Peggy's Story (Part 2)

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Chapter Thirty One: Peggy’s Story (Part 2)

During the time before I was supposed to go out to the farm, I did a lot of thinking about what had happened. There were a few times that I almost resolved to tell mom that I didn’t want to go after all. This would have been the safest course of action to pursue. But I resolved to face up to the situation. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would do and say if Uncle Joe tried anything else with me. I was going to let him know that in spite of what had happened between us, he was wrong about me. I planned to tell him that if he tried anything else there was going to be hell to pay. I felt very brave and assured in these fantasies and I imagined Uncle Joe cowering before me and begging my forgiveness. I was really looking forward to telling him off.

The first Saturday after school was out Uncle Joe stopped by to pick me up. His battered old Ford truck rolled into the driveway early that morning and we were on our way to the farm in a matter of minutes. As we drove down the street Uncle Joe put a hand on my thigh and squeezed it saying, “How have you been Peggy? Have you missed me? You know I sure have missed you.”

I said, “No I didn’t miss you at all,” as I pushed his hand away from my thigh. Then I continued, “I’m going to your place to visit with Brenda and Sherrie and that’s it. If you try anything with me again I’ll let the whole family know that you’re nothing but a dirty old man and that will be the least of your problems. What you did with me is against the law and I could get you into some very big trouble if I wanted to.”

Uncle Joe didn’t react to my speech as I had expected. He wasn’t visibly upset. He just sort of chuckled and said, “So that’s the way it is now; seems like you have a very convenient memory regarding our little encounter. I wonder what happened to the girl who had her tongue rammed half way down my throat when she was kissing me. Where’s the girl who was raising her hot little butt so I could take her panties off and then pushing her wet pussy into my face? I think she’s here with me now, but she just needs a little reminder. You haven’t changed that much in the past few weeks Peggy.”

All of the sudden I wasn’t feeling so brave and I guess I had minimized my part in what went on at the barn. So I said, “What I meant was what happened was a mistake and I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea about me. I’m not going to say anything. I just don’t want anything like that to happen again.”

We drove along in silence for several more miles and I wondered what was going through Uncle Joe’s mind. It was difficult to tell anything from his expression and I wondered why he didn’t say anything. Of course what he had said was true. I knew I had responded to his advances and I did feel guilty about that. But I rationalized that it was he who had started everything. He was the adult and therefore should bear the brunt of the responsibility. As the miles went by and Uncle Joe still remained silent, I began to think that he was going to let the matter drop without any more comment and that was fine with me. Maybe he felt that he had to defend himself. I supposed I couldn’t blame him for that.

Then, as we were approaching the farm, Uncle Joe turned down an unpaved side road. Before I could think of anything to say; we came upon a couple of tiny weather beaten shacks that appeared to be deserted. I realized that this must be where the migrant farm workers stayed during harvest time.

Without warning Uncle Joe pulled to the side of the road in front of one of the shacks, slammed on the brakes and shut off the truck’s engine. Then he grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me around in the seat facing him and said, “Let’s get one thing straight right now. I didn’t get any wrong ideas about you. You’re the one who has the wrong idea. Did you actually think that you were going to let me suck on your tits, eat your pussy and then that’s it…. nothing more…. it’s over? If that’s what you wanted, why were you so eager to come back out here? I have plans for today and you’re a big part of those plans. So my very strong advice to you is simply not to disappoint me because it definitely wouldn’t be in your best interest.”

Then Uncle Joe gripped my arm with one hand, opened the driver’s side door and pulled me out of the truck. Once I was outside, I tried to pull away from him as I cried out, “No I don’t want to do this! Please let me go!”

Uncle Joe didn’t say anything and continued pulling me toward the deserted shack. When we were inside he shut the door. I took a quick look around and realized that there was no way out. There was nothing more than a single room. The furnishings consisted of a table with a couple of chairs in the middle of the room and a bed in the corner. I noticed that the room appeared to have recently been cleaned and the bed coverings were new.

Uncle Joe took a chair from the table and pushed me down in it. Then he said, “Now calm down and listen to me. The problem with you Peggy is that you really don’t know what you want; but I intend to teach you. Your lessons began in the barn a few weeks ago and they’re going to continue now. That’s what you really want. Whether you know it or not; that’s why you agreed to come back out here. Now the last thing I want is to be rough with you. That’s not my intention. I want to make things nice for you and I will if you let me. But the bottom line is we started something and I won’t be satisfied until it’s finished. You will come around to my way of thinking one way or another. I know that for a fact because I know you. I know what you want and need better than you know yourself.

“You don’t know a damned thing about me and there’s nothing I want from you except to be let out of this place this instant!” I shouted as I got up from the chair and started for the door.

Before I had taken three steps Uncle Joe grabbed me around the waist, sat down in the chair and pulled me over his knees. He tightened his grip around my waist. As I kicked my legs and struggled futilely, he pulled my shorts and panties down and began beating my bare butt. I had never been spanked before. So when the first swats started landing on my behind I was so stunned that I nearly quit trying to get away. But in a matter of seconds I was squirming more than ever as Uncle Joe continued to set my butt on fire. I don’t know how long that spanking went on. I know it got to the point that my butt was burning so badly I began to scream and cry, “Please no more! I’ll do what you want! Please stop!”

After a few more seconds the punishment abruptly stopped. Then Uncle Joe said, “I’m sorry that I had to do that Peggy. But I needed to get your attention. If you’re going to act like a spoiled little girl then I’ll have to treat you like one. Believe me it took more than a few sessions over my knees to bring Brenda and Sherrie in line and I hope it won’t be that way with you. But if it is, I have the time. Remember I’m in charge of you for the next two weeks.” Uncle Joe began to gently massage my burning bottom cheeks as he continued, “I hope this cute little butt of yours won’t have to suffer the consequences of your stubbornness. You know how nice I can make you feel. I know you haven’t forgotten that.”

Uncle Joe tried to put his hand between my thighs and I clamped my legs to together trying to prevent him from touching me there. In the next instant his hand came crashing down on my bottom again. I was so sore there that I began to beg him to stop within a matter of seconds. This time it took a lot longer for my pleas to make an impression and the spanking went on for a good two or three minutes. By the time he stopped for the second time, I was convinced that it was in my best interest to give in; at least for the time being.”

Uncle Joe began to rub my bottom again and he said in that same soft voice, “This little butt of yours is really red now Peggy. I’m afraid yo
u’ll have a hard time sitting down for the rest of the day. But th
ere’s no real damage in a bare handed spanking. I just hope you were sincere this time because I’d hate to have to use my belt on you. This butt of yours is too cute to mar up with some welts.”

This time when Uncle Joe slid his hand down to my thighs, I spread my legs as far as my lowered shorts and panties would allow. Then he slipped his fingers into my pussy and I began to get the same tingling sensation I had experienced in the barn. In spite of my determination to do otherwise, I was responding to this stimulation and actually getting embarrassed because of it. Uncle Joe said, “Do you see what I meant Peggy? Your pussy’s already getting wet.”

I couldn’t help myself, what he was doing was getting me turned on and I couldn’t hide it. As Uncle Joe continued to massage between my legs and rub my burning bottom, I began to lose control and started to move on his lap pushing my bottom up against his hand. The he said, “OK Peggy, spread your butt cheeks. When I hesitated, I felt his knee moving up to raise my bottom and I knew I had to comply or face the consequences. Anyway, by now I was getting too aroused to put up much of a fight. I slipped my hands behind my back and spread my bottom cheeks like Uncle Joe directed.

Uncle Joe said, “That’s my good girl. Your little butt hole is just as cute as the rest of you and I think it’s going to need a lot of attention.” The next thing I knew, Uncle Joe was probing me there and that in combination with what he was doing to my pussy was making me wild with excitement. When I felt his finger slip inside my butt I couldn’t help pushing back to make it sink deeper inside. It was then that I began to realize that maybe Uncle Joe was right and I didn’t know what I really wanted. I began to speculate that I had wanted to come back in hopes that he would pick up where he had left off in the barn. I didn’t know how far he had his finger up my butt; but I knew that it felt very good and I wanted more.”

Uncle Joe suddenly stopped what he was doing, picked me up from across his knees and sat me on his lap. My shorts and panties were around my knees and when he began to slide them on down and off I offered no protest. He then carried me to the bed and laid me down. He sat down on the edge of the bed, bent over me and began to kiss me. Almost immediately I was responding and I knew Uncle Joe had proved his point. I knew that I was going to go along with what ever he wanted, in spite of all my previous resolutions. He slid his hand down between my legs and I spread them willingly. He looked into my eyes as he began to massage my pussy again. Then he glanced down at my chest. Without anything being said, I sat up, took off my blouse, unfastened my bra and slipped it off.

Uncle Joe bent down and began to suck my nipples and I felt them growing erect as he continued to tease them. Within a few minutes I was pushing my pussy up against Uncle Joe’s fingers and my breath was coming in short gasps. At this point he must have been confident that I was under his control. He got up off the bed and quickly got undressed. I had never seen a nude man before and the sight of Uncle Joe’s erect penis fascinated me. He got back onto the bed straddling me and moved forward bringing his erect organ close to my face. Then he put a hand behind my head and raised me up a little saying, “OK baby suck on it.”

I wasn’t completely na├»ve about sex. But I didn’t know about all the things a woman did for a man during the sex act and this was one of them. I pushed myself up into a partial sitting position and stared at the head of Uncle Joe’s penis. It looked very big to me and I wasn’t sure it would fit into my mouth very easily; if that’s what he had in mind. Then Uncle Joe said, “Come on Peggy. You’re a smart girl. This isn’t difficult to figure out. Lick it all around like a piece of candy and take it in your mouth and suck. Just keep your teeth out of the way. You’ll get the idea soon enough.”

I moved forward and began to run my tongue around the tip of Uncle Joe’s penis. I slid my tongue lower down along the shaft and then moved to the other side and came back to the tip. The taste was strange to me but not particularly unpleasant. Then he said, “That’s good Peggy; now take it in your mouth just like a baby sucking on a bottle.”

I brought my lips up to the tip and opened my mouth wide. At the same time Uncle Joe thrust forward just a little and his penis slipped into my mouth. I closed my lips around the shaft and began to suck as he pushed slightly deeper inside. I started to choke and had to let some saliva run out of my mouth. But in a short while I became accustomed to Uncle Joe’s stiff rod moving in and out of my mouth as I sucked on it.

Uncle Joe began to moan a little and he said, “That’s good you’re getting the idea.” After another minute or so he said, “You’re going to be a natural at this Peggy. But we have a lot more to do. Then he pulled away taking a pillow from the head of the bed. He moved down toward my legs and I lay back as he raised my hips a little and slipped the pillow under my butt.

Uncle Joe got down between my legs, raised and spread them. Then he brought his head down and started using his tongue on my pussy. Before too long he homed in on my clitoris and began to suck on it and massage it with his tongue. I was feeling little waves of pleasure wash over my body as Uncle Joe continued to stimulate me there. Then he pushed my legs back further and I felt my bottom cheeks being spread. When his tongue started prodding my anus shivers began running up and down my spine. I could feel his tongue now slipping inside me there deeper and deeper and I loved the feel of it. Then he started to slip a finger inside, maybe it was two fingers because it hurt a little at first. But by that time he was back at my clitoris and I was having a hard time taking in all the sensations I was feeling. The probing in my butt began to feel better and better as my excitement built and suddenly I had an orgasm that made my first one seem like almost nothing. I didn’t know anything could feel so good and I knew then and there that I would let Uncle Joe do anything he wanted as long as he could make me feel like this again. When I looked up I saw Uncle Joe moving in between my legs. I knew what to expect next and I began to brace myself for it.

Uncle Joe said, “Relax, I’m going to take it slow. Besides that little pussy of yours is plenty wet. So I expect this is going to be real easy.”

He was right as usual. Aside for one sharp twinge when my cherry popped, his rod was fully into me in a matter of seconds. In very little time I was enjoying the new sensation of a hard cock driving into me. I have to admit that Uncle Joe knew what he was doing and I had another orgasm just after he climaxed.

As we lay together on the bed afterward, Uncle Joe said, “See I told you that I knew what you needed. You knew it yourself Peggy; but you just didn’t want to admit it. There’s nothing wrong with craving sexual stimulation. It’s the best thing about being alive and a girl like you should be introduced to it by a man with some experience, so it’s good the first time.”

I said, “I liked what we did but you’re my Uncle and what if I get pregnant? Didn’t you think of that?”

He said, “No worry there I’m shooting blanks. I had a vasectomy right after Brenda was born.”

I replied, “But you’re still my Uncle. What we did is illegal. It’s incest.”

Uncle Joe said,”Bullshit Peggy! Who’s getting hurt? As far as I’m concerned Uncle is just a legal term. I’m nothing to you but a man and there’s going to be lots of others in your life. It’s a shame they won’t know who to thank for the great sex they’re going to get because of me. Don’t think of me as Uncle Joe and don’t call me Uncle Joe. From now on, I’m just Joe to you. That’s the way I work it with my girls. I’m just Joe to them. So get used to doing things our way. We’re going to have some fun and we’ve just started. Now let
‘s get dressed. We have to get on to the farm.”

When I got up
I noted some spots of blood and semen on the bed cover and I was bleeding just a little. Joe, as I thought of him now, pulled up the end of the bed cover and said, “Here, wipe yourself with this. That won’ last long. Your cherry was the easiest one I’ve ever popped. You can freshen up at the farm. I’ll have Brenda run you a nice bath.” Afterward he wadded up the bed cover and stuck it under his arm. In a few more minutes we were back in the truck and on our way.

At the conclusion of this narrative, Peggy yawned and said, “Bill, you’re the first person I’ve ever told that story to. To tell the truth, I don’t think anyone’s ever been interested enough in me to listen.”

I said, “But what happened at the farm? There had to be more.”

“You’re right about that Bill. But it’s 3:30 and you should be getting home.”

“Don’t worry about the time. If you can stay awake; tell me the rest.”

Peggy said, “OK Bill, I guess I can go on digging up bones for a while longer.”

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