My Sistr and Miss Jones

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My Sister and Miss Jones.
Working late one evening I checked upcomming jobs and found one in New Orleans that was going to last for about a week. Since my sister lived there and we hadn’t seen each other since I graduated High School I volunteered to take it. With better fortune than I could ever imagine I was assigned the job. I made reservations at a motel on Royal Street so I could be in the CBD area.
I contacted my sister to let her know I was going to be in town for about 10 days. We agreed to meet up at the motel, have dinner and rehash old days growing up.
We met the first night and I was pleased to notice she still kept her good looks and still had that sisterly look to her. After an early dinner and some wine we sat out on the balcony of my room and started talking about home and stories about each other. She mentioned the time our mother found some porno books and movies of mine and made me throw them away. She confessed to me she dug them out of the garbage and kept them for herself to read and watch.
I asked which were her favorites and she blushed and said the two movies that really turned her on was The Devil in Miss Jones and The Story of O. Since I was very familiar with these movies, and we had enough wine in both of us, I playfully suggested that since her favorites were movies about submissive ladies, I was going to command her and she had to submit.
She laughed and asked what would be my first command. “Go inside, get the shower running and wait for me naked, I want you to bathe me.”
Surprisingly, she got up and went in the room, I figured she was just being playfull so after a minute I got up and went inside and heard the shower running. Still thinking this was all in humor I went into the bathroom and there she was naked and kneeling on the floor with her head bowed in a submissive position. My head started spinning not knowing if I should continue, but my lower head sprang up and took command. It was very uneasy, but I could tell she was getting turned on by it. “I want you to undress me and bathe me, you are not allowed to talk and when you are finished I want you to suck my cock until I fnish off in your mouth” I commanded her. After I was bathed, she went to her knees and slowly started sucking my cock and licking my balls until I was just about to orgasm. She felt my legs quiver and to my surprise, started deep throating all 7″ of my cock until I sprayed all my load down her throat.
When she finally released my cock from her mouth. I told her to dry us off and we would dress and go for a walk on Burbon Street.
It was quiet at first during the walk as I wasn’t sure what to say, and she was stilll following my command not to talk. We went into one of the strip bars, found a corner that was empty, and had another glass of wine. A well dressed man, came and sat next to us and we started chatting casually, his name was Michael. It was the first time he had been to New Orleans and also the first time he had been away from his wife and kids. One of the dancers came up and started a tease with him and I could tell he was getting arroused. When she left, I bent over and told my sister to rub his cock to see what his reaction would be. As she reached over and rubbed his cock, I could see her eyes open a bit in shock, so I glanced down at his pants and seen a huge hard bulging through his pants. I Invited him to come walk with us and lead him and my sister back to the motel room. once inside I explained that the lady with me was my slave and I wanted her to have sex with him while I watched. My sister, playing the slave part well, kept her eyes down until he agreed. I commanded her to do what ever Michael wanted. I sat in a nice chair and watched as she undressed Michael, sucked his huge 10″ cock and watched as he spread her legs and slowly pushed all 10″ of hard throbbing cock inside her extremely wet pussy. He fucked her for about 15 minutes and all of sudden he started shaking until he shot a load so large, my sister gasped and you could see cum spewing around his cock, out of her pussy and flowing all over the bed.
He got up, thanked us both and gave me a contact number for him while he was in town and left. I just stared at my sister and asked if she was okay. She assured me everything was fine, but she made me promise that I had to be the slave role in return. Since it was getting late she had to leave for the night.
The next 5 nights were some of the most sinful times of my life thanks to my sister being able to play out deep dark fantasies of hers and having me play out some fantasy roles for her.
To Be Contiuned

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