Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter Twnety Seven

Allison Chambers had just filled the bathtub with very warm water. It was nearly a week after her extremely painful lunchtime encounter with Frank Nichols. She was finally beginning to recover, but she was still far from feeling well. She slowly lowered herself into the tub. She gasped in pain, when her sore asshole contacted the water. After soaking in the warm water for a while, Allison began to feel better physically, but definitely not mentally. Black sinister thoughts swirled around in her mind like swarms of killer bees. The bright future she’d envisioned for herself such a short time ago, had crumbled like so many dead dried out leaves. During the past week, she had devoted almost every waking moment to thinking of ways to get revenge for the wrongs that had been done to her. At the top of her list was that tight-assed little bitch, Anna Hilbish. Anna was followed very closely by Frank Nichols. Some of the things Allison thought of doing to these two were so vile; they would have shocked an Arab terrorist and made a Nazi concentration camp guard faint dead away.

Author’s Note: The things Allison thought of doing were so extreme, even your own Mr. Biddle can’t imagine what they were, so they can’t be recorded here.

Third on Allison’s list for payback was that asshole Burt Hilbish. If that prick thought he was going to get away with using her and then, for the slightest excuse, go back to fucking his skinny-assed niece. He had better think again. Allison lay back and groaned as her ass slid a little on the bottom of the tub. Allison’s lips formed into a grim smile, as she thought revenge is going to be so sweet.

Anna lay in the big bed beside Uncle Burt. He’d been asleep for a long time, but Anna was still awake. She had too many important things to think about and plans to make. A self-satisfied smile played across her lips, as she thought of what she’d accomplished. Her uncle was back under her complete control now and Anna was going to keep him there. He’d come home every evening for the past week. She was back in this bed for good and no one was going to take her place. She’d see to that. Then a troubling thought crossed Anna’s mind. Uncle Burt had fucked that slut Samantha in this bed. She recalled how she’s seen Samantha’s big ass bouncing up and down in this very bed, while she was straddling Uncle Burt’s cock. Anna decided that tomorrow she’d tell Uncle Burt to buy a new bed. She would make him take this one into the field out back and let her burn it. She could imagine that Samantha was in the bed when she threw some gasoline on it and set it on fire. That would be fun.

Anna slid over closer to Uncle Burt and snuggled up to his back. She was a little cold and his body was very warm. She just had to quit thinking about Samantha for a while. Every time she did, she got upset. Anna remembered how Uncle Burt had held her and cuddled her that night after she let him fuck her in the ass for the first time. He had kissed her and stroked her hair for a long time, telling her what a sweet sexy girl she was. Anna liked him to pet her like that. After a while, Anna had Uncle Burt eat her pussy again and he did a very good job. That had made her little pussy feel very nice and satisfied. Too bad about her little butt though. In spite of the fact Uncle Burt used a lot of that lubricating stuff and it had started to feel good toward the last, Anna’s little butt hole had been sore for a couple of days afterward. She thought Uncle Burt’s cock is too big for me to take in my little butt and yet, I’ll have to let him do it once in a while to keep him satisfied now. This made Anna’s thoughts turn to Samantha again and a black look crossed her face. She thought Goddamn Samantha to hell; it’s her fault that I had to let Uncle Burt do that to me so I could win him back. I wish I knew where that little whore was at this very minute. I wouldn’t want to know what she’s doing. It’s sure to be something disgusting!

Actually, at that very moment, Samantha wasn’t doing anything disgusting at all. She was sitting up in bed next to Doctor John Sherman reading a book. Doctor Sherman looked over at Samantha and felt a surge of desire sweep over him. She was wearing a dark green satin nightgown. The ample swell of her breasts was emphasized by the shimmering filmy material draped over them. Her thick dark hair fell about her shoulders in soft shining waves. Her profile was reminiscent of classic beauty. Doctor Sherman asked, “Samantha dear, is that book very interesting?”

“Yes it is. I’m almost sure I know who the murderer is. It’s either Dan Kelly’s business partner, Greg or the sleazy lawyer.”

Without warning, Doctor Sherman snatched the book from Samantha and turned it to the last page. He said, “This is very interesting. It looks like the murderer was….”

Samantha exclaimed, “John Sherman don’t you dare! Give me that!”

Doctor Sherman laughed and placed the book on the other side of him in the bed. When Samantha leaned over him to retrieve it, he pulled her down on top of him, began to kiss her and run his fingers through her thick silky hair. Samantha struggled for a few moments and then began to respond to Doctor Sherman’s insistent kisses.

A Few Days Later In Bentlyville:

Tracy Weston was standing by the McDonalds rear entrance smoking a cigarette. She noticed a car at the furthest end of the parking lot and it seemed as if its occupant was watching her. The driver’s side door opened and a man stepped out. From this distance, it was difficult for Tracy to make out the man’s face. Besides, he was wearing sunglasses, which seemed strange, since it was a dark rainy afternoon. She could tell that the dude was medium height and weight, wearing jeans and a sport jacket. He looked toward Tracy and then called out, “Tracy? Tracy Weston?”

Tracy recognized the voice instantly. Damn! It was Scott Fucking Parker, live and in person. Tracy dropped the cigarette, crushed it out on the pavement and walked out to the car. When she got to the car, she couldn’t seem to think of anything to say except, “Hi Mr. Parker. How have you been?”

“Not good Tracy. Not good at all. Do you have some time to talk?”

Tracy glanced at her watch. Damn! She was already late getting back to work. She said, “Sorry Mr. Parker. I can’t right now. My break’s over and the manager is hell on wheels. I get off in two hours. We could talk then.”

“That’s fine Tracy. I’ll come back then… and Tracy.”


“Please don’t tell anyone you saw me.”

“OK, no problem.”

As Tracy jogged back across the parking lot, Scott noted the provocative curve of her ass and then he mentally cursed himself. You lousy bastard, Karen hasn’t been in the ground even two months and you’re already thinking about pussy. But damn! Tracy had grown up since the last time he’d seen her. It looked like there’d been some nice development in the tit department too. Tracy was one hot looking chick and from what Scott remembered, it was more than just looking hot. She was hot.

Tracy was back at the McDonalds drive-through window, “Hey Mr.Magoo! Try looking in the fucking bag! Your fucking fries are in there!” To say Tracy wasn’t a particularly enthusiastic McDonalds employee, was most likely an understatement. The probability of her having a long term association with the McDonalds organization was very low at best.

During one of the infrequent lulls in drive-through customers, Tracy began to think about Scott Parker. What in the hell was Samantha’s dad doing back in Bentlyville? Had he heard about Mary’s suicide? Did he know that Samantha had disappeared? Was Karen Ewell with him? Tracy determined to get the answers to all these questions within a very short time.

Then another thought came to Tracy. She’d be alone with the infamous Scott Parker. What if he tried something with her? Hell, he just might. Tracy still recalled Scot
t’s reaction to the bare bottom spanking he had witnessed her dad giving her. Even though he t
ried to seem uninterested, Tracy was sure he was turned on. He tried to get a good look at her pussy too. Could it be possible Scott Parker been thinking about her for all this time? If not, then why did he go out of his way to contact her? Maybe he was tired of Karen Ewell by now. Based upon his reputation, that seemed likely. If Scott Parker was just on the prowl for strange pussy, why come back here? Bentlyville should be the last place on earth he would go to pursue that activity, unless he was after certain pussy. Now Tracy wondered could that certain pussy be hers. Had Scott Parker been biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to get her alone? Tracy knew this was a little far fetched, but you never could tell. After all, truth was stranger than fiction. Tracy was sure that a lot of the Scott Parker legend was fiction and yet, if even some of it was true, he must be one hell of a cock’s man. He must have had something that attracted all those girls he screwed. Now Tracy began to hope that he might have something in mind for her beyond just a little talk. She began to feel a little stirring in that special place, as she contemplated what that something might be.

When Tracy got off work at 6:00PM, Scott Parker was just pulling his car into the parking lot. Tracy went over to the car and got in. Again, Tracy found herself unable to think of something to say. She finally asked, “Well Mr. Parker, how have you been doing?” She paused and then she said, “Oh, I guess we’ve been over that.”

“Yes we have. You’ve certainly grown up Tracy. You’re quite the attractive young lady. How about calling me Scott?”

“OK Scott. What do you want to talk about?”

“I’d rather not stay here in the parking lot. It’s too conspicuous. I have a motel room nearby. Can we go over there for a while? I’ll bring you back here to pick up your car.”

“I’m not driving. The insurance is too high. I take the bus.”

“Then I’ll drop you off on your street. OK?”

“Yeah, that’s OK.”

As they drove to the motel, Tracy tried to study Scott, without being too obvious about it. She couldn’t tell a lot because of the damned sunglasses. She thought he looked older. Not just three years older; a lot older.”

When they were in the motel room, Scott sat on the edge of the bed and Tracy took a chair by the window. When Scott finally removed the sunglasses, Tracy’s first impression was confirmed. She thought he looks like hell and he’s lost some weight.”

Scott said, “Tracy, tell me about Mary and Samantha. I saw a For Sale sign at the house. Where did they go? Mary talked about moving to Munson. Are they over there?”

“I don’t know how to do this, except to just tell it. Samantha’s mom killed herself. At least, that’s what the police think and Samantha ran away. So far, they haven’t found her.”

Scott looked like someone had just punched him out. He groaned and said, “Oh God no! What happened? Don’t they know what happened? I can’t believe Mary would do something like that! Was there some kind of trouble? Tracy, you were Samantha’s best friend. Didn’t she say anything to you?”

“I’m really sorry; I don’t know much. Samantha didn’t say anything to me. My dad has a friend who’s a cop. They know there was some guy at the house the night before everything happened. They know there was a fight.”

“Did they get the guy?”

“No, but the cops are sure he didn’t have anything to do with Samantha’s mom’s death. They say she probably killed herself the next day. They think it might be because Samantha ran off.”

“Jesus Christ! It doesn’t make any sense! The cops should find that guy. He has to know something! Maybe he kidnapped Samantha!”

“The cops don’t think so. They think she left on her own. A lot of her clothes were gone.”

“That doesn’t prove anything! He could have had her take her clothes. Samantha wouldn’t run away! I just know it!”

“I don’t know Scott. You’ll just have to talk to the police yourself. Oh, I guess you can’t do that.”

“Oh God, what’s going to happen to me next? How much more do I have to suffer? I have to find Samantha and I don’t even know where to start!”

Scott broke down and started to sob. Tracy got up from the chair, went to the bed and placed her hands on Scott’s shoulders. He looked up at her. Tracy said, “I’m really sorry.”

Scott put his arms around Tracy and pulled her to him. He put his head against her chest and continued to sob. In a few moments, he pulled away and said, “I’m OK. I’ll be OK now.”

Tracy sat on the bed beside Scott and he said, “God Tracy, I have to find Samantha. She’s the last person I have in the world now. Are you sure she didn’t say anything to you? Did she have a boyfriend or anyone else she might confide in? There must be someone!”

“Samantha didn’t say anything to me about running away. To be honest, we weren’t as close as we used to be. I’m almost sure she didn’t have a boyfriend. I don’t want to make you feel any worse, but Samantha changed a lot after you left. She became sort of a loner.”

“It was my fault Tracy. I know that. I did some things to screw up Samantha’s life. Hell, I screwed up a lot of lives.”

Tracy asked, “What about Karen? Are you still together?”

“Karen’s dead. She and our baby were killed in an auto accident about two months ago and I whish I was dead too.”

Scott began to sob again and Tracy put an arm around his shoulders. She said, “I only wish there was something I could do. I feel so bad for you Scott.”

Scott pulled himself together and said, “You were always a good kid Tracy. I’ve always liked you a lot.”

“Is that why you contacted me first? How did you know I was working at McDonalds?”

Scott didn’t know Tracy was working at McDonalds and it was coincidence that he was there. He just pulled in to look at the place and happened to see her. Scott began to do some quick thinking. Damn! Tracy was so hot and it had been a while. He said, “Tracy, of all the people I know here, you’re the one I trust the most. I just had a hunch you might be working at McDonalds. I don’t know how that came to me. Maybe we’re kindred spirits. I just know I’ve always felt close to you. I always thought you felt the same way about me. Isn’t that true?”

Tracy thought she’d never felt close to Scott Parker before, but she was beginning to feel that way now. She must have been right about him though. He’d been thinking about her all along. He was probably going to make a move on her at any second. She wondered if he really did have a huge dong like everyone said. She began to feel a little tingle of excitement as she thought about that. Tracy said, “Uh, well I guess I might have felt that way sometimes.”

Scott turned toward Tracy and put his arms around her. He looked down into her eyes and said, “I knew I was right.” He bent down and placed his lips on Tracy’s.

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