Not on My Dime

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Not on My Dime!


I’ve always ran a very disciplined household and just because my daughter had turned eighteen didn’t mean she was going to do as she damned well pleased!

“No sir, not under my roof! Not on my dime! Not when I’M! payin’ the bills, when you get a place of your own you can……. ” well, you get the point.

Although, I didn’t care for it I could see where Tina came by her rebellious attitude honestly; I mean her mom was that way too when we first married and I had to straighten her out.

Tina looks like a reproduction of her mother. When we were newlyweds my wife Lutricia was beautiful—not that she isn’t now, it’s just that now she’s more mature and is beautiful in an entirely new and wonderful way.

Looking at Tina now made me realize how young Lutricia had looked when we were first married….their petite build and childlike faces defies reality giving them the appearance of a much younger age ——my wife who is now thirty-five looks like she’s in her mid-twenties and Tina looks fourteen or fifteen.

Lutricia, is five feet five inches tall and weighs one hundred and twelve pounds. She’s very petite with honey blonde hair, full lips, catlike, lime green eyes that are stunning and unusual with high facial bones. Her cheeks look as though she’s sensually, sucking a cock.

Her shoulders are small but, very nicely shaped and rounded leading down to her well defined arms. Her hands are delicate and she has long slim fingers. Her breast are firm but not large, they accentuate her small waste and gorgeous hips. Her ass is what first caught my eye—I’m an ass man all the way! When we go out I still hear teenagers talking about how fucking fine it is.

“Yah, babe shake that money maker…you good lookin’ piece of bitch meat fuuuck!” I heard one fella say rather colorfully.

When she’s wearing jeans or lightweight dress clothes she has one of the finest camel toes I’ve ever saw and that’s not just because she’s my wife. When we have barbeques, I’ve noticed my male guest staring between her legs when they get a few drinks in them and their inhibitions have went bye, bye. Come to think of it—I’ve seen some of their wives lustfully, looking too—-I don’t blame them. More than once my wife has caught even me staring at her crotch thinking my cock has been right there, I mean right there!

Her legs are not long…I guess they just look that way because she’s slim. Her thighs make one just want to crawl in between them and live. I like to pull my cock out of her wet puss’ when I start cumming in her and shoot my load on her warm and tender, inner thighs and watch it run around to her fine, unyielding ass.

When I do, I make her watch her hot cunt still twitching and steaming from the fucking it just received.

“Feels good don’t it babe? You like that don’t you? You know you have one hot piece of ass don’t you—don’t you!?” I say, and make her answer as I rub the head of my penis up and down her pussy, pushing just the head of it in and out so she can see her cunt lips spreading out to accept it. Then, squeezing the remaining cum on her swollen clit teasing it up and down and from side to side with my still, stiff cock.

“Rub that sperm into your thighs babe—do it!” I like to tell her.

She rubs the sperm into her supple thighs and then takes some and works it into her cocksure, hard nipples which I suck off usually making me hard again and we go for another round of crazy fuckin’.


It was Friday night and Tina came down our spiral staircase from the loft into our living room where her mother and I were setting.

“How’s this look?” she ask, spinning around.

She had on a lacey white top that looked elegant on her, the delicate lace showing off her fragile features with a black leather mini-skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. She smelled good enough to eat.

“Honey, don’t you think that skirt is a bit to long?” I ask, smiling, sarcastically.

“Well mom likes it, don’t you mom?” she ask, not waiting for an answer turning and flipping her skirt up letting me see her white and also, laced thong panties. Her perfect ass cheeks were awesome—just like her mom’s I thought.

As she started toward the door she, almost tripped and fell on her five and half inch black, high hilled shoes that had slinky laces that laced half way up her tanned, firm calves.

“Smooth move honey, real classy,” I laughed.

Lutricia, slapped me on the arm and said, “oh honey come on, tell’er she looks great,” she said, while almost falling off the couch laughing herself.

Tina composed herself, pulled her skirt down straightening it, tossed the spaghetti strap of her matching purse back onto her shoulder, combed her silken, shinny hair back out of her face using her fingers as a brush and carefully, walked out the front door.

“Be home at one—and don’t be late!” I informed her as she slammed the door shut in a huff.

After, seeing my daughters lusciously, fine ass in her black mini skirt, Lutricia and I had a sexathon that lasted more than three hours. When we finished we took a dip in the pool and then on to a nice warm shower.

In the shower I made Lutricia get on her knees and I mouth fucked her roughly like a loose slut; shoving my cock around on the inside of her mouth looking for the most friction to satisfy my cock. She sucked back like a crack whore anticipating payment like she hadn’t had a fix in months.

I made her gag on my dick almost choking her to death then I flooded her throat with a money shot that would have made John Holmes jealous. Unlike, Marilyn Chambers in the porn movie Insatiable she was not begging for more after swallowing that load of cum.

Afterwards, I rimmed her out with my tongue she held her back and ass up off the bathtub floor with her feet and hands as I rimmed and ate her till she came a nice load on my tongue. I eagerly swallowed sucking on her asshole and cunt lips for more.


Worn and tired, Lutricia and I had fallen asleep on the couch and didn’t wakeup until three fifteen in the morning and had no more than started to head for our master bedroom when we heard Tina coming in.

“Tina is that you?” I ask, turning toward the front door.

“Are you guys still up?” she ask puzzled, I could tell she was half sober as she staggered towards the living room where her mom and I were; Lutricia was just then waking up and starting to focus good.

“Honey, what time is it—-are you just now getting in?” Lutricia ask.

“Yah, well we all were talking about where we were going to college this Fall and I guess, time just got away from us,” Tina replied slurring her words.

It had been coming on for a long time and I could tell by the way she was acting that Tina’s uncaring, nonchalant attitude was pissing Lutricia off.

“You know what would’ve happened when you were little and did something wrong, don’t you?” her mother ask, glaringly.

Lutricia knew this kind of talked turned me on. Tina sat down on a recliner beside the couch she knew she was in trouble. She hung her head staring into her lap—she did not want the wrath of Lutricia. Lutricia glanced at me and winked. I knew it was on.

“Well, I believe we told you to be home at one and if you can’t do that….I guess you’ll just have to pay,” Lutricia said sternly, patting her knee, “come and lay right here!” she said, patting her knee again. I could feel my cock getting hard, snaking down my leg.

“What,” Tina said surprised and laughing as if she thought Lutricia were joking.

“I don’t think she’s joking honey, you better go on over there and take your medicine,” I said, spreading my legs out on the couch unconsciously rubbing my cock.

Tina sat with her mouth open not believing what she was hearing and although I hadn’t noticed myself rubbing my cock, she did. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“Come here now!” Lutricia demanded, startling Tina to pay attention.

Tina set her purse on the floor and walked over to where her mother was setting.

“Right here,” Lutricia told her, holding Tina by the hip and turning her around.

“Lay across my leg right here,” she motioned as Tina lay across her leg and half on the couch.

Tina stared back over to see if I was still rubbing my cock… bath robe was half open and she could see the full length of my dick now as I rubbed it and watched her and Lutricia as I anticipated what was about to happen.

Lutricia pulled Tina’s black mini-skirt up noticing her wet panties.

“What’s this?” Lutricia ask, rubbing Tina’s crack with complete enjoyment. “Looks like your little panties are soaked—-what have you been doing tonight Tina?” she demanded more than asking.

“I bet you’ve been letting those boys play with your little pussy haven’t you?” she ask in her motherly tone rubbing Tina’s panty covered crack. “……been letting them play with that wet little pussy—haven’t you? Have you been letting them boys pull your panties down?” she continued as she rubbed Tina’s soaking crotch.

Lutricia was acting as if she were mad but, I could tell she was really getting off on this. My dick was standing straight up at attention now as I watched and began to stroke my nine and a quarter inch cock with my right hand. With my left hand I caressed my aching balls. Tina watched as I did, licking her lips.

“I believe you have, now haven’t you!” Lutricia lamented. “Let me see that pussy,” she said, as she ripped Tina’s panties down to her knees. Tina took a quick breath and tensed her firm ass bracing for what was about to come.

“Ewwwuh! It’s all swollen isn’t it?” she ask, not expecting an answer. Lutricia spread Tina’s ass cheeks apart admiring her hot young asshole. “mmmuh yes!” she murmured.

I got up from where I was sitting and set down close to where Tina’s head was laying still jacking my cock.

Lutricia, started smacking Tina’s ass hard!

“OHhhhh! nooo, ohhh!” please mom, please! Tina begged, as Lutricia’s hand kept coming down unmercifully on her tender ass turning it a burning red. Tears filled her beautiful eyes and spilled over onto her cheeks—–I knew they would feel great falling on my churning balls.

I couldn’t decide if I should make my move or not but, what I did know is that I wanted Tina’s hot little mouth on my rod. What Lutricia did next removed all my doubt of what to do.

“MMuh! yah, look how soaked you are Tina…is this making you horny honey,” Lutricia ask as she opened her puss up with her middle finger and the juices flowed out onto her hand.

Tina turned her head so that she could watch what Lutricia was doing. The smell of wet pussy was filling the room and it was driving me crazy. Tina’s lovely, pert breast and hard nipples were showing threw her blouse.

I could fill my load gathering in my nuts. I grabbed Tina by her hair turning her head around facing my cock—-she took a deep breath. I impelled her mouth on my cock raising my ass off the couch. Immediately, I flooded her throat and mouth with a great, load of sperm.

As my cock juice ran out of the corner of her mouth I told her to swallow. Lutricia, rubbed Tina’s hot cunt cum onto and in her fine young asshole. She fingered Tina’s butt hole with two fingers while rubbing her glowing red ass. Tina was still bobbing her head up and down on my pole, swallowing the remainder of my load—her tears washing hotly, over my nut sack.

Lutricia, kept fingering Tina—switching between her swollen soaked pussy and tight young asshole, Tina’s legs spread wider and wider. My softening cock fell from her mouth as she bit her lower lip and moaned in ecstasy as her mom continued to finger fuck her. I placed her right hand on my dick and made her start jacking me off—I wanted some of her hot ass.


“Ooooohuh!” you’ve been a bad girl haven’t you Lutricia ask.

As I continued to make Tina jack my cock, I looked over at Lutricia sticking my tongue out like I was licking, winked at her and nodded my head toward Tina’s twat. She complied, getting on her knees and placing her mouth against Tina’s wet snatch.

“Oh geesh, Oh gad!” Tina yelled, grinding her pussy into her mother’s mouth; “oh fuuuck, fuck, fuck, fuck—do me, mmmph! Oh, do it!” Tina moaned. Her mouth finding my stiffening cock once again.

Lutricia worked her tongue up and down Tina’s sweet slit, she stuck her tongue in and out of her puckered asshole, she fingered her clit.

“Oh…mmmuph, oh! I’m gonna cum,” shouted Tina, her back arching, grinding her cunt in to Lutricia’s working mouth.

“Oh, no hang on, I want some of that sweet ass before you cum. Do think you can cum with me fucking your ass,” I ask, stroking the back of her head as she continued to suck. I pushed her head down hard on my cock wanting her to deep throat me a few times before I pulled out to stick it up her steaming, hot ass.

I raised her head off my cock but, she didn’t want to let go—Lutricia buried her tongue in her butt.

“Come on honey raise up her a sec.,” I ordered her, making her raise her arms over head as I removed her shirt. Her tits were firm and tender. Her nipples were hard and contracted with tiny wrinkles all around like she just got out of a cool pool. I had to nibble and suck them and as I did I could smell her hot cunt juices as Lutricia tongue fucked her again and again. I felt her ass; she held my mouth to her breast. My cock was rigid and throbbing.

Tina played with my balls gently squeezing and releasing, pulling my sack down stretching, stretching until the pain was intense then she slowly relaxed the pressure the relief was immense and a real turn on—something Lutricia would have to learn.

I stood up to go around behind Tina. Lutricia was already standing wiping her daughters sex fluids from her face….I kissed her deeply smelling my daughter’s ass and pussy on her face……I licked it off. I can’t believe after all these years how she still makes me hard, how great her ass feels—she pressed her tits against me as I continued to lick.


“Raise your ass up here,” I told Tina, as I readied to mount her fine ass. Lutricia straddled her face and guided Tina’s already searching tongue to her mound.

“mmmuph, huh eat that pussy honey,” Lutricia shouted, “yes, yes, yes eat it mmmmuh, yah right there baby, riiiight there!” she continued.

I pushed the head of my cock into Tina’s pussy. It was drenched, warm and tight! I fucked her hard for twenty or thirty good hard strokes. I could feel her getting wetter. I pulled out my glistening cock and rested the head of it on her pink, puckered asshole she raised her ass up to meet me.

I had just found out that my daughter was no virgin which didn’t surprise me by the way she dressed but, now I wanted to know if she’d ever been ass fucked.

“Okay, honey hang on just a lil’ longer and daddy will let you cum okay?” I assured her.

“Mmmm, hmmmm,” she replied, mouthing her mother’s swollen pussy.

As I guided my cock to her backdoor, I gripped her hips firmly. Slowly the purple head of my cock entered her ass and I could tell she was definitely a virgin in her ass. It felt like someone had tied a rubber band tightly around the head of my dick as it entered her.

“Ohhh!” she gasp, still pressing backwards wanting more even though I knew it had to hurt.

She wouldn’t be pushing long though, not when she found out what I had in store for her virgin young ass! When she opened her mouth wide and planted it over Lutricia hot box, I slammed all nine and a quarter inches of my cock up her tight bum. Lutricia pussy absorbed her screams—she went flat against the couch. Lutricia was just about to orgasm herself and crammed her pussy back in her face, fucking her mouth and nose with some grinding hip motion.

“Oh yes honey!” suck my twat you lil’ slut….mmmmmuh yes, suck it!” Lutricia moaned as she continued grind fucking Tina’s stiff tongue. Tina grabbed her by the hips and started sucking her clit.

I rammed my cock in and out and I could fill the sperm boiling in my groin as I fucked our only daughter.
“Okay baby, you can cum now,” I said, as I placed my thumb in her cunt. I could feel her fingers already there on her pussy fingering herself furiously.

I leaned forward kissing her on the back as my load let loose….I could smell my wife’s ripe cunt as she hunched Tina’s mouth. Lutricia had that lusty glazed look about her as her orgasm subsided and her ass returned back down to the couch.

“Oh fuck babe—-oh, oh shit, fuck my dick babe FUCK IT!” I groaned, as I slammed into her tight ass.

“Oh! Daddy fuck it yes, fuck my virgin ass! Break it in right Daddy,” she said as she let go of Lutricia’s cunt and turned to look at me as I ejaculated in her bottom. I could feel her pussy getting off as my balls became soaked with her cum as they slammed into her pussy as I thrust into her.

We all laid in a pile on the couch laughing and exhausted when we were finished. Tina and Lutricia licked and sucked my cock clean stopping now and then to give each other a kiss. Lutricia played with Tina’s titts as she finished me up.

“Are you going out tomorrow night,” I ask Tina smiling.

“Yes, but don’t wait up I’ll probably be late,” she said, teasingly.

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