Paige and her Son Share a Lover

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I found Paige strikingly attractive. The fact that she was 52 and I was 35 only added to her attractiveness. She had a short, stylishly cut head of silver hair with sexy bangs, stood 5’7″ or so and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 lbs. I loved long lean women and Paige was exactly that. I found out later she had been a ballerina which explained her tight, shapely calves and her lean muscular body. When I saw her at the lounge of the Adams Mark Hotel in Philly I knew for sure I would make a play for her. She seemed pleased when I asked her to dance and afterwards was happy to have me join her and buy her a drink. When a 5o something year old woman ventures forth on her own on a Thursday night, it’s an excellent bet she’s seriously looking for action.
As we sat waiting for the waitress to return with our martinis Paige looked at me intently and asked: “So have you had much luck here?” I was surprised by her directness and decided to be honest.
“Yes, I have. It’s got to be about the best spot in Philadelphia for meeting attractive women.”
“You mean attractive women of a certain age, right?”
Fortunately the waitress interrupted us and gave me a few seconds to think.
“When I find a woman as attractive as you, I don’t even think about age.”
She smiled. Earlier in my career I had made the mistake of telling an older woman that having sex with older women was a real turn-on for me. That ended my evening and any chance of ever fucking her. Women over 40, not to mention women over 50 or even 60 don’t want to be desired because they’re old but because they are sexy, beautiful and otherwise desirable. Even if it’s clear that there’s a 15 or 20 year age difference, it isn’t to be acknowledged.
“How long have you been married?”
Wow, this woman kept throwing grenades! Again some instinct told me to be honest.
“About seven years, but before you make any cracks about the ‘seven year itch’, we lived together for five before we got married.”
“Okay, so then you’re just seriously into fucking around?”
“Well, I’ve been with enough women to know that there are some out there who I find sexy and are as highly sexed as I am.”
“So you like to fuck a lot? And it’s not about how many women you fuck but about finding the sex partner of your dreams?”
“Well it’s not all just about sex, but yes, I won’t disagree with the way you’ve put it.”
“Would you like to fuck me?”
“Yes, I think you’d be a great lover.”
“Shall we get a room upstairs and just do it now? I’m sure you’ve done that before.”
It was pretty clear to me that this was a trap so I decided to be cautious.
“Yes I have done that, but only with the married ones who don’t have a lot of time. I’d rather go slowly with you. Let’s make a date for dinner and see if we enjoy each other’s company.”
From the warmth of her smile I knew I had said the right thing. I did have time to do this right and I needed a steady girlfriend for sex since my last had left town to escape the heartbreak of being in love with a married man who had no intention of leaving his wife. With this bit of tension out of the way, Paige told me a bit about herself including the story of her ex-husband running off with his young secretary and issues with her 18 year old son, who lived with her and had just dropped out of college to pursue an acting career. His career right now consisted of waiting tables, of course.
We danced a bit more and out last dance was a slow one. We were pressed tightly together and when I kissed her, she responded passionately, our tongues feeling perfect inside each other’s mouth. Before we kissed one last time at her car, we had made a date for the following Thursday. I would pick her up at her home and we would have dinner together.
We spoke on the phone several times that week and I could feel a wonderful sexual tension growing between us, I loved women who were sure of themselves sexually and otherwise and Paige had no time for coyness. One conversation was close to phone sex and she inquired about my sexual tastes and preferences and shared some of her own. It’s certainly the first time I learned before even having seen a woman naked that she loves having her asshole licked.
Thursday arrived and I am sure my jaw dropped when Paige opened the door of her modest row house in West Philly. She wore a tight black cocktail dress, cut low in a V that revealed the sides of her tight small breasts. The dress was short so it showed off her hot legs as did her sexy backless “fuck me” shoes. This was a woman I would be excited to be seen with because everyone would instantly see that it was all about sex. Fortunately I had planned on dinner at a sexy spot downtown popular with cheating couples. Her slutty outfit would fit in perfectly there.
Our dinner was sexy and delightful and the Champagne and cabernet warmed us up perfectly. By the end of dinner I was certain I would be invited in when I took her home and we would make love. I was so certain that I parked at the first space I passed when we got near her home.
“Pretty sure of ourselves aren’t we?” she said, smiling.
I turned to her grinned and pulled her close and kissed her. She responded by reaching into my lap and giving my semi-hard cock a nice squeeze. “Let’s not keep him waiting any longer” she said, referring to my dick.
Inside she poured a couple of glasses of brandy and led me upstairs. As we passed a closed bedroom door she nodded toward it and said “That’s Robin’s room. If you get up to go to the bathroom, don’t go in there by mistake with your dick swinging. He’s liable to have a heart attack. He normally doesn’t come home before 2:00 am though since he always goes drinking with some of the other waiters on Thursday night. ”
I saw that his door was in fact right next to the bathroom door and I wondered if one of her lovers had done just such a thing.
We got to her bedroom and Paige turned down the covers, excused herself to “freshen up” and invited me to make myself comfortable. My idea of making myself comfortable is getting nude and playing with myself, which I proceeded to do. She returned in a semi-transparent shorty nightgown. Her eyes widened when she saw me stretched out nude with my erect penis on display. She told me later she had never seen an eight inch erect cock before and its size and thickness were startling.
“Well, you DO look comfortable!” she said with a little laugh. With that, she snapped off the lights and climbed into bed. After a very short period of kissing, I felt her hand assessing my penis.
“I’ve never had a cock that big inside me” she whispered. I could feel her excitement at the thought.
“I promise I’ll warm you up so well, it’ll slip right in.”
“Let me see if I can fit it in my mouth first.” She sat up and pulled her nightgown over her head, ready to get down to business. In the dim light I admired her small pointy tits and loved the fact that her ribs and abs showed clearly. Just looking at her naked made my dick jump. She shaved her pussy too, which is pretty unusual in her age group.
Paige proceeded to suck my cock like a pro. It was clear she loved taking it in her mouth and I could tell she was getting more and more excited as I held her head between my hands and fucked her sexy face. She gagged a few times as I pressed her harder onto my aching penis but that only seemed to excite her more. After a while I swung myself on top of her and started licking her smooth little vulva while she continued to blow me. I’m a good match for women who can’t get enough cocksucking since I climax pretty slowly. I took my time exploring her sweet tasting cunt with my tongue and fingers and then ventured on to her anus. It was a tight little bud and as soon as the tip of my tongue reached it, I could feel her shiver and sensed the vibrations of her moaning onto my cock. Her whole anal area was already soaked with the juices from her sopping pussy and my slobber made her even wetter. Using all of this lubrication, I was able to quickly insert two fingers in her asshole as I continued to lick the whole area,
Paige was bucking and mewling like a creature in heat and finally she pulled my dick out of her mouth and pleaded, “Please fuck me now! I need this big cock in my cunt right now!”
I didn’t need to be asked twice. As I turned to face her, she quickly turned over and presented her ass to me, raised up as she pressed her face and tits into the mattress. I got behind her on my knees and carefully guided my throbbing cock between her swollen labia and into her vagina. It was good she was so lubricated because her cunt really was as tight as any I had encountered. As I advanced slowly but relentlessly toward burying my full length in her she kept up the most exciting stream of obscene comments about how she felt like she was being mounted by a horse, how she wanted my cock in her ass when I was finished with her cunt and other things like that.
Once I was up to my pubic bone in her I started fucking her hard and fast. I could see waves moving across the flesh of her skinny little ass from the impact of my pounding. I hauled off and smacked one of her buttocks with my hand really hard. She jerked from the sting, which felt great on my dick and screamed “Yes. Yes!!! Hit me again harder!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me!!! Oh please don’t stop!!!”
I spanked her again and again as hard as I could in a way I had never spanked a woman. I knew she’d be black and blue in the morning and the thought of that turned me on even more. Suddenly her tight pussy got even tighter as she climaxed and her vagina squeezed down with each spasm. This was all the stimulation I could take and I felt my orgasm crash over me as I pulled her into me again and again. When the last of my semen had shot into her, I let my full weight drop of her and we both lay gasping.
When my breathing began to return to normal I whispered in her ear “Not bad for our first fuck. Think what it’ll be like when we get to know each other a bit”.
She responded with a little giggle, a shake of her ass and a squeeze of her vagina on my semi-hard cock.
“Can you spend the night, or do you have to get home to the little woman?”
“It just so happens I’m spending the night in New York on business.”
“Oh good, then we can take a little nap before you fuck my ass with that big cock of yours.”
When my drained and limp cock finally oozed out of her cunt we were already asleep, spooning.
A few hours later I awoke, confused for a second until the evening came back to me. Paige’s ass and back were still pressed into me and I could hear the sound of her regular deep breathing. I had really done a job on the woman. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:00 am. I needed to take a leak and thought it best to let Paige sleep. We could always fuck closer to morning after all.
I walked naked into the hallway, not thinking about her son Robin. I found the bathroom, closed the door but left the light off, not wanting to awaken myself more that absolutely necessary. As I stood in front of the toilet waiting for the stream to start, I heard the door open and close. Assuming it was Paige I said “I’m having trouble pissing. Maybe if you give me a suck, you can get me started.”
I sensed her dropping to her knees and turned to present my cock to her warm lips. I felt hands lightly brushing my thighs and my cock was suddenly enveloped in a wet hot mouth. When I reached out to take her head in my hands I knew immediately that the mouth that was feasting on my cock was her son Robin’s. I pulled away and hissed, “What are you doing?”
“”Giving you a blowjob like you asked of course. Didn’t it feel good?”
“That’s beside the point! Your mother’s in the next room!”
“You mean if she weren’t, you’d let me suck your cock?”
“I don’t know. Maybe…”
“How about if I let you piss down my throat?”
“And then let you fuck me”
“I said maybe!”
“Well she leaves for work at 8:00 am sharp. At 8:01 am I’ll climb into bed with you naked and we’ll see what ‘maybe’ means. I’m sure you’ll fuck her again in the morning, so I hope I’ll be able to get you hard.’
With that he gave my cock a quick suck, got to his feet and pressed his naked body against mine. Without thinking, I put my arms around him and cupped his ass in my hands. It felt very sexy. He was lean and smooth and I was surprised at the jolt I felt when our cocks pressed together. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and was gone.
Paige woke me the next morning with a sweet kiss and suck of my cock. I was shocked to see she was dressed for work. We had overslept and she told me her cunt and ass were so sore she thought it best to let me sleep and to let herself recover a little.
“If your cock does to my asshole what it did to my vagina, I’ll be waddling around the office like a duck. I need to build up my strength to have regular sex with you, which I insist on. I hope you’re not fucking too many other women, because I want you to be hungry when you have sex with me”
The thought passed through my head: “How about fucking your son?”
Just a minute after I heard the front door close, the bedroom door opened and Robin slipped into the room. He was nude and presented himself for my inspection. He was handsome but small, maybe 5’7″, just his mother’s height, 130 lbs. at most with wonderful definition, just like his mother. His body was totally smooth and he had sexy long blond hair down to his shoulders. I found it ironic that his mother excited me because she was boyish and her son excited me because he was girlish. His cock was erect and looked to be about five inches and normal thickness. He saw my eyes on his cock and said “I’m thinking ‘maybe’ means ‘hell yes’. His eyes ran down my body and he could see my cock getting hard in quick pulses of blood.
He walked to the bed and climbed in, once again pressing his body against mine. I shuddered with pleasure at the sensation and took his sexy ass in my hands. We started kissing lightly and soon we were deep kissing as I realized how much I wanted to have sex with this boy. The thought of having sex with a mother and her son was so wonderfully kinky I might have done it even if he didn’t turn me on. As it was, I realized that he was going to be more exciting to fuck than many of the women I’d had.
Our sex proceeded much the same way it had with Paige. After we kissed and groped a while longer he sucked my cock and was even better than his mother. He also spent some time tonguing my anus before I took over and explored his cock and ass with my mouth. I had sucked cock a few times in high school but this was the first I had done it as foreplay for fucking and I really got into it. Robin wasn’t quite as vocal as his mother but his hands on my head forcing his cock deeper into my mouth told of the pleasure he was feeling.
I spent a long time working on his cute pink little anus. I was worried that he might not be able to handle my cock and at this point I had my heart set on fucking him. Finally I decided to be direct.
“Robin, you have me completely turned on and I’d desperate to fuck your sexy ass but do you think you can take my cock?’
He smiled. “I appreciate your concern but one of my lovers is an Eagles lineman, 6’6″ and black and he’s ten inches and THICK! I had to build up to him with bigger and bigger dildos and even now it takes me a few days to recover, but I’m sure you’ll fit fine.”
After his anus was lubed and stretched with my fingers he presented his fine ass just the way his mother had. I fucked him just the way I fucked mommy too, smacking his buttocks harder and harder. Tears were running down his cheeks as he screamed “HARDER!!!! HARDER!!! OH HIT ME, FUCK ME HARD!!! HARD!!! HARD!!!”
My orgasm was just as powerful as the previous night’s. I collapsed on Robin and as I recovered started kissing and gently biting the nape of his neck and telling him how much I loved fucking him. After he had drained the last drops of semen from me with powerful squeezes of his sphincter, I rolled him over and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth.
Later, as we lay snuggling he said, “I hope you’re planning to keep fucking Mom. It really excites me to fuck her lovers when their cocks still smell of her cunt or anus.”
‘So you’ve done this before!”
“Well, only a couple of times. I needed to work up the courage. I was afraid that I might get punched out by some guy who really didn’t care to have his cock in a boy’s mouth. I was counting on the fact that her body and mine are so similar. If we stand side-by-side naked and I tuck my cock and balls between my legs I look like her younger sister.”
I though it odd that Paige her son would stand together naked comparing their bodies, but I do love kink and this situation had a very high kink quotient. It was soon to get kinkier.
For the next few Thursdays a very pleasing pattern was established. My dinners with Paige were always delightful and as we got more and more comfortable with each other we really had some good laughs. The sex did indeed get even better and once her asshole learned to accommodate my penis our lovemaking always included fucking all of her orifices. Somehow we never had the time or energy for sex in the morning but Robin was always waiting eagerly in line to get his “sloppy seconds”. Now after I finished fucking him, we got into the habit of having me suck him erect, straddle him and take his cock in my ass. I discovered I could make him come just by squeezing my sphincter on his cock for a few minutes but generally I just bounced on him for a while, playing with his hard little nipples and admiring his nude torso until he came in my ass.
Finally one Thursday night came along that changed the pattern dramatically. Paige and I were at our favorite restaurant and had just ordered dinner. She turned to me looking serious and said, “I want to talk to you about my vacation plans.”
I knew she was planning to take Robin to spend a week in Sonoma County sometime soon.
“I thought you might be able to concoct a ‘business trip’ and join us.”
Part of me was quite excited at the prospect of vacationing with both of my lovers. What worried me was exactly how the situation would work. Robin in particular worried me. Lately he would make comments challenging me to tell him I preferred my sex with him to with his mother. I was afraid that he might reveal our secret to her in a fit of jealousy and ruin my kinky situation.
I opened my mouth, said “Well….I’ll have to see.”
Paige sensed my hesitancy and said “You’re probably worried about the sleeping situation – that and the sex, right?”
Thinking she was referring to the sex between the two of us I nodded and said, “You’re right, I wouldn’t want Robin to be uncomfortable with us sleeping together and him off by himself”
“Oh no, that wouldn’t be right. Certainly we’d all sleep in the same bed!”
I looked at her sharply and saw a twinkle in her eye. “In the same bed?!” I said, astonished.
“Well Robin tells me you enjoy fucking him at least as much as you seem to enjoy fucking me, so I thought you’d enjoy the convenience of having us both at the same time. Anyway, I’d like to see firsthand whether he’s as good as he says he is.”
My heart was pounding. I was overwhelmed, trying to understand if this was really happening. It got even stranger.
Paige took both my hands in hers, leaned across the table and said, “There’s something else you should know. Please understand that I only waited until both Robin and I were able to get a very high comfort level with you. None of the other men he and I have shared have any inkling of what I am about to tell you.”
Now THIS was real drama, until it dawned on me. “You’re having sex with your son!”I exclaimed, loudly enough that we got some very curious looks from nearby tables.
“Shhh!” Paige hissed. “Announcing it to the world is NOT what I had in mind.”
After I apologized and composed myself she went on: “Shortly after my husband left me, both Robin and I went though some difficult times. He had trouble getting his schoolwork done and seemed really depressed. I couldn’t sleep and started drinking way too much. One night he heard me sobbing in bed and joined me, just to comfort me. I didn’t think a thing about it except for gratitude for the thought and it really did make me feel better to have my baby with me. At age 14, Robin told me he was attracted to boys and since then he had been very open about his sexual experiences all of which were with boys or men.
We fell asleep in each other s arms but I awoke later startled to find that I was cradling Robin’s fully erect penis in my hand. He moaned in his sleep and started thrusting into my hand. Soon he was awake and clearly trying to mount me. At first I resisted, but I was so in need of physical affection that I began to let him have his way. He pulled my nightgown up to my shoulders and started caressing my breasts and belly. Soon he was desperately sucking on the same nipples that had nourished him not that many years before. I kept thinking that I’d stop him at some point but that point never came. By the time he was on top of me guiding his penis into my vagina, I wouldn’t have let him stop if he tried. He gave me a good hard fucking and I enjoyed a memorable orgasm.
That was two years ago and we’ve slept together every night since except when I bring a lover home. Robin got the idea that a lot of straight men would enjoy fucking him and so he seduces my lovers. You’re the only one we’ve invited to join us together.”
I realized that this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss and made plans to join Paige and Robin at the Timber Cove Inn.

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