My Sister and Miss Jones VI

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My Sister and Miss Jones VI
Having breakfast at Brennans we discused the events of last night. We were trying to decide if it was a dream or it actually happened. On our walk back to the motel we passed a Spiritual Reader and for laughs decided to go in and see if Sister Tereasa had any answers. For a small $100 dollar donation Sister Tereasa sat us down and did a reading for us. After about 15 minutes of her in some kind of trance she told us the spirit of Aaron Harris took a liking to Julie and followed her to the motel room and seduced her. She gave us a potion to sprinkle in the room that would force him to leave the room and also leave Julie along forever.
Entering the motel room was kind of eerie and spooky. As Julie opened the potion I asked her if she really wanted to do it before she could have sex with him again. Julie gave me a dirty look and proceeded to sprinkle the room. I swear we seen the curtains move like the wind was blowing on them.
Just at that time someone knocked on the door and we both jumped out our skins. Nerviously laughing Julie opened the door and Cheri was standing there with a shit eating grin. We asked her if she had any ghost stories to tell and she said nothing happened weird to talk about other than this huge man at the party that had a cock so big she thought it was fake. Cheri started telling us about how she just had to touch this cock to see if it was real and since it felt real and looked real she had to try and get screwed by it. He took her from behind and just the head of his cock pried her pussy open to the limits so much she had to pull away.We told her of our encounter in the room last night and how we went to Sister Tereasa to get a potion to remove Aaron’s sprit and how the curtains moved like wind blowing them. Cheri just stood in disbelief and commented how she wishes she would had not stopped at the news stand so she could have gotten undressed and had sex with a ghost. This made us all laugh and Julie reached under Cheri’s dress and said she could have sex with them instead. I love an open invitation so we all undressed and I let the two ladies have each other while I laid back as a spectator. Cheri was tonguing Julie’s pussy so fast Julie had an instant orgasm. They looked like two lovers the way they gracefully moved on each other after that. Finally Julie turned over and started kissing me and Cheri started sucking my cock. Cheri was a professional in my books. The way she used her tongue and cheek muscles to carress my cock while sucking it like a pump was bringing me to orgasm quick. I unloaded my cum into her scuking mouth and had to hold on as she drained every drop from my nutsack it seemed. I fell back into Julie’s arms and couldn’t move for about 20 seconds. Julie asked Cheri for lessons so she could do that to me on a regular basis. I had no arguements.
To kill time until Clair showed up, we went and bought Julie and Cheri some very sexy swimsuits plus a third one for Clair and went to the swimming pool. When we arrived Cheri pulled out some suntan lotion and we all engaged in very provacative ways to put it on each other. The reactions we got from people around the pool went from wishing they were with us to people leaving with their children. After about 30 minutes Clair showed up and made lewd remarks about our swimwear , we gave her the swimsuit we bought her to put on. She came out and made the remark about how little it covered up and blushed. We really made her blush applying the suntan lotion on her. While sipping Hurricanes and cutting up three young well built men decided to come over and see if they could join us. Julie gathered Cheri and Clair in a tight group and after some giggling told them i was more than they could handle but maybe next time. They gave me an envious look and left politely. I wanted to ask what that was about but left it alone.
We went back to the motel room and I jumped in the shower first, soon after, the other three ladies joined me in the shower. I was almost worried about what the night would bring. We decided since no one had work tomorrow to drive to downtown Baton Rouge and check out the night scene there. We went into one of the night clubs as we were told the best local band in the area was playing there. The band played a lot of good dance music so we all took turns dancing with each other. Finally taking a break we found a table to sit at and ordered rounds of Patron to shoot down. The waiter was a very handsome black guy so Cheri and Clair started hitting on him. They found out he got off at midnight and invited him to join us when he got off. Me and Julie excused ourselves and walked around the corner to get a suite at the Hilton knowing a party was going to happen and we needed a big room for it. When we got back everyone was gathered around the dance floor so we moved up to see what was happening. Cheri and Clair were dancing like two sex crazed whores and had everyone screaming for more. The bouncer finally had to break it up in fear of getting shut down. When drinks were brought to the table by Jeremy, the young black good looking dude, informed us after midnight the doors would be locked and we could dance anyway we felt like. Sure enough at 11:30 last call was made and people started to leave. At midnight everyone but a few select people were gone, the blinds pulled down and a different kind of music started playing on the sound system. Cheri and Clair got up and started their dance again, this time kissing and removing clothes from each other. Jeremy walked out slowly and extended his arms toward them to join and the show started. Cheri and Clair started undressing him while dancing and things were heating up. I looked around and the workers and few patrons allowed to get locked in were all sitting back and watching them dance. Cheri and Clair were fully undressed now and were getting Jeremy’s pants and underwear down. As soon as they got his pants past his crotch his big black cock jumped out and sprang to attention. This is when the cat calling and cheers for more started. The three of them were all tight together dancing and Clair dropped down onher knees to put Jeremy’s cock in her mouth and started sucking his cock slow and deep. Cheri dropped down to join and when she took over, I knew from experience, it wasn’t going to be long before he shot his load down her throat. Sure enough he exploded so hard his knees went weak and I could tell from the look in his eyes he was amazed. When this happened two other good looking, well built guys joined in the dance and it wasn’t long before Clair did something like a limbo pulling her mate down with her until she fell backwards on the floor pulling him down on top of her, Clair wrapped her legs around him so tight all he could do was fuck her. Cheri seeing that happened did the same with her mate. The place was rocking with encouragement for them to go on. Julie was breathing slow and deep so I reached under her skirt and started rubbing her clit and pussy until I could feel it all swollen and warm juice flowing from her pussy. About this time Cheri and Clair came over with Jeremy and his two friends so we bid everyone good night and went to our new suite at the Hilton. When we walked in the curtains were open and we had a really nice view of the Mississippi River. We left the curtains open, popped open the Champaign left in the room for us and the sex started again between the three guys Cheri and Clair. Julie grabbed my hand, lead me into one of the bedrooms and almost ripped my clothes off trying to get both of us naked. She seemed to be on a mission so I let her take control. We had a wonderful session of sex and feel asleep. When I woke up a short time later I went in to get a drink and the group was engaged in serious sex acts. When I passed the windows I could see men that were working on a tug boat all standing on the top deck with binoculars watching the show. I just waved at them and got my drink. I heard the tug sound the horn when I walked past the window again so I pointed at the sex ball on the floor and bowed. The horn blew again and I could see the men cheer and they turned on the huge spotlight and shone the room.
Julie was sleeping on her side when I climbed back i bed so I snuggled in close behind her and the warmth of her body felt great. She became aroused by me being in so close and moved her ass in tight against me. Her light movements was giving me another hard on and she could sense it so her hip grinding increased. I kept waiting for her to turn over but instead she reached back and grabbed my cock and guided it to the edge of her ass and like last time, slowly inched it in until finally she took it all. Her movements increased slowly and soon she started allowing my cock to stroke longer in her really tight ass. Her grunts turned into moans and she was stroking faster and now burying my cock as deep in her ass as possible. I was kissing the back of her neck and ears which made her fuck harder and her body started shaking due to orgasms. I couldn’t hang in anymore, my balls were pounding her pussy and the sensation of her tight rythmic movements in her ass was making me cum again. Julie felt my stomach get tight and could feel my cock getting tight so she changed her stroke and used her ass muscles to bring me into a really intense orgasm. I flooded her ass and it felt like I came twice because of how intense my orgasm was. Julie was milking everything out of me until my cock couldn’t hold up anymore. All I could do was lay there helpless. I whispered in Julies ear “Be careful, you are making me beleive I love you”, this excited her so she turned over to face me and said “This is just the first phase, we have more to learn, but as of now, I feel the same way” We both feel asleep again.
We finally woke up around 9:30am, showered and went into the kitchen and found Cheri and Clair eating breakfast. Listening to their stories on what happened after the tug boat started spot lighting the room had us all laughing. Seems they decided to put on a show for the tug crew and it wasn’t long four more tugs joined in the viewing festivites. We cleaned up our stuff and headed back to New Orleans.
Julie informed me she had business tonght and wouldn’t be able to come over until after 10 pm and Cheri startled us and announced she had to get back to reality and go back home as her husband would be in tomorrow and needed to get their house in order. We didn’t know she was married and she explained he was overseas most of the time and when he came home, very seldom had time for her so she joined the swingers club for company. We were cool about it and made sure we knew how to get in touch with her for the next time. Julie and I announced also we would be both leaving tomorrow afternoon back to California so we could spend a few days together before we had to go back to our jobs. For the next 30 minutes it was very solem. Clair finally spoke up and said since this was my last night in town she would take me and Julie to a nice quiet spot for our last night together when Julie was available.
When we got back to the motel we all huged and kissed Cheri and thanked her for the great time. With tears in er eyes she thanked us and assured us she would stay in touch with Clair and would join us all again next time. Julie came up to the room cleaned up and before she left, gave me a teasing kiss and said she would see us later tonight.
It was strange how quiet things were. I told Clair I wanted to take a short nap and she agreed it was a good idea. So I undressed, climbed in bed and in short order was asleep. I woke up feeling horny and I knew why when I became aware of what was going on. Clair had woke up and seeing my hard on i had while sleeping had to start sucking me off. Clair climbed on top of me and leaned over to whisper in my ear that she wanted me alone one more time before I left. I reached for her waiste and pulled her up on my cock and fucked her G spot until she squirted juice all over. Clair stopped her motions reached down and guided my cock into her ass and slowly went down on it. I let her control the motions and soon it was hard to tell if she was in agony or ecstasy bbut she kept her ass fucking my cock until I filled her ass with cum. Clair finally dismounted and told me she was going home for awhile to take care of bills and house chores but would meet me and Julie later on.
That night, Julie Clair and I went to a little Italian resturant and had some awsome pasta and wine. We chatted about how great the week turned out and how it was great to meet Julie and Chei. We toasted that one. We arrived back at the motel around 1 am and all climbed into bed for one last orgy. Clair and Julie started and after awhile letting them have farewells joined until we all fell asleep. We woke up, showered and made preparations to leave. I hugged Clair and thanked her for a time I will never forget and let her know I would not be so long in seeing her again. Clair dropped us off at the airport and with tears in heyes hugged us farewell until next time. Julie and I went to our flight gate preparing for the future days.
It all started because Clair stole my porn out of the garbage 10 years ago. Thank my mom for throwing them away.

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