My Sister and MissJones IV

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My Sister and Miss Jones IV
After work I was walking toward my hotel and ran into Michael from the first night I was in town. We walked to a nice cafe just off of Canel street and talked about our stay in town. When Michael found out about the swingers club he said if we wanted he can invite us to a private party being held at a famous haunted house tomorrow night. We agreed to meet after work the next day as I told him I would have to ask Clair.
When Clair arrived I told her tonight I would like to go back to room four but this time watch her. Clair’s walking slowed a bit and I could hear a slow deep breath being taken. She leaned over and gave me a kiss onhte neck and whispered thanks, its been something she’s wanted to do for a long time. We got to the club and had a few drinks and mingled with the mostly tourist downstairs before we went up to the rooms. One particularly beautiful young lady Clair talked to wanted to know what was upstairs. Clair explained the private club and told her she was going upstairs shortly but to a ladies only room. Her name was Julie. Clair left me and Julie to talking then returned with a smile and informed Julie the guide would allow her to go with us only if Julie stayed with Clair. Julie confessed, although its was a fantasy, never thought she would have an affair with another lady. After another round of drinks, Clair annouced it was time we went upstairs and gave Julie one more chance to come with us. As we walked off and was about to take the elevator up, Julie came behind Clair and barely being able to talk, asked if she could join. Clair smiled and gave Julie a light kiss on the lips and nodded to the guide to inform him Julie was now with us. (I need to ask Clair how she got invites for this place.)
I was aroused like hell knowing I was going to shower with this beautiful young lady and Clair. When we stepped off the elevator, Clair told Julie we would have to go in the shower room and clean up before we could enter the swingers section. Julie nodded nerviously but took Clairs hand and followed her to be undressed and shower with us. As suspected, Julie was a goddess when she got in the shower. Beautifull medium sized breast with large pink nipples, a horse rding ass that was full in the cheeks, long slender swimmers legs, what a dream. She was like looking at a magazine, but without the make-up. Clair took the soapy sponge and proceeded to clean Julie very slowly and teasingly. I thought I was going to explode watching this and couldn’t wait until we got to room 4 to watch these two make love.
Once in the room, Clair started massaging and kissing Julie’s body making Julie quiver with excitment. Clair slowly tongued Julies nipples, which got rock hard, and slowly went down her belly, around her navel and worked her tongue down into Julie’s shaved pussy. Julie got up enough nerve to recripricate back and the show was on. Watching Julie start going down on Clair, I could see juice dripping from Julie’s pussy. I wanted to jump off the sofa and over the wall and just bury my tongue in that honey drip. My cock was so hard it was hurting. Clair and Julie ended up in a 69 position and after a few minutes I could see both were about to explode and their moaning was quite audible. Julie started thrusting her pussy in Clairs face and juice was dripping down Clair’s chin. Then Clair let out a huge moan and started bucking her hips and pussy in Julie’s waitng mouth. Both lay exhausted for a few minutes, lightly touching each other and the ritual started again. I couldn’t stand it anymore and needed relief so I sneaked off into the men’s room and found an eager mouth to put my cock in and fucked his throat until I blew a load so hard my balls hurt.
When I arrived back to the ladies room, Clair had found a vibrator and was bringing Julie to new heights once more. It didn’t take long watching until my cock was ready again. What seemed minutes was actually 2 hours. I could see Julie whispering something to Clair and they both looked at me and smiled. I knew tonight was about to get better.
Clair and julie found another lady needing attention and both took turns givng her kisses through out her body and kept at it until she was crying in ecstasy. All three were engaged in serious sex until all reached orgasms. I got up to go to the bar for a drink and it wasn’t long before all three walked toward me with smiles that made me quiver. We all showered and left the roooms for the night and had a few drinks downstairs. Me and Clair bid adue’s and I was a bit disapointed Julie would not be joining us.
On the way to the hotel, Clair asked if I still had Michaels phone number, I assumed she was really horny and needed more than I could give her. I told her I did and put in a call to him. No one answered so I left a voice mail for hem to call me. I talked to Clair about Michaels invite for tomorrow night and she was happy to accept. “It will be thrilling to have a night of partying and sex in a haunted house” she told me.
As we entered the hotel my phone rang and it was Michael, I asked Clair if she wanted me to tell him anything and she said to find out if he could come to our room tonight. Answering the phone I told Michael we would be happy to join him tomorrow night and wanted to know if he could join us tonight. He told me he could be here in about 45 minutes as he was just finishing a business briefing. We agreed to meet at my room.
We had one more drink in the hotel lounge before we went to the room, as we were getting on the elevator two ladies jumped in with us. I looked up and my eyes popped open as Julie and the third lady at the club walked in. Julie smiled and introduced Cheri to me. The three started laughing at my expression and before we could get off the elevator they were all kssing and rubbing my cock. I was in heaven.
By the time we got to the room and made a drink someone knocked on the door. I opened it and Michael was standing there. I introduced him to Julie and Cheri and from there it was on. All five of us stripped down climbed on the giant king sized bed and just started kissing and touching anything near us. I wanted Julie bad so I paid most of my attention to her. I couldn’t believe how sweet her pussy tasted and couldn’t keep up swallowing the juices flowing from her pussy. She just kept cumming like a water faucet. I climbed up on her and slowly inched my cock in her hot tight pussy and she about ripped my skin with her fingernails trying to push my cock in faster. Man her pussy felt awsome. It was tight, hot and juicy. Michael was fucking Cheri and Clair was kissing Cheri. After what seemed an eternity, 10 minutes, we all switched. Michael was fucking Clair and Cheri and Julie were tasting and licking each other. Clair whispered in my ear to fuck her ass while Michael was still fucking her so I slid in behind her and lubricated her ass good. I rubbed my cock against her ass and she started moaning and I could see her ass opening up so I put the tip off my cock in her ass. It was real tight and I thought I would never get my cock in her ass but I kept inward pressure on her ass as it slowly slid in during her grinding on Michaels cock. Clair was screaming in excitement and juice was flowing out of her pussy like warm syrup pouring out of a bottle. Me and Michael got in a rythem and I felt Julie climb behind me and put her hand on my cock guiding it in and out of Clairs ass. I looked over Clairs shoulder and could see Cheri doing the same to Michael. The sight of this made me explode and orgasm into Clairs ass. i pulled away slowly and laid back to rest and watch when Julie came over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean until it went limp. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming.
Cheri was kissing Clair while she was being hammer fucked by Michael and turned around so Clair could lick her pussy while being hammered. It was awsome to watch. Michael grabbed Cheri’s behind and pulled her down toward his cock, removed it from Clair and slipped it in Cheri. Cheri’s eyes rolled back at the feel of Michaels thick 10″ and she started squirting pussy juice everywhere and was screaming. I was expecting security to show up at any moment. The site of this started arrousing me again and Julie started seducing me kissing my neck, ears and working her way down to my cock. She turned her ass and pussy toward my face and I started licking her ass and working my tongue inside of it. Julie started cumming again.
Finally we all were spend and passed out. When I woke the next morning everyone but me and Julie were gone. I quietly got up and got in the shower, after a few minutes just standing in a nice hot shower, Julie climbed in. ” You have to work today?” she asked. I told her my job was finished here and was just going to spend a few more days before I had to leave. She smiled and started washing me down. I returned the favor. We ordered room service and started kissing again and letting our hands touch each other all over. Room service showed up and the bell hop about fainted when Julie answered the door naked to let him come in and serve breakfast.
After breakfast we had smooth, ligthly touching sex and fell asleep again. When I woke up Julie was just laying there smillng and admitted she had only had sex twice before with a boyfriend she had just broke up with and that she came to New Orleans just to get away from him and his family. I asked where she was from and when she said she lived in Aneheim California I just couldn’t beleive it. I told her I just bought a house in Newport Beach and had lived in Irvine before that. We agreed to meet after we got back hme. To make things even better, we found out both of us where flying back Sunday to John Wayne airport. Our flight times were different so we called the airlines and found seats on the same flight. I said a silent prayer of thanks.
To be Continued.

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