me n dad

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i live in a fair sized town. not real big but not small. my dad owns a store here
and mom is a dental assistant. so they’re both gone during the day till about 5:30.
i have a friend i’ll call billy. he moved here about a year ago. just down the block.
we got to be friends right off. we always walk home together unless he has ball practice.
i wanted to play but i wasn’t good enough to make the team.
a lot of days we’d stop off at my house and have jackoff sessions. then we got in to
sucking each other. billy had done it before but i hadn’t, and i found out i liked it
a lot. i’m not gay. i just liked sucking his cock.
i’ve seen my dads cock sometimes when he was getting out of the shower or just
getting dressed to go somewhere. it’s not real long but it’s nice. i’ve had fantasies
about sucking him. but i wasn’t about to ask him.
one day the teachers had a meeting and they let school out at noon. billy went to ball
practice so i walked home alone. i always cut up the ally and go in the back door
through the garage. i saw my dads car was there and another one too. i was surprised
he was home. i went through the kitchen to the living room and he wasn’t there either.
so i wondered whose car that was. anyways i just got a pepsi from the fridge and started
down the hall to my room. the door to dads room was open a little and i heard somebodys
voice. i didn’t know who. so i just peeped in and man was i shocked. my dad was sucking
the guys cock. i watched untill the guy must have cum. my dad started to get up so i
snuck in to my room and waited a little while thinking they might get dressed and i
didn’t want dad to know i saw him. but they didn’t come out so i eased out and i
took another look. now the guy had turned around and was bent over and dad was fucking
him. i watched as long as i dared then went back in my room and closed the door
real quite like.
man i was so hot now i stripped out of my school clothes and started jacking my dick.
i guess i should have been mad because he was cheating on mom but i wasn’t.
it turned me on so much but i wasn’t about to say anything to mom. i wouldn’t
want them to divorce or anything. then in a few minutes i heard them leave.
i eased the door open a little and peeked out to make sure. then i went back to
jacking off. i was still thinking about sucking dad and i cum real fast.

i never told billy what i saw. but i started wondering what it was like to fuck
somebody or get it done to me. so i ask billy if he ever did it. he said he tried once
but it hurt the guy and he wouldn’t let him do it. he said why. you wanna do it?
i go i have thought about it. he said i’ll do it to you if you want to. i go maybe if
i put something slick on me maybe it won’t hurt. i knew mom had some vitimen e gel.
i used it once to jackoff with. i got it and put some on my ass and on his dick and bent
over and billy started pushing his dick into me. it hurt a little at first but then it
just felt kind of weird like. but i let him keep fucking me till he cum in my ass.
i read some stuff on the web and a lot of guys say they like it so i figured if i keep
doing it i might like it too. so every time we got together to suck i let him fuck me
i was getting so i liked it.

so at spring break me and dad went to the lake and got a cabin. we do that every
year to fish. mom has to work. so she don’t go. we stay for three days. i been thinking
for a while how to bring it up to dad. so the first night after dinner we were back
at the cabin and i ask dad if i tell you something will you not get mad at me?
and dad goes it depends on what it is. you haven’t got into any trouble have you?
and i go no nothing like that. i just saw something and i wanted to ask you
something. no matter what you promise you won’t get mad? and he goes you have my word.
i was real nervous but i had to tell him now. so i told him about getting out early
that day and i go you were home and this other guy was there. he was looking worried
and i said i never told anyone and i never will. he said you saw us then? i said
yeah. but theres something else i wanted to tell you but i don’t want you to get mad at
me. he was quite for a minute then goes well if your gonna keep that secret then i
guess i can keep whatever you say secret. is it something you don’t want told?
i go yeah but i’m kind of afraid to tell you. he hugged me and said i won’t get
mad. you can tell me anything you want. i go you won’t tell anyone you know it?
he goes i promise. i go what i saw you doing me and billy been doing that too.
he goes how long you two been doing that? i go most of a year. he goes well i can’t
lecture you but you should be aware of desease. i go i know. we don’t do it with anyone
else. he ask if i was gay and i go no i just like to do that. you do too don’t you?
he goes yes i do. so i go i was thinking me and you could do it. he goes well we
shouldn’t but we both know about each other. it would have to be a well guarded secret.
i go i’d never tell as long as i he goes lets go hit the showers and maybe when
we get back. now my heart was pounding like crazy. i was so excited.
we got in the showers and we both got a good look at each other. i wanted to suck him
right there but he thought someone might come in.we dryed off and went back to the cabin.

then i wanted it so bad i just stripped off again and so dad took me to the bed and
he played with my cock a little and took his off. i couldn’t wait so when he laid down
i just started sucking him. he groaned and goes i can tell you sucked a cock before.
feels good. his was bigger around than mine and i could get most of it in my mouth.
i loved the way it felt and i bobed up and down on his nice cock till he goes i’m gonna
cum. i kept it in my mouth and started jacking it and he cum. man i was loving this.
he had a lot more than billy. and i swallowed it all. dad goes your really good.
i go you can fuck me. billy does. are you sure? i go yeah. i like that too. so he goes
maybe after i suck you. we’ll have to get some lube.i didn’t bring any. so i lay back
and dad started sucking me. he was really good too. he made me cum in about two
minutes. dad had to pick up some things at the store anyway so he stopped by the
drug store too and got some kind of lube.i think it was like ky. i couldn’t wait to get
home. i wanted to feel dads big cock in my ass. he was bigger around than billy.
then back at the cabin we got naked again and he sucked me a little more then got me
on my hands and knees. he put the stuff on me and fingered my ass some and then he
stuck his cock in me slow. the head popped right in and he goes you ok? and i go yes keep
going. he push a little more in and started stroking and it went in me a little further
each time till i felt his body against me. now it was feeling really good and i go
fuck me hard dad. he started pounding me faster. it felt sooo good. my dad fucked me for
a long time then he cum. it was the greatest. and i was thinking man three days.
i’m gonna suck him and get fucked as many times as i can till we leave.

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    Really great story Loved reading it Very hot Great job Well done!!!

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