my sister givesa me a shower

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my sister came over to help me get a bath because im in a fucking wheelchair and need help with a bath she helps me two times aweek

this day she came over and help me wash up and i got into the shower and she started washing me and she was getting real wet she said shit i may as well get in with you as wet as im getting

as she started washing me she grabs my big cock with her hand and wash it as she did this my cock got hard and big and then she said do you care if i take abath with you i say go ahead get in she undress and gets in as she did i was sitting there on my shower chair as she got in then she seen that my big cock was still hard she said close your eyes scott ok i say ok as i do she said don’t open them till i tell you to

as i do she spreads her legs wide open and spread her pussy lips open and said that she had to move my cock out of the way ok yea i say then as she grabs it she sits her hot wet pussy on my big cock she said open your eyes scott as i do she riding my cock like a horse she going to town on my nine inch cock she screaming as she going up and down on it as she cummings like crazey on my cock she ride me for a good hour as she pounds her pussy on me i fill my load getting ready to fill her hot pussy full of her brothers cum she say shoot your hot cum into my sweet pussy scott i say ok as i ram into her cunt hard and deep i shoot my cum deep inside her pussy she say its filling her bellty up with hot cum and she says that she wants me to get her pregnant again i say ok sis this is two times i have gotting her pregnant she loves my hot white sticky cum in her sweet pussy i love her alot can you till

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