My Sister Mandy Part 2

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(This story is a continuation of “My Sister Mandy Part 1″)

…After a few weeks, Mandy and I did not talk to each other that much, but that all changed one day. It was my turn.

I had just gotten back in to the house after playing basketball and was taking a shower. Mandy had stopped by just to say hello, and when nobody answered the door she walked in as normal. Mandy must have heard the shower running so she walked upstairs just to let me know she was there visiting.

“I will talk to you when you get out”. Mandy said.

“It’s ok sis, come on in.”

I turned off the shower, stepped out totally naked and there was Mandy. I reached for the towel, but she stopped me and said, “I have seen it before. It is a little limp since the last time I saw you in the shower. Can I help?”

“Mandy we had a great time but you’re my sister.”

” I know!” she said. “I have masturbated thinking of you ever since that day.”

I got really hard hearing that from her sexy voice. Mandy took her shirt off then, revealing her amazing titts, and started sucking my dick. I reached down and started rubbing her left breast. She stopped and led me into the bedroom where she slowly took off the rest of her clothes.

“Remember this?” Mandy said.

I gently put my sister on the bed and started licking her nipples. I worked my way down to her very wet pussy and started licking her like a lollipop.

After a few minutes, she pulled me up and asked “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” I asked.

Mandy replied, “Are you ready to fuck your sister?”


I then got on top of Mandy and slowly inserted my dick when she said, “Hold on”.

Mandy flipped me on my back reached down and guided me into her while she was on top. Mandy rode me to the break. I pulled out and shot my load all over her tits. Wow….. What a Sister Mandy is.

Part 3? Maybe…..

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