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the family went to church like every other sun. morn. i laid in bed thinking of the nite before,my niece turned 18 and we through her a niece has always been a small petite girl.the last couple years i noticed she was starting to develope into a nice young and her have always been close when she was younger she would come and sit on my lap while watching movies and lay her head in my lap other times.the party broke up and everyone was tired and heading for wife went to bed so i told her i would be there in a few.i checked the doors ,while looking out the back door i seen my niece,i went out to check on her and to my surprise she was smokin a joint,so i said well are you going to pass it to me or what,surprised she said sure,your not going to tell are you.i said no but only if i get a good nite kiss.we finished the joint ,will walkin in she said you forgot something and to my surprie she laid a huge tounge kiss on me and said i should stay home from church in the morning.the next morning everyone left and i just thought the kiss and her telling me to stay home was the joint talkin.while walking through the living room i noticed my niece laying on the couchjust waking up.i said good morning and she said not yet it isnt but it soon will be.she then stood up from the couch droped her blanket ,she was fully see a young ,soft,tanned body drove me crazy.walking to me she said she always thought of me while she masterbated and now she was old enough for the real thing.pulling my shorts down she looks in my eyes my cock very hard springs from my shorts.her reply was DAMN hw big are you,i tell her im a good 8″ and with that she drops to her knees not thinking she could take it all in her mouth she does i wanted to explode right then ,after a good 10 min.of one of the bst blow jobs i ever had i had to stop her.we went to the couch,i sat down my cock throbbing wanting to blow its load while i stare at my very sexxxxy niece.knowing what to do next she comes and sits on my lap,taking my cock in her hands she places it at the entrance of her hot young wet shaved pussy.asking me if im ready she lowers herself on my cock,what a feeling,going slow at first just taking a little in she lets out a young sexy moan then to my surprise she droped all her weight on me she filled the room with a load scream . it felt like i tore her apart,sitting there for a second sh starts to slowly grind her hips.with every grind she moans so softly.she takes her 34c tits and puts them in my mouth her nips are so hard a bite them hard she lets out another scream.she says to me she likes watching her pussy swallow my cock and that she ready to cum,now pounding my cock with her pussy shes ready , i feel her pussy tighten as she cums on my cock,her body shaking in orgasm as i pinch her nips making her orgasm even better.feeling her jucies on my cock makes me ready to fill her love hole with my cum,as she feel my cock starting to throb she jumps off me a takes my 8″ in her mouth ,after about 3 or for strokes i filled my nieces mouth with my load to my surprise she didnt lose a drop of it suckin me dry.standing up she leans to me and kisses me while still having my cum in her mouth letting me taste my juice.needless to say when i visit my family now i stay home from church!!!!

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