My Sister And Miss Jones II

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My Sister and Miss Jones II
I kept my sister’s name anonymous for the first night as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use her real name or a ficticious one. I decided to go for it and use her real name.
Second night.
Clair called and wanted to meet me at a certain bar on Burbon Street about 4 blocks south of the motel. When I found the place she was waiting for me with a wrapped package. We greated with a small kiss and she rubbed my crotch slowly with a mischeivous smile. I asked about the package and Clair told me nerviously it was a surprise.
When we entered Clair gave the doorman a slip of paper, he nodded toward the staicase and escorted us up the stairs. Clair whispered it took a special code to get upstairs.
At first it seemed like a very nice secluded resturant, but after oberving the guest, I could tell it was a swingers club. This got me a bit excited wondering what she had planned for us. After a dinner of oysters and a light gumbo, we proceeded down a hallway to a room that was set up for disrobing and storing clothes, a large shower room and a prepping area. We found a locker, undressed each other and entered the showering room shared by three other couples. It was awsome to bathe each other while watching other couples do the same. When we finished, Clair handed me the package to open. I purposely took my time opening it acting funny and finally just ripped it open. I found two, very thin and silky robs inside. After donning the robes we entered another room that was lavishly adorned and arranged with thick soft carpets and large plush sofas and chairs and pictures of beautiful naked men and woman. Turning in circles and taking in all the sights, a guide came up and gave us a tour of the place. There were four rooms attached to the main room, called the meeting room, that were designated for different types of activities. Room one was for females to have sex with other men while the male mate watched, room two was for the male to have sex with females while the female mate watched, room three was free for all sex and the last one, room four was split into two sections, one for male sex only and the other for female sex only. Both sections had sofa’s for opposite mates to watch if wanted.
After we returned to the meeting room, we found a nice comfortable spot to warm up and try to deicde which room we were going to try first. Clair then sprang her biggest surprise on me. She told me I had four nights left. We were going to come here each night and visit a different room each night. I balked at about room number four, but she stopped me and told me I was going to do it in return for her being my slave last night. I had no choice but to agree to her demand. I knew now why she was so receptive last night.
To start the 4 night sessions we decided that door three was the perfect starting point. Clair informed the guide our room decission and we were escorted to room thre and announced. Most of the people greeted us and invited us into the middle of the sex pile. It was extremely awsome to just join in on any sex act you wanted. We started on each other and soon i was with another lady givng me oral while she was being pounded in the pussy by a very nice looking black guy. I got to live one of my secret fantasies, by hooking up with a very good looking black lady and going from 69 sex with her to fucking her from behind. I couldn’t beleive how nice her ass felt against my skin.
When we finally left for the night it was 2:30 am. I grabbed Clair, gave her a long warm kiss and thanked her when she left me for the night. The sleep was deep and the dreams were great.

To be Conitinued.

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