Morning I will always remember

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I was downstairs all by myself my mom was gone with my dad somewhere (shopping?) my sister was upstairs sleeping.

The phone rang my mom asked me if my sister was up, i said no. She said to wake her up.

I couldn’t continue my masturbation session, i had downloaded some movies off kazaa. Anyways I went upstairs to
wake her up my dick was hard as hell. I took an orange juice and came back downstairs.

When I came down my sister was on the computer viewing what I had downloaded when she heard me she turned
around and said : “What’s this?”

I said: “I’ll show you, follow me…”

She followed me to her bedroom…

I said: “That was porn!”

“Porn… XXX…? ok…”

“Ya, I’ll show you”

“Show me what?”

I push her bedroom door open…

“Change into your bra and thong mother gave you for christmas.”

(She had receive a light blue thong with a matching bra for Christmas, young to have that but I liked it)

“I’ll be back in a min”

I went into my room to give her a minute to change

After 5 mins I came back into her room she was on her stomach reading a book. I approach the bed and sat behind her.
I took all of my clothes off except for my underwear. She had a small butt. I put my hand on it and gave it a message.

She closed her book at that time.

Her butt cheeks where all white like a small baby. I started to spank her.

“Oh, That hurts”

I said: “It’s ok, I like doing that.”

“Oh ok… Oh!”

I had slapped once more…After a couple I stopped her cheeks where red from all the spanking.

I took her thong off from behind. I bent down and to put my toungue on her ass crack.

I licked her ass hole…

She said: “Oohh, that feels good”

“I know… It’s just getting started.”

The taste off her ass crack wasnt as bad, it still tasted good since she took her shower before going to bed.
I made her turn on her back. I saw her small pussy, small hair were stating to grow. I took off her bra. To see her
small tits I licked them for a bit until her nipples were hard.

I went down and licked her pussy, the taste was wonderfull, a clean pussy!

Realizing I hadent taking my underwears off she told me: “Aren’t you getting naked like me?”

I said: “Sure!”

My dick was hard by now. I decided to take a chance I inserted my hard dick into her small pussy, she let out a shout:

“Ouch! Aww!”

I told her that it was ok and it would get better later on.

I continued my insertion… I could feel that I couldnt go any farther.

I started the motion of going back and forth, back and forth…

“Oh, this feels good”

I gave it more speed…

“Oh ya!”

She was enjoying herself and so was I.

I wanted to try it doggy style, so I told her to to on her stomach. She did as I told her.

I said “I’ll do you doggy style”

She said “Doggy style?”

I said: “… umm… do a dog….go on your 4 legs…”

She went on her back legs, it was perfect.

I inserted my dick once more and put my hands on her small hips, and started pounding at it once more. Harder and
faster this time.

My sister was now moaning…

I continued, I gave her couple of slaps…

She said “Why are you spanking me?”

I said “I enjoy it”

After acouple of minutes I could feel something in my dick.

I took it out and told her to go back on her back..

I sat on her chest and stuck my dick inside her mouth and told her to suck on it.
At first her teeths were touching my dick and it kinda hurted. But she stopped.

She had a nice motion going on. I could feel the cum rising. I took it out of her mouth and standed up beside the bed.

She looked at me and said “What’s wrong? I was having fun!”

I said: “Nothing hold on, open you mouth and stick your tongue out…”

I approach my cock and start stroking it. I wasnt long cum started to come out like crazy she got a load in her mouth
and and I sprayed the rest on her tits. I sat down beside her and said: “Did you like that..?”

She said “I like it very much I think we should do it more often!”

And of course i answered “If you wish!” I had soo much fun… I was still horny but I knew mom and dad were coming
over soon.

I said “Go take a shower to clean yourselft up”

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    yo lovin your stories, keep writing them, waiting for more

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