My Mom, My Lover, The Mother of My Child

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When I was 18yrs old and getting ready to be a product of the 60’s, I began to explore many things sexually. I would look at my dad’s porn magazines, the pretty neighborhood girls, and many times I would stare at my mom. I was so impressed with her large breasts. I would often go to bed at night thinking about her and jerking off wondering what her beautiful bouncing breasts looked liked. Little did I know that my childhood would change drastically.  My early teen year innocence would be taken away and I would live with those memories for the rest of my life.

When I was 18 my mom was 46. She was a tall average looking woman. She was tall, around 5’9″, with long thin blond hair, and around 180 lbs. Her breasts were large and I guess you might say they really stood out.  My dad, on the other hand, was about 2 inches shorter than she was and he was very abusive to my mom. Many mornings as he would prepare himself for work which was around 4 AM, he would make my mom get up with him even though at 8AM she had her own job to go to. I would listen to his filthy mouth curse at her, call her names and often he would hit her. I would lie in bed and just cry wishing him dead.  I would hear him call her a whore and then he would start to spank mom’s ass.  At times I would get hard listening to her whimpering. He would make her say that she was a whore and that today she would be a good girl. Yes, I would jerk myself off to this but when I thought about it, it made me sick. At the time I was jerking to my mom’s moans, I just wondered how it would be to have full control of her, to taste the very same pussy that gave birth to me and then plant my seed deep into her. Could I make her feel as good as my dad did even with the pain he often gave her?

I had gotten home from school very early on a Friday afternoon, I heard loud moans and cries coming from my mom and dad’s bedroom. The door was opened a crack and I couldn’t resist peeking. It was my dad sitting on the floor jerking himself off as he watched two black men work over my mom. They showed no mercy, slapping her, punching at her large breasts and finally entering her pussy and ass at the same time. They seemed to have fucked her for a half hour before each pulled out. They grabbed my mom by her hair and jerked off into her opened mouth. My dad just sat there calling her a whore and yelled at her to swallow their cum, which   she did. After they were finished with my mom, my dad could be seen handing them both a large wad of money. Again my dad would be calling her terrible names and that she probably was fucking the boss she worked for.

Later that evening we all sat in our small living room in front of our black and white TV. It was the weekend and there were always westerns to watch. My father and mother would sit next to each other on the couch and I had my own little chair across the room from them. As usual my father had a large blanket in which to cover both of them. After watching TV for an hour, I would watch my father’s hands start to roam mom’s body from underneath their blanket.  I could see the slight gyration in my mom’s hips as dad was hitting her spot.  This particular evening as his hands were massaging mom’s large breasts, Dad ordered me over to sit next to mom and watch. He pulled back the blanket, and mom’s breasts were sweaty and shiny in the dim living room.  He told me to start to rub them and I refused. With that, Dad punched me hard on the right side of my face. The pain was awful and I started to cry right away.  My mom looked at my dad angrily and told him never to hit her son like that again. Mom put her hand to the back of my head and gently laid my head down on her mounds. My cock got so erect smelling my mom’s flesh and sweat. It was only natural for me to reach for one of them I looked up at my mom and told her I loved her.

My dad pulled me by my hair and said “Well, isn’t this just sweet? My little faggot son has the hots for his mom. Get your ass out of my sight and go to bed.” I slowly walked up the stairs to bed thinking about how I touched my mom’s flesh. Her breasts were so big and so abused. I could only wish that someday I had a woman with breasts like my mom had. Well, it was 4AM again and I could hear my dad screaming at my mom as usual. A couple of items had been thrown around the kitchen and then I heard the front door slam hard. I just sat back shaking but this time I heard light footsteps climbing the stairs to my room.  My bedroom door opened slowly.  I saw was the most beautiful figure in my life. My mom stood in the doorway with a long sheer nightgown on. The backlight from the hallway I could see her long legs and full curves of her body. She let her gown fall slowly off her shoulders and gently on to the ground. She smiled at me and asked how I was as she walked over and sat next to me at the head of my bed.

My mom smiled and asked “You like the way mommy looks, don’t you Bobby?” I had always loved it when she called me Bobby. It usually meant I was in for some sort of treat and this night would be no different. She spread her legs and asked me if I would love to touch her.  I began to rub mom’s creamy inner thighs and finally touched her wetness between her legs. She guided my fingers to her large, swollen clit and guided them in rubbing it. I rubbed her faster and I could feel her pussy drip with dampness. Her smell of womanhood had me so hard. She instructed me to lie back as she straddled my face. “That’s it, that’s it, Bobby, eat mommy’s wet pussy. It’s all yours tonight.” The pressure of her body against my mouth, my tongue flickering inside of my mother, grabbing at her large hard nipples and pulling them. I soon gave her the massive orgasm she prayed for. She fell back onto the bed and held me in her arms.

Mom started to stroke my cock and got it real hard. I am about 9″ fully erect. “Oh Bobby, I wish I could have a man size cock in me like yours every day.” She told me she had filed for a divorce from my father and that she wanted me to be her lover. Fuck my pussy baby, fuck Mommy. Well, mounting my mom was the greatest feeling I ever had in my life. Filling the hole which gave birth to me with my cock, watching my mom with her submissive moans under me. The harder I pounded mom the more powerful I felt. There wasn’t anything I could ask her to do that she wouldn’t. “Dig your nails in my back, Mom;” “pull my balls hard, Mom;” “bite my neck, Mom;” “tell me you want my baby, Mom;” and with my last request of having mom reach her hand deep into my prostrate, made her shake and scream and experience another orgasm. With that I shot my load deep into my mother.

We kissed and made love many times that night. My parents divorce finally went through. I’ve gotten my mom pregnant three times with three beautiful children. She’s changed her name back to her maiden name and we have a date set in another two months to get married. She will always be my exciting lover.

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