One on One

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Brodie Gravedon had always been any girls dream guy-jock,standing 6’1,Deep brown eyes,and dirty blonde neat hair.He had a rugged,toned body,and having a bit of Indian in him he was a perfect tan.
Even though Brodie was like a greek god the real beauty landed in his baby sister,Breece.Breece was only a year younger than brodie,markin her at 18.Breece was flat out stunning.Perfect white teath,volleyball soccer captain,and a dancer.She didn’t have overly large breasts,filling out at just 38B but she was pretty.short,like their mom,tan,brown eyes and the same sandy colored hair as her big bro.
One day,while the sun beat down like a whip upon a slave’s back,the two were outside playing a one-on-one game of basketball.It was spring break so Brodie was home from college.Breece wasn’t wearing much since she’d been tanning.Just her silky,skimpy bikini with cutoffs thats showed off the bottom of her adverage,perfect ass.
Breece noticed how Brodie’s eyes seemed to follow her bikini top as it would slide over a little,revealing her brown nipples.Once she accidently said something about it.
“if you watched the ball,not my boobs you might stand a chance….At winning of course,”As soon as the words slipped free she regretted it.Brodie got mad and stormed inside,yelling about going in to shower.Breece stayed outside for a moment longer and decided to do something bold and crazy.

Breece slipped into the bathroom,untied her string bikini,and jumped in behind her brother.Her hand curled over his shoulders as he gasped with shock.
“it’s okay,I want you,”she whispered when he turned around,taking it all in.
the next thing she knew she was up against the wall,hot water pouring down their backs as the two’s lips moved in sync.Brodie’s hands slid down her body,and Breece’s down his.Fianally they got to it.Brodie and Breece knew it was wrong but neither objected as he slowly slid a finger in her dripping hot pussy.A small moan exscaped her lips as her hips moved in rythem with his fingers.she felt the sensation building more and more as she met his mouth with hers,pulling her pussy from his hand.Slowly,she lifte herself onto his long,hard rod an began riding.
Brodie’s hips bucked with Breece’s as the sibblings enjoyed eachother.Fianally,Breece prgasmed and that was that.
anytime the parents went away they would meet up.

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  1. talltales

    nice story but to short

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