New Siblings Play Doctor

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Six months ago my mother got remarried and we moved into my stepfather’s big house. It was a sprawling Victorian mansion. I also gained my first sibling. A stepbrother named Matt. We were both very busy with high school and trying to get into a good college and couldn’t afford to spend much time together.

My favorite pastime was cheerleading and my brother was building model airplanes in his workshop in the attic. He must have spent a lot of time up there because in the mornings mom would have to call him all the way down so he wouldn’t miss the school bus. In the afternoons before I went to my room to study, I would see him heading up to attic again. Before I went to bed he would go up there as well. He must have a massive collection of model planes up there.

One day I was stumped by a question in my history book about the Battle of Britain. Certainly Matt’s plane collection would hold the answer. I knew he wasn’t home so I snuck up to the attic for the very first time.

What I saw in the attic shocked me to the core. Not a single model plane!!! Nothing in fact! No comic books, no toys! Nothing save a few old mattresses and some dirty socks! A feeling of dread came over me. What was my brother doing in the attic for hour and hours? Why had he lied about collecting model planes?

I searched the room more carefully which confirmed there was nothing but the dirty socks. Not even dirty magazines. I searched the floor boards and found several corks sticking out. I opened one, then another. Each one revealed a different part of my bedroom and bath. From up here I could see my entire living space.

Was this what my brother was doing all day? Watching me in my room? But why? What for? It suddenly dawned on me that his motive may have been to watch me undress and bathe. No. That couldn’t be it. I was his sister. Why would he do something like that?

Our parents were very strict and would have punished Matt terribly without ever bothering to ask why. I would have to work up the courage myself. I knew I had to catch him in the act where he couldn’t deny it.

The next day when I got home from cheerleading practice that afternoon I said loud enough for Matt to hear, “I’m all sweaty. I better have a bath before dinner.”

Matt immediately turned off the video game he was playing and headed directly for the attic. I waited for a few minutes then instead of going to my room went up to the attic.

I found Matt with his pants pulled down looking into one of the holes. As soon as he sensed my presence he quickly pulled his plants back up warning, “Don’t come up here Christina! Um, I’m in the middle of something! Don’t come up here!”

Of course it was too late. I was standing right in front of him. I didn’t get angry but I was very concerned. “Matt? What’s going on? I came up here for the first time yesterday and found your work shop completely empty. Then I found all these holes filled with corks. What in the world have you been spending all this time up here doing? Please, I’m your sister. Talk to me.” and held out my hands compassionately.

My brother’s face was read and he was sobbing. “It’s none your business!” he countered and made a dash for the door to the staircase.

I blocked his way. “No. I’m going to tell mom and dad if you don’t talk to me about this right here and now.” I took him by both his wrists and he put up no resistance. We sat down across from each other. “Talk to me Matt. Why have you been looking into my room for hours and hours?”

Matt’s sobs were starting to intensify and his tears were flowing freely. “You, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.”

“You see it’s just that you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Ever. Even when mom and dad were starting to date I couldn’t help staring at you and admiring you. When you moved into my house I made up the story about model planes, and secretly drilled these holes in the attic so I could watch you all the time.”

My young mind was overwhelmed by what I was hearing. “But Matt, you also see me bathe and dress. You’ve seen me naked.”

“I know. You’re so beautiful. I’m so fascinated by your blossoming body. When I see you naked I’m the happiest boy on earth. I know it’s wrong. I keep telling myself that every time I do it. But I can’t stop. I’ve never had a sister or a girlfriend before. I was curious about your body and liked looking at you. Please don’t tell mom and dad please. I’ll stop I promise.”

His crying was intensifying as if his happiness was coming to an end. I had to do something to calm him. “Don’t worry Matt. I won’t tell mom and dad. In fact, if it brings you this much happiness, you don’t even have to stop looking at me.” Did I really just say that?

“Really?” he piped up excited.

“Yeah. But you have to promise me that we’ll get to know each other better. We haven’t spent much time together, so this will be our secret meeting place. I’ve never had a boyfriend or a brother before so I’m kind of curious about you too.”

My brother’s face lit up like Christmas morning. “You bet! We’ll have so much fun together! You’ll see!”

From then on, every afternoon after school my brother and I went straight to attic together. We spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other better. He was so sweet. He was always telling me how pretty and “sexy” I looked in my cheerleading uniform. I adored his complements. His hungry eyes drank me in. I would model different outfit and hairstyles for him asking him which he liked best.

“Well actually I think you look your prettiest in morning when you’re bathing and you have no clothes on at all.”

“Really?” I blushed.

“Oh yeah. You’re so beautiful. You have such pretty pink skin and such a petite and slender body. All these clothes just get in the way.”

“Well, a sister should look pretty for her brother. Do you want me to take my clothes off right now?”

My brother nodded eagerly.

I slipped off my blouse and skirt and finally my bra and panties sitting down on an old mattress.

Matt smiled ear to ear. “Now we can play that game I talked about, ‘doctor.”‘

“Oh I’ve played that. You have to remove the body parts without touching the sides or there’s a loud buzz.” I said naively. I’d grown up very strict and knew almost nothing about sex except a few very basic birds and bees.

“No. That’s ‘Operation.’ ‘Doctor’ is a game brothers and sisters and cousins play together. It’s where you take off all your clothes and let the other person touch you all over. It’s supposed to be a lot of fun. But I’ve never had a sister to play it with until now.” Matt reached into his pocket and withdrew a bottle of skin lotion. He poured it on his hands and then began rubbing it into my pink skin.

My brother’s curious hands left not a single inch of my body unexplored. He adored massaging my breasts, thighs, and special place between my legs. I never wanted it to stop.

These new feelings I was having were making me burn with excitement. As I said I’d always lived a very sheltered life and knew very little about sexuality. I was so curious to learn more.

“Matt? Is it true that when boys see a naked girl that… that… that… their things get hard?” I asked nervously.

My brother looked straight at me with his understanding eyes, the way no one had ever looked at me before. “Yes, it’s true. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

I was still very nervous. “Well, um… is yours hard right now?”

“It sure is.” he answered directly. “Wanna see?”

I nodded eagerly grinning ear to ear. My brother pulled down his pants revealing his ‘Spider-Man’ underwear which was bulging out and practically bursting at the seams.

“Wow.” I gasped. “That’s incredible. That happens every time you look at me naked?” He nodded. “That’s why you had your pants down when I first came up here? Because the bulge was so big you had to make room?”

“Well, that and I was getting ready to masturbate while you were taking a bath. But playing doctor with you is much more fun.”

“Master…bait? What’s that?”

“It’s something that all boys do. Girls don’t usually do it until they’re women.”

I was so incredibly curious. “Well what is it? Can you show me?”

“Sure.” My brother very casually took off all of his clothes and sat down on the mattress across from me. My eyes grew as large as hens’ eggs. I was transfixed by his magnificent naked body. I’d never even seen a photo of a naked boy before. He gently cradled his organ in his right hand and massaged the foreskin back and forth. After only a few minutes my brother’s breaths became short as if he were gasping for air. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and several spurts of white cream burst out onto the mattress. He used one of his socks to clean up and wipe his penis dry. That explained all the dirty socks up here!

“Wow. That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Do it again.” I begged.

“I can’t. Boys can only ejaculate every two hours. In fact they need to ejaculate every two hours. I bet you’ve always wondered why boys in high school go to the bathroom so much. Well, that’s why.”

“And all boys do this? All men? Why have I never heard of this before? We never learned it in school.”

“It’s like going to the bathroom. Everybody does it. And everyone knows it. But nobody talks about it. When boys grow up they get girlfriends and wives that do it for them. I don’t have a girlfriend which is why I have to do it by myself.” said my brother with a disappointed tone.

“Well, you have a sister. That’s kind of like a girlfriend. Could I do it for you?”

“Would you? That’d be great. We must never tell mom and dad. This attic can be our special place. Like a secret clubhouse. We can come here and play doctor and masturbate together.”

“Wow. A secret club. What fun.” I said excitedly.

I couldn’t wait for the next two hours to pass. I spent the time finding things to brighten up our new clubhouse in the attic. I found pretty posters of kittens and fantasy paintings of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. The mattress was now complete with sheets and pillows for us to relax on. I also found some play jewelry and costumes.

When my brother came back upstairs he was very impressed by my decorating. “It just needed a woman’s touch.” I joked.

Matt found a crown with golden sequins in the box of play jewelry and placed it on my head. “My sister is the prettiest girl in the world, and she is now the princess of our special new secret kingdom.” I blushed and he kissed me warmly on the lips. My first kiss.

I did feel like a princess, and my brother and I had many adventures together in the attic. Adventures I held dear for the rest of my life but never shared with a single soul all these years later. I want it to remain our secret kingdom where I’ll always be a princess.

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