my wifes 1st time with uncle

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She had been living with her uncle for about two weeks. There had been a sexual tension from the first day. He wasn’t a bad looking guy she thought. He was big. He had long black hair that he wore in a pony-tail and huge arms. He had been working for a roofing company for a long time and it showed in his upper body.
He had made comments about what he would do if he was younger and at first it made her uncomfortable. By now though, she had come to like it. He was more mature than the boys that she had let finger her in high school. The night before he had taken a shower and purposefully left the door cracked open. He called out to her and asked if she could get him a towel. She knew then what it was that he was up to but she was excited at the same time. He had reached his arm out of the shower to reach for the towel and let the curtain open enough for her to look and she did. His bare chest was huge and he had the biggest cock she had ever seen! She hurried and left but not before she smiled at him. She had begun flirting with him and was loving it. The thought that she knew he wanted her and she could tease him was something she liked. She went back to her room and couldn’t stop thinking of his cock. She had never had one inside of her and had made her mind up that she was ready. She just didn’t know who would be the first. After all, he was her uncle. At the same time she didn’t care. She really hadn’t known him that long and besides, no one had to know. That night she couldn’t sleep. She ran different scenarios over in her head and had made her mind up.
The next night he was late coming home. He had mentioned that he would be but she had forgotton about it. At about eleven o’clock she decided to go to bed. She slipped into a long t-shirt that he had given her to wear when she moved in. She looked at her self in the mirror naked earlier. Her tits were perky. She had always wanted bigger ones but tonight she was feeling good about herself. She was a b cup. 34b -23 -32. About 110 lbs. with long black hair and dark brown skin. She had been told a million times how beautiful she was and she knew it. She climbed into bed and took her panties off under the covers. She had been thinking about cock all night long and figured it might be a good time to play with her self now that she was all alone. She had barely begun when she heard him coming through the front door. She quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Even though she had been all alone, she felt guilty somehow.
Eventually she fell asleep but was awakened at some point in the night by him laying next to her. Her heart started to beat faster and faster but she was excited. She was finally going to feel what it was like to have a dick inside of her and the thought made her pussy wet. He started to rub on her hip. She was laying on her side and could feel him getting hard behind her. He pushed his cock up against the crack of her ass and she let out a little moan. She wanted him to know that she liked it but wanted to pretend that she was still asleep. Soon she could feel his big fingers searching for her pussy. She had shaved it earlier in the night and it was silky smooth. He wiggled his fingertip between her lips and started to massage her clit. Now she could feel him breathing heavy on her neck and his cock pushing harder against her. Slowly she reached back and wrapped her tiny hand around his massive cock. She could feel the heat as she stroked it and explored it with her fingertips. Part of her was scared because it was so big but the other part of her was dying to put it in her mouth and fuck him like no women ever had. Slowly he spread her thin legs apart and slid his middle finger inside of her. Her pussy had become so wet that her thighs were soaked. He gently stroked it in and out. Before she realized it she was moaning out loud. His other hand squeezed at her puffy brown nipples. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She rolled over on top of him. He pulled her up until her tiny bald pussy was right in front of his face. He started licking it slowly. He told her that he had wanted to lick her pussy ever since she was a little girl. She moaned even louder at the thought of him when she was little. It turned her on even more and she slowly made her way down to his cock. Kissing his chest and stomach the whole way down. Finally she grabbed his huge cock in her tiny hand and started to lick it like a lollipop. It was beautiful. About eight inches long and cut. The veins in it were bulging and her pussy got wetter just looking at it. She knew that fucking her uncle was supposed to be wrong but that’s what turned her on even more. She leaned over the top of it and started to push it into her mouth. It was huge and stretched her mouth like no high school boys cock ever had. The taste was salty and perfect. She slid down on his cock and paused. She could feel the pulse in his dick and feel it contract. He put his hand on her cheek and asked her if she liked sucking that big cock? She moaned with her mouthful,”uh-huh!”
She sucked harder and faster. Playing with his huge balls the whole time. Finally he rolled over and put her on all fours. She could feel him place the head of his huge cock up to her pussy. She was scared but she was so wet that it slid inside of her pretty easily. He waited and then pushed the rest of his eight inches in. Her tiny pussy was screaming in pain as she gasped for air and cried out in pain. He paused for a minute, leaving it inside of her. She could feel it pulsating in her like a hot sausage. It felt so good and she started to rock slowly backwards on it. He whispered to her and asked her if she liked it. She was still gasping for air as she told him that she wished he had fucked her along time ago.
Immediately he started to speed up and was eventually pounding her tiny pussy! With each thrust of his huge meat she screamed as loud as she could. He grabbed her hair in his huge hand and pounded harder into her. Moaning as he went. She felt her legs and pussy start to quiver for the third time since they had started and let out a huge scream as she came all over his cock again. “Fuck me uncle!” she yelled “Fuck your little slut niece!” This must have turned him on because as soon as she yelled that he let out a huge moan and she could feel the heat of his massive load pumping inside of her and running down her thighs. He pulled it out panting hard. She looked at his huge cock glistening wet in the dimness of the bathroom light. She immediately grabbed it and put it in her mouth. Licking all around it and tasting his sweet cum.
From that night on she slept in his bed. Her only regret was that she hadn’t done this earlier but she would just have to make up for the lost time.

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