My Daddy's Fantasy 2

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Hannah could hardly contain her excitement, as Daddy pulled down the covers.. his big strong hand slooowly sliding up and down her legs.. first her right,then her left.. “are you wet baby? he ask.. as his hand pulls the tabs on her diaper, pulling it down.. “ohh yes, you are.. already excited for your Daddy.. he says smiling. “give me the pacifer baby, Daddy has another treat for you”.. he says.. Hannah quickly grabs the pacifer off the bed side table, handing it to Daddy.. he pushes it into her lil hole, twirling it round and round.. he hears his baby whimper, sees her squirming a lil over the bed.. “hold still baby!”.. he says as he twirls it around again, then again.. the pulls it out.. it makes a soft Pop!.. he sticks it in hannah’s mouth.. “there baby.. now suck your juices” Daddy says.. as he puts a finger in her hole… omg hannah.. baby, yourrr still so tight.. Daddy’s so happy… he says as he fingers her lil hole, his tongue licking round it.. he hears his baby whimpering liil louder, though the pacifer muffles it a little.. her body squirming a lil more.. he gently slaps her lil ass… nooow hold still! he bites her lil clit, and she whimpers almost crying.. he fingers her harder… sucking.. biting lil harder.. Daaaaaaaaddy she whimpers.. he feels her lil hands tangling in his hair.. her lil legs wrapping round his head.. he bites a lil harder.. his way of letting her know, to loosen her grip, he’s ready fill her with his cock… hannah losens her hold.. Daddy pulls his finger out… licking them clean.. then taking two of his ties he, ties each ofher ankles high onto the bed post.. and positions his cock at her lil hole…”Now baby clothes your eyes, and juuust relax, Daddy is gonna fuck you real goood”…. he says as she slips his cock into her hole, slowly at first… she WHIMPERS loudly.. she tries to spit the pacifer out, “Noo nooo baby,, keeep on sucking that for Daddy”.. he moans.. as he pushes deeeeper.. ohhh Gooddddd baby..your so nice, so tight for Dadddy… Daaddddy luuuvs you soooo much.. he moans.. she whimpers,. he plays with her tiny liil boobies.. sucking the tiny rosebud nipple.. as he puuuushes yet deeper.. deeeper.. UUGGHH… in,… out.. then shoving iNNNNN…, then out… Daaaaddy.. i,… i,,,, ohhhhh Daddy… i neeeed to peeeeeeee she screams… yes Baby.. peeeeeeeeee Daddy says… nooowwwwww.. as he cuuummmmmmssss iin his babys pootie…. she;s breathing so hard, she could passsss out… they cum at the same time.. both panting, he’s moaning… she’s whimpering… UUH UGHHH OHH SHITT YEAAH.. her Daddy yells… as she fills a warm liquid fill her.. she trembles,.. she cant breathe,,,,, the roooom is spinning… DAAAAAADDDY she yells…. they collapse!
She wakes to find herself in Daddys bed,. all cleaned up with clean pjama’s.. and Daddy there with hot Oatmeal, and toast and juice.. he holds spoon up to her mouth, eat up baby.. Daddy has big plans for you today! TO BE CONTINUED IN PT 3..

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  1. lacybug90

    Love it! Can’t wait for more!

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