found myself sitting in between Nikki and Ray who were still out of it. Slowly they now began to model for me, their bodies moving so sexy rubbing their breats and clits.

“You ever Jerk-off to us James?” Asked Ashley

“No… I mean you’re both so sexy, but never.”

“Well you ever jerk-off to Nikki and Ray over there?” Marrykate then asked.

I couldn’t help but tell the truth. I had jacked off to Nikki and Ray. “Y-Yeah… I guess I have.”

“Well James, we want you to forget about those two bimbos. Were the true Sexy Twins of the world and we’re gonna show you just how we got to the top by ridding the cock!”

“You got to the top by fucking people?” I asked

“Sure, we’ve suck dick for movie parts sense we were 14. We sucked and fucked anyone to get our way… even each other.” Ashley said as they both smiled at one another.

“Would you like to see Ashley eat my pussy James?” Marrykate asked

“Hell yeah!”

“Then we want you to show us your cock. Jerk-off to us as we fuck each other.” Ashley ordered

Marrykate sat on the coffee-table that was in front of the couch an opened her legs. Ashley slowly removed Marrykate’s panties and rubbed her sister’s clit. She lowered herself under her and began to lick Marrykate’s pink clit. This was so fucking hot that I didn’t need anymore orders, i took out my dick and jerked myself. Ashley quickened her licking and Marrykate just smiled at me moaning to Ashley’s tongue.

“Oh Ashley you gotta see this James guy work his dick. hmmmmmm, he’s pulling 8 inches easy.”

Ashley now began to finger fuck her sister, and took a quick look at me and my cock. “Hey he is pretty big. I’m sure Nikki and Ray won’t mind us barrowing him for the night.” I quickened my speed as I jerked and Ashley took notice of me. “Hey tigger, say some of that energy for us. Here slide that cock into a place were it can go to better use.”

Ashley now opened her mouth as she fingered Marrykate. I Stood up and slowly entered the mouth of the faamous little slut. She felt so good, her warm mouth felt like heaven. It would only feel greater if it was Nikki or Ray, but I wasn’t complaining.

Ashley worked me good, her hands busy on Marrykate and her mouth on my cock, what a true warrior. She deffently knewn what she was doing. It occured to me she had a lot of practice. Maybe gettin gangbanged by half the guys in her highschool, but where ever she learned how to fuck, she was great at it. Ashley deepthroated my cock without my help at all, she was sometime else rollin her mouth out and in again.

“Why you girls didn’t enter porno was beyond me, but wow. Ashley remind me to get you a metal when this is over.”

Ashley pulled out of my mouth and said something that turned
me on and made me laugh. “YOU GOT IT DUDE!” and she went right back to sucking. After a few more sucks on her part and Marrykat
e and I were both gonna blow. We moaned in sweet bliss as Marrykate and I shot or loads we helped hands giving each other our full support.

Ashley got up and whiped the cum from her mouth. She slide her fingers into my mouth and I sucked Marrykates pussy juice from them. “your welcome” Ashley said.

Marrykate hugged her sister and just stared at me. “Lets finish him off!”

To be continued…

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