My Sister and Miss Jones III

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My Sister and Miss Jones III

As I waited for Clair, my sister, to arrive on the third night I kept thinking about room 4 with men only. This is something I knew to do I would need as many drinks in me as possible. I made up my mind to do it and get it over with tonight. When Clair arrived I told her we needed to stop at a famous local establishment and have a few Hurricanes. Clair laughed and said she knew why and what room I was going to pick. During drinks Clair admitted she was so turned on by my room slection she was wet already thinking about it.
After 4 drinks I figured I was as ready as I could so we went to the swingers club and entered the shower area. The drinks were kicking in and Clair was so hot she started rubbing her ass against me while showering and said she was going to give her virgin ass up to me after we left tonght if I participated well enough as a reward. I liked this idea, revenge for making me go through this.
We had our guide bring us to room 4 and their were 7 guys already having sex together. I held my breath as I was announced and found one guy who was very smooth and had no body hair. Being tipsy made it easier for me to start rubiing his cock and going down to take a taste of his cock. I was surprised it didn’t taste like much of anything except skin and figured oh well go for it like you would want someone to suck on my cock. Picturing videos I had seen , I teased hhis cock my lightly sucking on the head of this good 7″ cock and proceeded to keep taking more and more down my throat until I had his balls next to my lips. I held it there a few seconds and just barely let it slide in and out. I could feel his erection get even harder so I started sucking his cock in long strokes. About that time I felt a pair of warm lips starting to suck on my cock. This isn’t near as bad as I thought it would be and was getting turned on by it. I looked over for a glance at Clair and could see her rubbing her pussy slowly with her eyes focused on me. Well I figured, let’s give her a show, so I reached and grabbed another cock while I was sucking one and being sucked by another, this guy turned and started rubbing my ass with some lotion and came in behind me and started rubbing his cock head against my ass, I tightened up and he guessed it was a first time for me. He slowly took a finger and circled my ass with it and let it slide in slowly. So far it wasn’t so bad. He worked my ass like this until I loosened up and then put a second finger in and then a third. I could hardly concentrate on sucking a cock while this was happening and the guy I was sucking moved to another person. The guy sucking on me truned and put us in a 69 position so I started sucking his cock while my ass was slowly being stretched. Then the fingers left my ass, more lub put on it and I felt the head of his ock slowly rubing my ass and entering a little at a time. When the head penetrated I started to feel some pain, he must have recognizedit and stopped for a few seconds and slid it in more until I tightened up some. He knew he was getting virgin ass and was kind enough to let it playout slowly. He started puping my ass slwly, each time slipping in a little more until he was buriied inside of my. I could feel his body next to mine as he pushied in evrything he had and rocked me back and forth. My cock was so hard from this it almost hurt. I could feel the cock in my mouth swell and get harder so I knew I was about tot aste my first male cum. My ass being fucked good by now gave me a feeling I didn’t know could exist made it easier when the cock in my mouth exploded cum down my throat. I almost gagged thinking about this thick, warm goo going down my throat. Again, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. After he shot his load down my throat and pulled out, cum started dripping down my chin. He came around and licked the cumm off and gave me a deep tongue throbbing kiss. About this time I felt the cock in my ass get harder and the thrusting getting harder so I knew my ass was getting ready to take its first load ever. Sure enough I felt a warm gush inside my ass so I pushed against him to take it deep as possible and made my ass quiver to drain everything he had.
Well, one cock sucked dry, one cock drained in my ass, only one thing left to do, I looked around and seen a very young looking guy bent over sucking a cock that had an ass as pretty and smooth as any womans ass. I grabbed some lub and climbed in behind him and repeated the same process that was done to me. From fingering his ass I could tell it must of been his first time also. I shot a look at Clair and seeen her engaged in rubbing the pussy of a young lady so I concentrated back on my taskat hand. Finally with three fingers in his smooth ass I put my cock against his ass and started to enter him slowly. Damn it was tight and hot, I let him control how much I put in and how much pumping his ass could take. He finally took all of it and I couldn’t believe how great it felt. After he got comfortable with my cock buried in him, we started slam fucking. I actually could feel his cock shooting off wads of cum when he orgasmed in another mans mouth. I took this as a cue to slowly release my cock from his ass and at that momnet decided I was going to save this load for Clair’s ass. I sucked two more cocks, one more to completion an let another man with a large fat cock take my ass one more time before I got up to excuse myself and leave.
When I got to Clair, she looked like she was about to explode from masterbating so I got on my knees and sucked her clit and tongued her pussy until she gushed cum from her pussy all down my face and throat.
While we walked back to the motel room, Clair and I both admitted the night was 100 times more than expected. We got to the room and after a nice warm shower together, I took what I learned from the night and got my reward.
Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

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