My Daddy's Fantasy

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Hannah came hurrying through the door, loaded with the things she would need for her night with Daddy.. “Pacifier,diapers, baby booties,bonnet, wipes,and most important of all, her lil pink baby doll nightie. She hurries to the bathroom to bath,first putting her things away in Daddys room.. where she will get ready. She heads to the bathroom, turning on the water in the tub.. making sure its nice and warm.. she hurries and undresses not wanting to be late.. Daddy will be home in an hr. She quickly steps into the tub.. laying back to wash her hair.. the warm water feeeling so good on her body. She washes her hair, then taking the sponge she washes her,.. arms, then chest, then legs.. then,. most importantly of all.. her pootie {pussy}. She shaves it, all nice and clean, and smooth just for Daddy. After finishing, she gets out and dries off quickly hurrying to Daddys room to dress.. she sprinkles powder in her baby doll nightie, slippping it on over her head.. then, carefully puts on her diaper.. then her pink booties.She dries her hair, brushing it carefully, making sure its nice and pretty for Daddy,. then she quickly puts on the bonnet. She crawls into bed, making sure to get under the covers..and waits patiently for Daddy
She hears the front door open, and hears Daddys voice calling.. “Where’s my baby?!” “Baby, ohh baby, where are you?!”.. she giggles, loving this game.. she hears his footsteps coming up the stairs…Where’s Daddy’s baby?” he calls again.. she giggles quietly, and THEN… “PEEK A BOO!”.. Daddy hollers as he jumps into the room,.. she squeals…clapping her hands, Dadddy Your Home!”.. “Yes Baby… I’m home” Daddy answers.. coming closer to the bed.. taking off his jacket and tie,, tossing them onto the chair.. “is my baby Huuungry”… Ohhhh yes Daddy im sooo hungry,”Hannah wines… we’ll then Daddy better feeed his baby”.. he says as he Unzips his pants.. he takes out his cock, and tells Hannah.. lay down baby.. and Daddy will feeeed you.. she smiles and lays back onto the pillows.. as Daddy gives her, her bottle {His Cock}..she takes it her hands,holding on, and suuucking like a good baby..slurping happily… Ohhhhh Daddy’s baby was hungry! “Daddy whispers {Moaning}…Hannah continues suuucking, almost greeedily, her lil hands playing with her bottle,{Daddys cock&Balls}.. “slurp,;, slurp,, sluuuuurp” Ohhhh baby, Daddy’s about to give you his milk!!”… Daddy says as he feeeds her…. MMmmmmmmmm baby licks up happily every last drop,,”Now Daddy neeeds to check his baby’s diaper” Daddy says.. as his hands slips the covers off….,

TO BE CONTINUED.. If you like what you’ve read soo far, drop a line and let me know, would LOVE some responses.

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