Sleepaway Camp Part 6

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[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

My name’s Christina. It was the summer before my senior year of high school when my older brother Steven got us jobs as camp counselors at Camp Spirit Thunder.

The head counselor 19 year old Tiffany showed me around. You could tell she had a real witchy attitude right from the start. The other female counselor Hayden was my age, petite, with very long curly flaxen hair. I tried to make friends with her but found out she was just Tiffany’s lackey.

To my surprise our counselor uniforms turned out to be ridiculously short and cut yellow jersey shorts and white form fitting blouses that zipped up in the middle like a wetsuit. Since it was summer it meant they were always unzipped which left our cleavages hanging right out in the open.

My suspicion was that Tiffany had designed this “uniform” to show off her DD cup breast implants. I was shocked she came right out and bragged about how her stepfather had gotten them for her as a graduation present on the condition that she sleep with him afterwards. Since she got them this meant she’d slept with her own stepfather!

I would never think of putting on such an outrageous outfit but since the other counselors Tiffany and Hayden were wearing them I went along.

The only other uniform option for us was a navy blue cheerleader uniform. Being a cheerleader myself I liked this. However after I tried it on I found the skirt was so short it barely covered my shorts underneath. Then Tiffany insisted that Camp Spirit Thunder had a very strict uniform rule that anyone wearing the cheerleader uniform had to wear white cotton panties. No thank you. I changed back into the jersey shorts.

My big brother Steven would be staying in the boys camp counselors’ cabin with Tiffany’s boyfriend Colin. He was a hunk, but without a brain the body isn’t any good. He talked like a California stoner even though he was from New York.

As I met up with them to go to dinner in the cafeteria I saw both boys were wearing micro swimming briefs which lent nothing to the imagination. I turned my eyes away from their manhoods which were on full display.

I couldn’t imagine a young man as intelligent and kind as my brother ever wearing such a thing. But he explained it was the required uniform for all male counselors. I quickly explained that my cosplay uniform was also only due to such a rule.

Fortunately for my brother he was in good shape. I’d hate to see a fat guy in such a revealing swimsuit.

At dinner we all sat together. Immediately Tiffany started fawning all over my brother. She kissed him on the lips and tried to sit in his lap. “Ooohhh. Shame on you Chris for not telling us your older brother was such a dream boat. Your family reunions must be a lot of fun.”

Her boyfriend Colin just calmly sat there eating as if he was used to this behavior from her. Tiffany’s promiscuity didn’t bother her boyfriend in the least. Colin knew there wasn’t a snowball’s chance of her being faithful so why bother reprimanding her?

Being the gentleman he was my brother lifted her off of his lap. “What’s going on? Colin said he was your boyfriend?”

“He is. But you can join in anytime you want. I know how to handle two guys in bed at the same time.” she flirted.

What a witch!

The fat redneck camp manager Sergeant Dick who’d never been a real sergeant in any army, stood in the middle of the cafeteria and made a very odd announcement.

“Now hear this maggots! There will be no jerk offs in my unit! Any guy caught jerking off will have to clean the outhouse! All boys’ socks will be inspected each morning at O 600!”

What a crude hick. What kind of adult would say such a thing in a camp cafeteria?

“Ohhh Stevie, that means you’ll have to find another way to release your male tension. Well, our cabin’s door is never locked to horny guys.” said Tiffany invitingly.

“Don’t worry man I know how to get all the pussy you want at the camp. Your hands are going to be very lonely.” said Colin.

I had to finally say something. “That’s sick!”

“It is sick not letting the guys here milk themselves.” said Tiffany casually. “But don’t worry. It doesn’t apply to us ladies. We can have all the fun we want in the privacy of our cabin. If you run out of batteries for your vibrator you can barrow mine.”

“That’s disgusting! I don’t masturbate and neither does my brother!” I shot back.

“Of course not. You have each other.” she laughed.

I’d always loved swimming and I wasn’t going to let our uniform bathing suits stand in my way. For us counselors it was a one piece leotard that was nude skin tone colored. The front bust was open like our blouses but there was no zipper to close it up with. The rear was a thong which I’d never worn before. Who designed these uniforms, a cosplay fanatic?

Like I said I wasn’t going to let the weirdness ruin my summer. When I was younger my breasts blossomed rapidly and I was teased off the school swim team by the other girls. It was years before I worked up the courage to put on a bathing suit. But if I was brave enough to do that I could cope with this bathing suit.

I went swimming with Tiffany and Hayden. However the two of them just threw off their jersey shorts and dove right into the lake nude with everyone watching! I thought they were just joking about swimming being a clothing optional sport at Camp Spirit Thunder.

I looked away and climbed out of the water. “Sis?” I heard my brother shout. He wrapped a towel around my top in a concerned manner.

“What’s the matter big brother? What is it?” I pulled the towel away and saw that when wet my bathing suit was 100% see through! My erect nipples were sticking right out for everyone to see!

Later that night my brother showed up at our cabin. “Hey sis want to take a walk around the lake?”

“No thanks. It’s late and dark.” I answered.

“I know but Tiffany is in my cabin with Colin right now so I can’t go back there.” he said.

Being the loving sister that I was I felt for Steven and joined him for a walk around the lake. We talked for over two hours before heading back to my cabin which was completely empty. Where had Hayden gone off to?

My question was answered five minutes later by my brother’s knock at the door with a frustrated face. “I found Hayden. Now she and Tiffany are in my cabin with Colin!”

How disgusting.

The next morning was even worse. Our cabin didn’t have separate shower stalls, just one big group shower with a video camera! Tiffany insisted it was a “security camera” for our own protection.

Then she and Hayden started lathering me with soap and massaging my breasts. When I recoiled Tiffany said, “Why so shy goldie locks? You have a beautiful body. Why be ashamed? If I had your endowments I wouldn’t have needed implants.”

As I was getting dressed Tiffany came rushing back into the cabin with her cell phone. “I got it! I got it!”

“Alright! Let me see! Wow it’s even bigger than I dreamed!” Hayden exclaimed.

Curious to see what they were all marveling over I looked at the cell phone. There was a picture of my brother in the shower stark naked!

“That’s disgusting!” I yelled.

“It is disgusting Chris. You should have told us your brother was so well endowed. Or maybe you just wanted to keep him all for yourself?” she giggled.

“How dare you tease my brother like that!”

“Oh come on Chris. We’re admiring your brother. He must be very very popular at his college.” Tiffany responded.

“Yeah Chris.” Hayden chimed in. “I wish my brother had a penis that big. I’m very envious.”

There was a loud rapping at the cabin door. It was Steven. With his hair still wet I could tell he was fresh out of the shower and had dressed quickly. “Alright Tiffany! I want that picture of me and I want it now!”

“Too late Mr. Big. It’s all over the internet. I even entered you into an online contest of whose boyfriend had the biggest cock. Don’t look so worried you’re sure to win first prize.” said Tiffany. “Don’t look so sad Mr. Big. Hayden and I will make it up to you right now.” And with that she and Hayden started French kissing right in front of him!

This was too much. Still only wrapped in a towel I ran out of the cabin crying uncontrollable. I ran into the woods until I collapsed in tears.

The warm loving arms of my brother came to comfort me. “Don’t worry Chris. We can’t let this idiots beat us down.” he kissed away my tears.

“But they’re horrible… horrible.” I sobbed.

“Don’t cry sis. No matter what happens we have to stick together and remember that we always have each other.” Big brother was always there to protect me.

As he held me in his arms and walked me back to camp the gang of bullies was there to greet us. All the other campers were already outside getting started with that day’s activities. It was so embarrassing walking out of the woods wrapped only in a muddy towel.

“Way to go dude. First thing in the morning. Getting some of that sister action.” Colin laughed.

Steven responded by giving him a hard kick between the legs. Colin doubled over on the ground with vomit spewing out of his mouth like Linda Blair. Instead of coming to his defense, Tiffany and Hayden also doubled over on the ground, but in laughter. All the campers had seen it and joined in. Colin was the laughing stock of the entire camp and it served him right!

“That’s what’ll happen to anyone who makes fun of my sister!” Steven announced.

My feelings had gone from despair to happiness at my brother’s heroics. But it did mean that we were now social outcasts. No one at camp wanted to make friends with us.

The rest of the day was even more eventful. First I noticed that campers were just diving into the lake without any bathing suits at all!

Then I saw couples just causally heading off into the woods with a blanket. Sure enough I had to break up several copulating campers.

I ran back to my brother’s comforting arms. “This place isn’t a camp! It’s a madhouse!” I sobbed.

He hugged me and kissed me on the top of the head. “I know what you mean. I’ve seen a lot worse things today that I won’t even tell you.”

“What can possibly be worse than what’s been going on?” I asked in horror.

“Things a nice girl like you shouldn’t hear about.” he said. My brother was always there to protect me. Not overly protective but the way a sister would want her brother to be.

Waiting’s the hardest part. Part 7 is coming quickly.

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