my sister take some diazepam and fall to sleep

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oneday i come home from work and i see my sister on my bed sleeping and then i see she was in my pills so i try to wake he up and she just stay asleep so i was getting ready to go out on the town and i change my pants as i was doing this she started playing with her pussy and talking saying oh fuck me now in her sleep so i look at her and my cock got hard as a rock so i watch her finger herself then i undress and then as i watch her i pull her legs apart and start eating her hot wet pussy tell she cum all over my face then she rolls over and i pull her ass up in the air where her hot wet cunt is right there her pussy lips are puff up and wet so i grab my nine inch hard cock and i push it in her hot pussy and it felt as her pussy was sucking me in to her warm pussy as i push all the ways into her she moans loud as i fuck her hard as i can why she was asleep this went on for a hour as i was fucking her hard and fast i was thinking if she was on the pill so i pounded her pussy hard then i flet my balls getting ready to let go of my load of cum i didn’t want to cum in my sister but it was to late her pussy was just to hot as i unloaded my seeds deep inside of her she let out a big moan as she came all over my cock as i was filling her hot wet pussy full of her brother cum i shoot about ten shoots of cum into her pussy as i watch my cum run out of her pussy and onto her ass checks i knew i fill her pussy full and she was hot and wet i can’t wait till i get back from being out with my friends so i can pound her hot pusy again and get me some brown eye to i will give her a good drink when i get home me and my nice pill diazeram it going to be a long night for me and her i can’t wait for her hot wet pussy again

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my sister take some diazepam and fall to sleep, 6.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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