mothers wake

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my mother had died and the preparations for her wake were being made.i was not involved, i was leavong it to my sisters. so i was surprised when one of my sisters called and said she wanted to talk to me about it. like the good boy i am i went to her house to find out what she wanted. now anna my sister in her younger days was a stone dyke, but she mellowed and married and had a daughter.
well after she let me in and i sat down i asked what she wanted. she smiled and said ed before mother died she and i had a long talk and guess what she told me. i said i had no idea. she said come on ed you can guess can’t you! i said no, and told her to tell me. it must of been one of the times i visited her when i was stoned because i couldn’t remember telling her anything. anna said well she said when she opened the door to let you in and you walked in dressed in womens clothes and make up she almost fainted. then you told her that you were dressed this way because you like men, you liked sucking dick and swallowing their hot cum and like having your ass fucked by big hard cock and loved when they filled your ass with their cum. after she was done telling me this she looked at me and said is this true is my big brother a crossdressing, cock sucking faggot. i blushed and said it sounds so bad the way you tell it but yes it is true. she i was hoping you would say that because i have always wanted to see you sucking a cock while getting your ass pounded by a big hard cock. wouldn’t you like to do it while i watch? i said that it did matter to me, if she wanted to watch fine.
she looked and said well ed the wake will be this friday night and we want you tou to come, but we want you to come in female clothes and make up. you are going to be the entertainment. i said what do you mean the entertainment? she said you are going to suck all the men’s dicks and let them fuck your faggot ass and if you are a very good faggot i may even get out my 12 in strapon dildo and fuck you also and maybe, no probably all your other sisters and nieces and aunts that will be there will want a chance fuck you too. she said and we will video it all. she then asked me what i thought of the plans for my mothers wake. i looked her in the eye and said i cant wait!

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