My Baby Janine Has Grown Up

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I remember when I started noticing my daughter Janine in a sexual way. She was always very chubby and always ran around the house with just a t-shirt on and what appeared to be very tight shorts. I would watch her in the back yard with her friends. Watching her little mounds of flesh jiggle and bounce as she was having fun. She would always be sweaty when she got finished playing with her friends. With the light white T-shirt she was wearing, I could see the gentle rolls of her belly and the formation of her breasts and nipples. I would always strike up a conversation with Janine at the kitchen table and finding myself getting hard over her. I would have dreams of Janine coming to my bedroom and asking daddy to make her a baby.

I was so embarrassed the day my wife caught me jerking myself off I the laundry room with one of Janine’s soiled panties pressed hard against my face. She started screaming, but I kept insisting I thought they was hers. My wife is not a stupid lady, she knew better.

I noticed my daughter Janine out of the corner of my eye, smiling at how mommy yelled at me on how perverted I was. When mommy left the laundry room, Janine as cute as can be, came back to its entrance and yelled ha ha ha at the same time showing me her jiggly young breasts by squeezing them together. I just laughed and said “You know you’re a very bad girl.” As she ran off laughing she yelled I know daddy.

My wife would always keep herself busy on weekends and forever was visiting one relative or another. My sweet little Janine had grown into a very cute chubby woman. She was 32 and married and had two children. Her stupid husband, who was usually out of work, lived with us. It was the same old routine, a Friday night and my wife fast asleep, and the two of them going at it on the far side of the house. Through the air duct system I could hear my daughter cry and moan as her husband was fucking the crap out of her. I would just jerk myself off wishing it was me fucking my daughter and spanking her white creamy ass. Her breasts had grown large to about 38eee. She was only 5’2″ and around 165lbs. What a cute face with curly long brown hair. Many, many times I pictured my daughter just laying naked in my arms and wanting her daddy. I knew that on Friday nights the both of them would be smoking the funny weed and also taking a lot of the harder stuff. The little ones would be asleep in our bedroom. My wife would explain that they needed time together alone.  My wife had told me that my daughter Janine was going to have a birth control coil inserted in her in a month and that her husband was told he had to use protection. It was a most important time for her to be careful due to being so soon after her second child, that she could become pregnant again.

Well, Friday night came around and sure as hell, he was fucking my daughter hard again. Instead of loud cries, the only thing I heard were soft moans. I really started to get worried. I heard her husband yell, “That’s it you bitch, take it good in that fat ass!” I heard him moan as he released his seed. I thought to myself that lucky bastard. After about 15 minutes I heard the front door slam, the prick was on his way to work I couldn’t help but notice the door to my daughter’s bedroom was opened and dimly lit by a nightlight they had in their room

I quietly walked to the room entrance and what I saw was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my life. My daughter Janine appeared to be sleeping and totally naked face down on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and dangling about three feet off the edge of the bed. Her arms were above her head and her full milk filled breasts were showing from each side of her body. There were a few red welts on her white ass where she had been spanked and what appeared to be bite marks on her ass cheeks.  I was angry yet turned on by the state in which my daughter was left in. In the trash basket next to their bed were three used condoms filled with his sperm. At least the fool was being careful about getting her pregnant before she had her coil inserted.

The room smelled like sex. A strong musky smell. Looking at my daughter got me real hard. I called her name and shook her a few times but to no avail. Whatever she had taken had really knocked her out. I sat on the edge of the bed looking at my daughter’s naked body and wanting to touch her.  Her big swollen breasts were beautiful. I reached over and softly pulled on her big nipple of her left breast. A wonderful spray of mother’s milk drenched my hand. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked the sweet liquid from it. My hand began to rub my daughter’s ass which was still warm from the spanking she received.   Between her ass cheeks were well lubed and her anal hole looked like it was used many times.  I knelt between her legs at the edge of the bed and smelled her wonderful pussy. A very familiar smell from the many times I sniffed her soiled panties. I inserted my tongue into her still wet pussy and began to savor the smell and juices which were emitted.  Her clit was hard and I began to suck it like a tiny penis.

I couldn’t help myself, I wanted her totally.  I wanted to plant daddy’s seed deep inside of Janine. I rolled my daughter over carefully. I stood along the side of the bed and stripped myself naked. She was there for me to take. My Janine was all grown up.

I began to kiss her neck and nibble at her ear lobes. Kissing her soft lips drove me crazy. I suckled both of her milk-filled breasts. My stomach filled with her milk, I was ready to fuck her unprotected. I shoved my throbbing cock deep inside of my daughter. Grabbing her big breasts and thrusting hard, I could hear soft moans coming from deep inside of her. My fucking got faster and faster. I could swear her stomach muscle tightened as if she was having an orgasm. With four strong spurts of my seed, my dream had come true. I felt exhausted and slowly washed the smell of my daughter off my cock and got one last look at my cum dripping from her before I went to bed.

The next morning I got up early. I couldn’t sleep well thinking of her all night. I sat at the table preparing myself a bowl of cereal. I looked up and my daughter Janine was standing before me. “Daddy, I fixed a little something which might go good with your cereal.” It was a pint of her mother’s milk which she poured into my bowl. “And by the way daddy, we have to do it again, I want your baby.”


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