My cousin and i

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My cousin, Carry, is gorgeous. She is 15, 5’5″, 34D breasts, hips that are to die for, and a nice ass. i have told her on several occassions that i like the way she looks. But she loves to tease me. i am 17.

One night, she was at my dad’s birthday party. Everyone there was drunk, except her and i. I knew i could make my move here. I was dancing with a friend of my dad’s and Carry was sitting on a chair watching us. She was focus on my hips and how i moved. I could see up her short little skirt, and she was squirming in her chair; crossing and uncrossing her legs. Often, she would let a hand slip up her leg. I was getting turned on.

The next song, i asked her to dance. She was moving her body around and it drove me crazy. I pulled her closer to me. My bulge was against her body.. i know she felt it. She pressed her boobs against me as she leaned in to whisper in my ear, “come with me.” She led me into the bathroom. She told me while unzipping my pants “i have always wanted you. when i was younger i would fantasize about you.” After that being said, she got her hands on my 8″ cock. She stroked it, and started licking the head. She massaged my balls with the other hand. She then took me all in. I moaned in pleasure. I then grabbed her head.. and starting face fucking her. I couldnt take it anymore, and came in her mouth. She licked everything clean. I told her to meet me in my bedroom in 5 minutes. I zipped up my pants and left.

i reached my bedroom, and she was already there. She was naked on my bed. I could feel my cock getting hard. She got up and walked over to me. She gave me a long wet kiss. She started taking off my shirt and my pants. After she got that done i layed her on the bed. I kissed her again, or tongues massaging eachother’s. I moved down, kissing her neck, then to her big beautiful breasts. She was moaning in a sexy voice. I kissed her stomach as she jolted from the sensitivity. I got down to her wet pussy and kissed around it; teasing HER for once. She squirmed around and pulled my head to her pussy. I slid my tongue between her lips, flicking her clit. She bucked wildly. While eating out her tasty pussy, and started running my hands up her legs, and placed a finger in her pussy. She began to fuck my hand. She was moaning very loud. Her body quivered and she came. Her pussy juices were all over my hand, as she licked it clean.

By now, i was rock hard. She started towards my cock, but i stopped her and told her “No, i want to fuck you now, you little tease.” She grinned wildly. She moved up, and slid my dick inside her very wet pussy. She softly screamed. She rode me hard, back and forth, up and down. I was grabbing and sucking on her tits. She was rubbing on her clit with her hand, which made her come instantly. I flipped her over, and turned her around, so she was on her hands and knees. I grabbed her nice firm ass, and stuck my cock inside her. She was moaning like crazy and screaming “Oh Gabe!! fuck my wet cunt!! mmm.. harder!!” All this made me fuck her harder and faster. We finally came together, after what felt like hours of pleasure. Her body went weak and she fell onto my chest and she kissed me. I held her in my arms and we kissed until we both fell alseep.

The next morning, i woke up to her kissing my body. She was caressing my body with her hands. I already had a morning erection, but this made me even harder. She was nude except she was wearing my shirt, which was big on her. We went into the shower. I took off her shirt. And led her into the shower. I kissed her neck while cupping her breast in my hand. I rubbed her erect nipples. I moved my hand down to feel a nice wet pussy. I propped her up on the wall. i was thrusting my cock deep inside her.She had her legs wrapped tightly around her. She was squeezing me and running her fingers through my hair, which made me fuck her harder. She screamed my name as we came together.

We got out of the shower… made breakfast.. and promised eachother that we would do it again. Damn, i love that girl now.

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