Mom loves me

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oh mom! You shouldn’t be walking around like that in front of me! Mom was in thong and working to get her 38g tits in her oversize bra. You have seen tits before, I am in a hurry and these things take a while to corral, you know that. Mom had been doing this more often lately. One day she had come home early and I was looking at a tit mag and beating my 8 inch cock in a frenzy. Since then she always seemed to have her tits out or wearing something revealing. Her tits weren’t the saggy kind, oh no, they were nice and firm and her nipples got about an inch long when she was turned on and were always hard lately. She was still standing in front of me trying to get her bra on, but only seemed to be moving those beautiful juggs around with her hands. I couldn’t wait for her to leave, she was my mom, but she made me so horny with those boobs I couldn’t wait to jerk a load thinking of them. Honey, I will not be home until late, me and the girls are going to a club for Sheri’s birthday. So don’t wait up. I finally heard the garage door close as she left. I ran upstairs to get my favorite tit mag, the one who had the woman with tits like mom. I know I sounds bad, but truth is truth. I lay back on my bed and dreamed while looking at the photos. I reached down and rubbed my hardening cock. I closed my eyes and pictured mom fighting to get her tits in her bra. Mom said she would not be home soon, so I decided to take a chance and get totally naked and jerk myself off. She had been gone about an hour so I was sure I was alone. I stood up and striped, and got a bottle of oil from my bedside drawer. I lay down and slowly rubbed my self. Man did it feel good. I was rubbing nice and slow and had not oiled myself up yet. I had all the time in the world to work up a good load cause mom was gone for the night. I picked up the bottle and squirted some oil on my hand. I then rubbed it in good on my nice hard cock. I was now fully hard, stroking all the way to the balls and then pulling the foreskin over the apple like head. I turned the page of the tit mag and a picture fell out. It was a picture of mom nude on her back, legs spread and tits rolling of the sides of her chest. What?! Man did she look hot. I looked at the back and she had wrote “honey, look at this when you cum, not those other women. cum for me my little boy.” My cock had shrunk just a little bit because of the shock, but I looked at the picture and slowly started stroking again. I know it was wrong, but she was so hot and now had put this pic here just for me to cum over. I was hot and building up to a nice cum when I heard a moan that was not mine. my eyes flew open and there she was in the doorway. My mom, watching me jerk off to her picture. Oh mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. I know son, I came in quietly so I would not disturb you. I thought you might be getting some relief. Did my picture help? Mom, I don’t know what to say. Why did you leave a pic like that for me? I like the thought of you looking at me, she said. In fact, I want you to look at me right now. She had been unbuttoning her shirt as we talked. She pulled it open and reached in her bra and pulled pulled out her tits. Her nipples were sticking fully out and she took them between her fingers and pulled on them. She then reached back and undid her bra completely. Here I was, oily cock in hand and my mom standing half nude in front of me playing with her tits. My hand slowly started to move. Slowly stroking my still half erect cock. “Thats it honey, stroke it for mommy.” ‘Mom, this is so wrong!” I said, still stroking. “No son, this is wrong.” she said, walking up and taking my cock in her hand. I moved my hand and moaned as she stroked my cock. “Mom!, what are you doing?” “I am doing what I have been thinking about since I caught you stroking your beautiful cock meat, and I mean to have a full portion of it.” Mom slowly bent forward and wrapped her boobs around my oily pole. Oh wow, did that feel good. I watched her move up and down, then slowly lower her head and snake her tongue around my hard cock head. “Don’t you like that son?” “Mom, you are sooo hot!” “do you like my tongue on you baby? then you will love this” Mom opened her mouth and the next thing I knew my cock was all the way in her mouth. her nose was pressing against my abdomen and I could feel her throat constrict around my cock head. I couldn’t help it, I heaved upward and forced my cock into her face. “MMMMM, yeah, thats it, fuck mommies throat big boy” I could not believe my mom talking like this. She again took my cock all the way in, full 8 inches of thick meat down my loving mom’s throat. I reached up and put my hands on her head. I couldn’t help myself and I started pumping in and out. She gagged just a little but didn’t let up. After a few minutes I was ready to cum for the first time in my life besides my own hands. My cock started to grow and mom pulled her mouth of me. “No, No, You can’t cum that quick” “But mom, you are so sexy” ” let me lay down. stand up and when I put my head off the bed you stick your hard cock in my face and fuck me hard in the mouth” This was my mom talking this way. She lay down and her tits moved like jello on her chest. She lay on her back and put her head down off the mattress. Her mouth was right in line with my cock. I reached down and caressed her billowing tits and pinched her hard nipples. “Fuck my mouth.” she moaned. I slid my cock into her mouth and didn’t stop until my balls rested on her nose. I held her tits for leverage and started to move in and out. Slowly all the way in and out. I started to pick up speed and she gagged a little again, and saliva ran down my balls and onto her face. That made me so hot I started to pump harder, pulling her to me by her tits. My cock was ready burst, I had never felt anothers touch and this was incredible. Mom was moaning as my hips thrust back and forth. I was panting and about to lose it. Mom then reached her arms around my butt and pulled me harder to her face. That was it. “I’m cumming I yelled.” Mom just moaned and pulled me harder to her face, not letting me pull back until I started pumping hot cum down her throat. She then let me pump her face until I could not take anymore. I pulled my cock from her mouth with a pop and she rolled up onto her knees and gave me a hot french kiss. I could taste my cum on her tongue and it made me quiver. “Mom, that was great!” I said, “but I am your son, we can’t do this.” “Bobby, I wanted your cum ever since I saw that huge hunk of man meat. Now lay down and I will show you how I can get you hard again.” I lay down on my back and mom dangled those huge tits in my face. I sucked her long hard nipples as she worked her skirt and thong off. I was in tit heaven but she got up and rolled me over on my tummy. I could not see what she was doing, but I felt her hot breath on my rear end. She placed a hand on each cheek and spread them apart. I heard her moan then felt a tickle on my ass. I felt her breath as she slowly inserted her tongue in my asshole. OH MY! It felt so good! Mom was snaking her tongue up and down my crack and trying to get it in my asshole. I could not believe the pleasure. I felt a pang of disappointment when she lifted her mouth off my ass. I felt a cool sensation as she poured oil from the bottle into my ass crack. She started to rub it in with her hands. “Baby boy, you are gonna love this,” she said. And she began to work a finger into my ass. It felt weird, but I liked it! She finally got her finger in and wiggled it around. And damn, my cock started to get hard just like she said. She removed her finger and now stuck her hot pointed tongue inside of me, it must have went in about an inch and if felt so good I thought I would cum again too soon. “Mommy’s little boy like that?” “Oh mom, this is so wrong!” “Roll over, its time for you to go back where you came from.” It took a minute for me to get that, but I rolled over and mom straddled me and lowered herself on my hard cock. I will never forget the feeling as her hot, wet puss
took me in. She knew what I was feeling and took it nice and slow. My first pussy and it was my mom! I was finally all the way in and she leaned forward and put her tits in my face. I nuzzled her boobs and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. Mom slowly started to work up and down, moaning all the while. “Its been do long,” she sighed. “MMMppphhh” I said into her boobs. Mom was soon rocking at a perfect pace and since I had just cum I was lasting a little while. I started pumping up meeting her thrusts and she let out a low growl. “Fuck me Bobby, fuck mommy hard” Who was I to let mom down? I pumped hard at her as she rode me. It was more than she could take. She was panting and pumping like crazy. I felt for the first time a woman’s cunt gripping my cock as she came like crazy. “Oh Yes…..” Mom collapsed on me, crushing my face in her tits. I wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled her buzom. She was breathing heavy and laying full on me. My cock was still in her but was starting to soften a little. I tried to make a pumping motion, but couldn’t with her weight on me. I started to worry that maybe this was it. “Oh son, your cock is so good.” She started to stir and move off me. I was really worried now! Was it over? Was she going to get mad at me? “Oh Honey, I have to give you a real treat for making me cum so hard. I only have done this once before with your dad, but if you promise to go slow, I will let you put it in my ass.” WHAT?????? I had only seen pictures in mags and never talked to anyone about ass fucking. I was curious about it, but mom was serious. “I want you to lick my butt like I did yours, then lube me up with your fingers, and then fuck my tight little asshole.” I had always looked at my mom’s ass when she didn’t see, it was as cute and her huge tits. But put my tongue up it? Hmmm, I was not sure about that. Mom lay on the bed as I had and I looked at her pretty plump ass. Yeah, I could do it. I started kissing her cheeks and teasing her crack with my tongue. Such soft skin and shapely cheeks. Mom was in her early forties but her ass was like a teens. I put my hands on her cheeks and spread them, eyeing her little brown hole. Could I do it? Stick my tongue up my mom’s asshole? I acted without thinking, sticking out my tongue and licking her brown hole. “MMM, yeah, oh yea, thats it Bobby.” The taste was a little odd, but I liked it! I pushed my face into her ass and licked. I decided to try something and put my lips around her hole. I sucked for all I was worth. “Oh my, Bobby, suck my asshole you naughty little boy.” My cock was rock hard from this new turn on and I couldn’t wait much longer. I got the bottle of oil and poured some down her crack. “Oh, thats cold!” I rubbed the oil all over her cheeks until her ass glistened. I then slowly started to work my finger into that tight brown hole. Shit, it just slipped right in! I slid another in while she was not expecting it and then the hole tightend up. “Oh Bobby” she said as she wiggled on my fingers like I had hers. “I want your cock, fuck me!, Fuck my asshole!” I was starting to feel a little in charge, so I pulled my fingers out and told her to roll over. She did and I watched those tits wobble, nipples threating to explode on her chest. I put my fingers to her lips and told her to lick her ass juice of them. She opened her mouth and sucked my fingers. It was so hot knowing those fingers had just been in her ass. But her lips felt so good I then moved up and offered her my cock again. “No, Bobby, I want you in my ass.” “Suck me a minute first mom, please?” She opened her mouth and I plunged forward. A few minutes was all I could take if I didn’t want to fill her mouth with cum again. I pulled out and stood at the side of the bed. I moved her legs around and lifted them up so I could aim at her tight pucker hole. I put some more oil on my cock then it was time. I put the head against her ass and increased the pressure on her hole. “MMMMM.”She moaned. I felt the resistance start to give way as my cock started to enter her ass. man, I thought her cunt was good, this was awesome. I sunk a few more inches in then pulled back until just the head was inside. I then slowly pushed into the hilt. Balls deep. In my Mom’s asshole. “Oh, it hurts, but its good, don’t stop.” I pulled out, watching her asshole cling to me and then I pushed it home, harder this time. “Yes, oh yes” I then started to fuck her asshole like I had her mouth, hard and deep. She reached up and pulled her legs all the back to her tits. “Do it, fuck my ass!” I was rammming my whole 8 inches up her now and she rocked like a bronco on my cock. I couldn’t take much more, so I pulled out and told her to get on all fours. She did as I asked and that plump oiled ass looked so hot, and her little hole was gapping open from having my cock rammed in her. I got behind her and sunk it to the balls again. In this position I could grab her waist and pull her onto me. I pounded her and watched her ass ripple from the thrusts. I was going to cum, but I didn’t want to shoot in her ass. Seeing her suck my fingers after they had been in her ass gave me a great idea. I pulled out of her ass and she whimpered. “Don’t stop Bobby, I want your cum.” “I want you to suck me again, Mom, suck my shitty assfucking cock!” Wow, it felt cool to talk dirty and take charge. Mom got up to do as I asked. “On the floor on your knees, and suck me good!” “Oh yes, make me your filthy whore Bobby!” “Lick this, my whore mother!” I put my cock to her face and she snaked out her tongue and licked at the oil covering it. “Now suck it!” And I pushed into her mouth. She was not ready and gagged, spitting all over my cock her tits. I gave her a second to recover and started fucking her mouth again. This woman was incredible and it was my first piece and my mom too! I grabbed her hair and pulled her roughly back and forth on my cock. She made gurgling noises but didn’t struggle. I was ready to blow and she knew. All of sudden she slid her hand up my legs and put her finger back in my asshole. Wow! “Mom, I cumming!” Mom just sucked harder. But she was not taking me in as deep. As I started to cum, she kept just the head in her mouth and stroked me with one hand with the other with her finger in my asshole whirling around. “Here it cummmm,, Oh Mom!!” I filled her mouth with a huge hot creamy load. She opened her mouth and cum was running down her chin and dripping on her tits. She stroked and stroked while sucking the head. I finally quit pumping cum into her. She swallowed some and let the rest run down her chest. “Oh son, that was quite the load! Get up on the bed and lay down and rest. I did as she said, but then she straddled me and pushed her cum covered tits in my face. “Lick em clean stud, and I will let you fuck mommy again sometime.” Well, I had already licked an asshole and tasted my cum in her mouth anyway, so I did as I was told. I was not sure of the taste but the whole thing was still a turn on. Mom rubbed them all over me and my face was covered with jism. She then bent to kiss me and lick the cum off my face. My mom was one hot fuck! She lay beside me and we both drifted off to sleep. I awoke the next morning by the feeling of a mouth on my cock. Mom wanted a morning wake up, I guess. I kept my eyes closed and slowly pushed in and out of the willing mouth. I moaned and pumped a little harder, and Mom started to gag. “Are you okay, Mom? I asked looking down at her. But it was not my mom, it was my little sister Judy. “What are you doing?” I yelled. “Quiet, you will wake up mom and I don’t want to share. I watched last night and wanted a little of you for myself.” A stiff dick does its thinking for you, and I let her suck me. She was not as good as mom, but was getting into it. I finally blasted a load in her mouth and she moved up and kissed me with her mouth still full of my cum. This time I liked the taste! “Thanks Bobby, came to my room after mom goes to work and we can finish what I started. To be continued…… ”


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