My New Roomie: Part 3

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New Roomies: Part 3

After the movie Jill tells us that she’s ready to go home so Jack and I head back to the car. Jack and I weren’t ready to go home so we just started driving around town. Soon Jack and I began talking about last night and we quickly become horny as hell. While driving I noticed the bulge in Jacks pants and pulled out his 8 inches and began stroking his huge shaft. Jack’s jeep is set pretty high so no one would be able to look down and see what I was doing with him. Soon I found myself bent over my brother’s big dick lightly licking at the head of his cock. I begin to lick his shaft up and down while I play with his big balls. No longer able to contain myself I take his entire dick into my mouth. I leave his cock down my throat while I massage his balls. I slowly begin pulling my head back before diving back down taking it all back into my throat. Jack soon makes me stop telling me he couldn’t concentrate on driving. At this time Jack spots a little adult shop and we pull up.

Stuffing his dick back in his pants Jack gets out of the truck and we go in. Looking around we see videos all along the walls and racks of magazines. We separated with Jack going to look at videos while I went and looked at some of the toys. I had never gotten myself a sex toy before so I was looking to find one. While I was browsing the one of the store employees came up to me asking if I need any help. I was stunned this girl was beautiful. She was about 5’5″ with short red hair, green eyes, b-cup boobs and a great body. Her face was so angelic that I could stare at her all day. The girl said her name was Amy and I could tell that she has a tongue piercing. Amy asked me if I know what I was looking for and I told her no. She then selected some toys and finally helped me choice a vibrator with a clit stimulator I think she called it a beaver. As I was paying for my new toy Jack came over to see what I bought and asked if I knew how to use it. Picking up on this Amy offered to take me in back to give me a demonstration with one of her own toys.

Amy took me by the hand and she led us to the back. While she took us in a back room Amy asked if we were twins and we told her we were. She said that a chance to fuck twins has always been one of her biggest fantasies. When we got to the backroom Amy locked the door behind us and handed me a pack of batteries to install into my new toy. She then instructed me to take off all my clothes while she was doing the same. Now completely naked Amy instructed me to start playing with myself. So I began by lightly pinching my big nipples and rubbing my large 36 DD tits. Soon I was sucking on my nipples as well. This excited me knowing that this beautiful naked red head and my twin brother were watching me play with myself. Finally my hands begin to move southward until I reached my shaved pussy. Rubbing my clit and dipping fingers in myself I quickly become soak in wet down there. While playing with myself I look over at Amy and noticed she to is rubbing at her pussy and tits. Her cunt unlike mine has some hair down there in the form of a triangle pointing at her love button.

Amy then tells me to pick up my toy and turn it on. She tells me to follow what she does and then she begins by rubbing the toy on her nipples. For the first time I noticed her beautiful tits. Amy has a pale body with freckles all over including her creamy milk white tits. She’s got little pink rosebud nipples that just beg to be sucked and especially so since both of her nipples are pierced. I too begin rubbing my nipples with the vibrating toy. I gasp in pleasure as the vibrations stimulate my big silver dollar nipples. While moving the toy back and forth and in-between my boobs I noticed that my brother has his huge pecker out and was slowly stroking it up and down. Both Amy and I continue playing with our tits and before I know it my heads back screaming from my first orgasm of the day.

Smiling Amy then tells me to move the toy down to my shaved cunt. She then has me move the toy back and forth over my pussy lips and clit. I do this for another five minutes before I have another earth shattering orgasm. She then instructs me to put the toy in myself. I hesitate at first because I’m still a virgin but between Amy’s instructions and Jack’s encouragements I slowly insert the toy into my virgin pussy. Here I am in the back of a porn store masturbating in front of a perfect stranger and my brother taking my own virginity. I push in slowly breaking my hem and I scream out in a combination of pain and pleasure. As the pain fades I soon begin moving the toy in and out faster and faster until Amy tells me to slow down. She leans over and takes the toy from me and just holds the toy to my clit. Amy then turns on the beaver clit stimulator and my head roles back and I let out a silent scream of pleasure. While I am cumming Jack moves to me and begins sucking my left nipple while Amy starts to suck my right nipple. I cum so hard that I am thrashing around all over the place. Completely spent I just lay there on the couch recovering while Amy and Jack start to make out. Jack starts to suck on Amy’s tits playing with her nipple piercing while she was jacking him off.

Soon I feel Amy’s tongue on my clit and pussy licking up my girl juices. I open my eyes and I watch my brother fucking Amy doggy style. With Jacks ever-increasing pace Amy began licking me with more and more speed. Soon Amy has me cumming again. Watching me orgasm sent my brother over the edge and he began to shoot load after load into Amy’s tight pussy. I have to hold Amy’s head down to keep her eating me out as she to begins to reach her orgasm as she is being filled with my brother’s spunk. We all collapse and lay there on the floor or the couch catching our breath. Soon I move down to Amy’s pussy and eat out my brother’s cum. This causes Amy to have one last little orgasm. After eating her out the two of us passionately kiss passing around her love juices.

All three of us then got dressed and as we were leaving the store we promised Amy that we would be back soon. Hopefully the three of us can try out some more toys Jack was telling me and I couldn’t agree more. The two of us got back in the jeep and head for Jill’s house. On the way I asked Jack if he would be my real first and he said he would. When we got back to cousin Jill’s we headed strait up stairs in hopes of telling Jill of our adventure and to show her my new toy. It was then that we noticed lying naked on Jill’s parents bed were our mom, dad, uncle, aunt and Jill. To be continued…

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