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My sister and I were mixing some paint for her school project. I let her mix some for a bit when I notice, from were I
was sitting I had a perfect view of her tits. They were hanging since she didnt had a bra. We were both sitting on the

She stood up and I lost the view, she had dropped some paint on her t-shirt. I went to the washroom, and said “Oh it’s OK,
i’ll help you”

I took her shirt in my hand and I started to put water to make the paint go away. I could see her tits now since i
stretched her shirt so I had the nice view.

I stopped and put my hand on her hips she said: “What are you do..”
I sopped her before she finished her sentence “Just do what I tell you…”

I took her wet shirt off, I put my hand her her tits and started licking, sucking and messaging them, she said:
“Oh, I like it”

I said: “Take your pants off! I wanna see your undies..”

She said , “no, i had enough.”

I said “We almost didnt do anyhitng! If dad and mom are gone we gotta do something to have fun while there gone!”

I wanna go with my friend swimming at the lac.

I tought about it (since I was older I was incharge) “ok you can, but i’ll go with you. And it won’t be at the lac, she
can come in our poll.

She called her up and in few minutes she was already over.

I answered the door, she had her swimsuit on already we could see a part of her tits.

I said: “Come in, she’s in the back..”

She said thx and ran through the house into the back yard.

When I went to join them they were in the Jacuzzi, I sat beside her friend, and my sister. I immediatly changed their
conversation. “Julie, (which was my sister’s name) go get us some orange juice.” She hesitate for a second and then she
went. While she was gone I got up close to her friend (Jessica) I put my hand her small tits to bring down her bikini top.

She didnt say a word, her tits where bigger than Julie’s. I sucked on them a bit and she said “Julie will be coming soon.”

I said: “It’s ok, I did it with her earlier, and our parents are gone!”

She was surprsie by what I said. I invited her to come inside so we can go farther in our session. I knew she was a bit
more risk taking than my sister, and knew she was goign to say yes. When we entered my sister was in the kitchen.
I said: “Julie, take a carrot and bring it in your room, will be waiting.”

I saw her face she knew what I had in mind.

We got to the room I said to Jessica to lie down on the bed. “Will start when Julie gets here.”

She had 2 carrots, one bigger than the other, I took them both and sat them on the bed.

I had 2 young girls on a bed! Wow!

“We’ll play a game called -Simon Says, you do what I tell you to do”

I started: “Take your bikini top’s off.”

I could compare them, Julie’s tits were smaller. “Take off the of your bottom bikini now.”

Jessica hesitated for a second and looked at Julie, she had already taken her’s off so she did the same.

Jessica had a bit more hair on her pussy. She turned around and said “Spank me!”

I loved to spank so I did as she told me, my I told Julie to get on her back also. I spanked Jessica first she had red butt
cheeks now. I spanked my sister the same amount of times. Then licked her ass. It wasnt dirty, i tasted like chlorine
since they went in the poll. Jessica wanted me to do the same for her.

Then I told them to go on their back and gave my sister a carrot and told her to put it in her pussy. While I fucked her
friend. She layed on her back and inserted the carrot, she said: “I cant push it any farther.”

So I went over and pushed it for her, she yelled out,”Fuck man stop” I continued and then pulled it out. I said “Do that”

I fucked Jessica she cummed 2 times if I remember the first time was BIG! Than after the second time I licked her pussy
to clean it up. Julie was still masturbating with the carrot. She had cummed once. I decided to fuck her since I hadnt
had enough yet.

But then I started to feel the cum. I quickly pulled out and went standing on the side of the bed.
I said “Open your mouth, and stick your tongue out” I jacked off a bit and then came in their mouths.
Then I said “Jess, suck my cock.” She put the cock half way in her mouth and I pushed in it, she choked for a second then I
said “If your gonna do it, do it right” She started once more and this time in went in farther. I came once more when she
had me in her mouth.

I was exosted now, I told them to go take a swim to clean themselfs up. They both had their face full of cum. Then I
said “Jess, you can come back tomorrow if you want.”


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    good content, but learn how to spell & write before u post anymore!!!

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