mum loves her son

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Incest/mum Sex.

It had been two years since I had come out, mum, in all her love for me embraced me dressing as a girl which helped me no end as my skills and experience grew as she encourage my love for all things womanly, yes two years and I had transformed my mind and body into a rather sexy looking young girl with a lovely pair of breasts, but I still had a dick which changed unbeknown to me was going to be a sexy life with me Mum.

Things between my Mum and I changed for ever about two weeks ago, I was laying on my bed masturbating when mum walked in on me, she smiled like to say I have caught you now but then there was also a look of Wow, I tried to cover up but have you tried to cover something that is six inches with your hand, no, it is just impossible, she came right into the room and sat down on the bed next to me, “you look like you are enjoying yourself” she remarked, I nodded, “I don’t know why you cover yourself up like so, I have seen it all before, it has not changed” “I think it has” I said, A little bit no doubt, anyway, you carry on masturbating and I will leave you to enjoy” she got up and made her way to the door, “ho, now I remembered why I came in here in the first place, have you got anything that needs washing” “no” I replied, she went out of the room and I laid back letting go of my cock, suddenly she came back and smiled, “yes, you are a bit bigger than I remembered” I didn’t even cover myself up this time, by now mum had seen me completely naked and for some reason it didn’t seem to matter that much, “I am going now” she said smiling.

The next day I was walking about in my bra and knickers making tea when mum walking in, “I didn’t realise that you have quite a pair of boobs on you, you are nearly as big as me” “no I have not, I am a 34A, you must be at least 36c” “yes I am but you are getting near to me every day” “I would love to be your size mum, you have a lovely pair of breasts” “have you been looking at me” she said smiling, “yes, and a lovely body to match, I think you look wonderful in your bra and panties, I want to look like you at some stage of my Transvestite development” “looking at you now I am sure you will be”. This is how the conversation went during the day and I was getting more than sure that my mum was coming on to me.

I woke up the next morning still feeling excited but a little apprehensive on what my, or might not happen where my mum was concerned, I decided that what would be would be, I could do no more than let it ride and see, I took my nighty off, got one of my girly magazines from under the bed and gently started to play with myself and true her perfect timing she came in and caught me again, I looked up at her as she made her way around the double bed and sat down alongside me, “enjoying yourself I see” “hum” she looked down at my cock then turned to me, “you don’t mind if I sit here for a while and watch” I thought for a second or two, “no, if you want too it is ok” gently pushing up and down on my cock she asked, “do you masturbate much” “two or three times a day” I replied as I carried on with my actions, “that many” she questioned, I didn’t know if to ask her but what the hell, “so how many times do you masturbate” she looked at me, “once, maybe twice a week” she looked back at my cock in my hand, “it is a lovely sightseeing you playing with yourself, do you mind me watching you” “no, I am fine with it, honestly” her hand moved onto my thigh and I knew what was coming next, “do want a hand with that” she motioned towards me hard cock, “yes, if you would like to help out a little” I said and we both smiled, her hand slid up my leg and onto my very hard cock, “wow, that is nice” I said softly, “do you like this” she asked, “yes, very much” mum slowly masturbate my throbbing cock, making every pull and joy of excitement, I knew it was not going to take long before I was going to come but it really didn’t matter, mum seemed to take great pleasure in bring me to my climax, it was obvious that she knew how to masturbate a man and it was not lost on me, “I am coming” I cried out and she increased the rhythm, “here it comings” I carried out once more, she leant forward and I thought that she was going to put her mouth over my cock, “yes” I said as the sperm came shooting from the end of my helmet, mum kept the pressure on my cock, and squeezing the end to get the last drops of love juice from me, mum had stopped wanking me but still had hold of my cock, “did you enjoy that” she asked, “yes, it was un-believable, it was the best I have ever had” “even better when someone else is doing to you” she said, “yes” I said a little breathlessly, she took the tissue paper and passed it to me, “you certainly have a lot of love juice inside you, is that the norm for you” “yes, it is about right” she got up, “hope you a little satisfied” she asked, “very much so” I said, “good” she left the room as I tidied myself up, then I thought that did she regret what she had just done, she left pretty quick, maybe she has seconds thoughts, I put on my bra and panties and went down stairs where mum was reading the paper, she stopped when she see me and I sat opposite her, “mum” I took her hands in mine, “what just happened, are you ok with it, I know I am your son and all but I see it as something that we both wanted” I paused, “I love you seeing me, touching me and being someone who I can love, I would be deeply hurt it I have upset you in anyway” she held my hand even tighter, “that is a relief, I thought the same about you, I thought that you had second thoughts about mum have sex with the boy” “no, no, I loved it, I hope that you would want to do it more” she got up and came around the table and we hugged each other,  “thank you, I am really glad that you need me as much as I need you, and that the sex thing between us has not in any way made things complicated” “no mum, you have your needs as I have mine, I think more of you now that I did a week ago, as least you are being honest” she kissed me on the cheek, “right, now that is all out in the open what are we going to do today” she asked, “well, I have seen this sexy bra and knickers in a shop, and to treat myself I am going to buy them, I would love you to come shopping with me, have a girly day out, what do you think” “yes, sound great” so that day mum and me, dressed in my best dress went shopping, when we got back we have dinner and opened a bottle of wine, which we readily polished off, it we about 23.00 before I went to bed, mum had gone up half an hour before and when I passed her room the light was out, I wanted to get into bed with her but thought better of it, once I have undressed and taken my make up off I climbed into bed naked, took my lap top from under the bed and went to the paper of erotic stories and started to read them, as I got to the second one the door opened and mum came in, “I saw your light was on, I can’t sleep, can I get into bed with you” “of course you can” I pulled the sheet back so she could get in, as she bent over I could clearly see her breast, she smuggled down, “what are you looking at” she asked, “erotic stories” “that sounds interesting” “they are, and very horny some of them” she lent onto my shoulder, “read one to me” so that is what I did, telling her the one about the young TV having sexy with his Uncle, “now that is what I call some imagination” “yes, it is but it is also very horny” I said, “Hum, yes, I can see that” she remarked looking under the sheet at my hard cock, “read me another please” so I did, this time it was of two lesbians seducing their Aunty, it was long and when I noticed mum was looking rather tided I stopped and switched off the lap top, I snuggled down alongside mum and cuddled her, she let out a purr of satisfaction as my arm held her breast, hum, she said pleasingly, “that is nice” I wanted to roll her over and make love to her but the strange thing was I didn’t know if I should touch her or not, I settled down and eventually fell asleep.

Next morning I awoke with my mum still in bed with me, I smiled at the thought, she looked good now as I could ever remember, I pondered for a while hoping she would wake up and we could make love but she was my mum and to touch or even fondle her seemed to be a little out of reach even thought I was sure she wanted sex with me as much as I wanted it with her, I got up and went down stairs, made breakfast then went back to the room, she was still asleep, as I slipped into bed she started to awaken, she lifted her head, “where am I” she asked, you are in bed with me” “am I” she asked, “yes, you have been sleeping with your son” her head lifted a little more and with a tired smile on her face she said, “if we had been sleeping together I would have defiantly remembered” “yes, so would have I” replied, she sat up and I passed her breakfast, “Wow, I need to get into bed with you more often” that was what I was think I said to myself, “yes” I replied.

I got up and took a shower, when I came out mum had gone from my bed, I was thinking if she was still there I was going to make my intentions clear but now the moment was lost for now, the next time I heard her was when the bath was running, I sat done on my stool when she appeared at the door, “I am going to take a bath” she said with a towel wrapped around her body, “ok” I said thinking was that an invitation for me to go with her, putting on my makeup I heard her singing softly, mum was certainly making me feel horny and frustrated as well, I put on my pink thong but could not find my bra to match, I looked and looked but it was nowhere, mum will know, I went to the bathroom door and tapped on it, no answer, I tapped a little harder, “yes” she called out, “mum, have you seen my pink bra” there was no answer, “mum” ho, sweetie, come in and talk to me, not through the door” I went straight in and it was the first time I had seen mum naked, her tits were absolutely gorgeous, topped off with rather large nipples, then my focus drew me to her cute, trimmed pubic hairs, “I, I, err” I could not get it out for the sight of her, “never seen mum looking naked before” “no you are lovely mum, you have a beautiful body” “thank you, so do you sweetie” I sat down on the seat, “why don’t you get out of those panties before you burst out” I looked down at myself, I was very hard, I slipped out of them, “come and get into the bath with me, we have shared a bed, why not a bath” not hesitating one second I was in the bath with her, “there, it has been a long time since you have bathed with me, I used to was you all over, then you used to go hard, not much has changed” “no, but we have all got a little bigger” “you are saying that” she said getting up, “stand up and I will wash you like I used to” without a thought I stood up facing mum naked and hard, “you have certainly grow into a  man and a girl, you do look lovely” she took the soap and started to wash me all over, “do you like that darling” she asked, “lovely, really lovely, you are such a loving mum” “thanks for saying sweet” she passed the soap to me, ”do you want to wash me” she asked a little eagerly, “yes, it would be nice” taking the soap I went straight for her breasts, her eyes closed like she was really enjoying the caress of my hand, I took a long time just playing with her nipples, “you like doing that” she asked, “yes, I look your breasts, they are just what I would like when I get a little older” she smiled, “come lets got out of this bath, I need to show you something” we gentle dried each other then she took my hand a lead me to her bedroom, she turned and we faced each other naked, taking both my hands she said, “would you like to make love to you mum” I was a little surprised but not totally shocked, “I would love to mum” we came together and kissed, not just a peck but a real and loving kiss, mum climbed onto the bed and opened her legs, now I could see her lovely slit waiting for me, “come sweetie, make love to me” I climbed on top of her and our breasts touched, she took hold of my throbbing cock and manoeuvred it into to her, she let out a soft cry of pleasure as my cock slowly but easily penetrated her pussy, I was completely inside her now and was gently pumping away, it was so good feeling my mum on the end of my cock, mum was moaning but softly of the sheer pleasure I was giving her, she had hold of my bottom and was pulling me deep inside her all the time bucking her hips to get maximum thrust, “ho sweet” she cried out, “mum loves you” this made more excited, “Oooo, a little faster, I am coming” “so am I” I said, “lets come together” she said breathlessly, by now I was pumping her as fast as I could and then she let out a scream of pleasure as her whole body shook, that was the single for me but then a thought came over me, to unload me love juices into my mu, was that going to be ok, “mum, am I ok to shot my load” I asked her, “yes darling, it is ok, just love your mum and let me have it” seconds later I unloaded my sperm into my mum and she bucked with pleasure at the thought, I kept pumping her pussy till I had become exhausted, “that my lover was just out of this world” I kissed her full on the lips, “it was and I still want more” she rolled me onto my back, “I do as well” and away we went again and again, we must have been having all day and it was great, mum could not get enough of me as I could not get enough of her, sex for mum and me was just what we needed, love you mum.

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