Teaching little Meg

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It had been a normal, boring day and i had just gotten home from football practice. I took a shower and after getting dressed,
I went downstairs to watch TV for a while. It was 7:00 on a Friday night and I had nothing to do, but my parents were going out.
“Hunny we’re leaving now, we probably wont be home until after 2.” my mom said. “Ok” I mumbled back. My dad came down the
stairs, pulling his jacket on. ” Your going to behave while we’re gone, right Matt? There’s plenty to eat and the number of the party
is by the phone.” “Mm hm..” I said back, not really hearing anything he had said. ” Your sister should be home from her friend’s house
soon, so please make sure she’s in bed by 11, ok?” my mom added. ” I might make her go to bed before that if she annoys me too
much.” i said sarcasticly. My parents left and after a few minutes I turned off the TV and went into the kitchen to get something to drink.
The front door opened and in stepped Megan, my 11 year old sister. She walked into the kitchen, took the glass of soda I had just poured
for myself and took a sip. “Thanks bud.” she said, smiling. I took the glass from her, smiling back playfully. ” Yea yea. If you have anything
to do you better do it soon because ur goin to bed in a little while. Your going shopping in the mornin’ with mom, remember?” She sat down
on the couch, taking off her shoes. ” Yea I know, Im kinda’ tired anyways I might just go to bed right now.” she said, still smiling. She got up
and went upstairs. I heard her door close and went upstairs myself, going into my room. I too was tired, so I undressed down to my boxers
and went to put a cd in my stereo to fall asleep to. I was 15 years old, about 5’9” and had a slightly muscular build.
I couldnt find my cd case and figured Meg had taken it. I walked down the hall to her room and opened the door just enough to see
my sister laying on her bed with nothing but a T-shirt on, masturbating! I quietly shut her door, hoping she hadn’t noticed me. I couldnt believe
what I had just seen. I went back to my room, trying to forget it, even though I was kind of turned on by it. I sat down on my bed and turned on
my TV. “This will have to do ” i thought. About a half an hour later I was still sitting on my bed, watching TV when Megan walked in,
still wearing just a T-shirt. “Hey bro,” she said ” your not going to bed yet, are you?” I was still thinking about what I had seen a little
while earlier. ” Yea in a few minutes. Why?” Meg looked very cute, standing in the doorway in a long t-shirt that just covered her down
to her thighs. She was a pretty, relatively skinny girl, with straight shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes, smooth tan skin, small breasts and a small
but nice ass. She was pretty hot for her age. ” I wanted to ask you something…” she replied, rubbing her petite little foot on the back of her leg. “What is it?” i asked.
She walked over to my bed, put her hands on my shoulders and said ” I’ve heard alot about sex and stuff lately and I’ve been wondering alot about it. Matt?
do you think she could show me some stuff?” I looked at her, surprised. I can’t say I’ve never thought about her before, but i knew it was wrong.
“Meggie what are you talking about? Im not showing you anything go back to b-” I was cut off when she suddenly leaned down and kissed me.
I was surprised, but I enjoyed it. Her sweet little tongue massaged mine. She pulled away and looked at me, ” are you sure?”
she said, smiling. I didnt say anything. ” Lay back, I want to be in control my first time.” she said. I was so turned on I did as i was told, being
seduced by my 11 year old sister. I layed back, and watched her pull the t-shirt over her head and drop it on the floor. I stared at her sexy, tan little body,
looking from her pretty face, her small A-cup breats, her smooth stomach, her slightly widened hips, bald pussy, down to her sexy, slender legs.
She smiled and told me to take off my boxers, which I did immediately. I layed on my bed and she also layed down, facing me.
She extended a sexy little leg and started massaging my now hard dick with her sexy little foot. ” Does that feel good?” she asked. I nodded and
rubbed her leg, held it up by the ankle and ran my tongue from the arch of her foot up over her toes, the top of her foot, and licked all the way up her leg
and inner thigh until i got to her wet, bald little pussy. She felt my tongue on her little clit and arched her back in pleasure. “Ooh yea lick me! That feels so good.”
she moaned in a sexy voice, placing her hands on the back of my head, pushing my face into her pussy, my tongue going in deep, swishing around. She
then wrapped her legs around my head, resting them on my shoulders. I kept licking and sucking her sweet little pussy, loving the sounds of her moaning.
I sucked her throbbing little pink clit and plunged my tongue as deep into her pussy as i could, taking in all her sweet juices. After a while, i felt her pussy tense up.
Her body started to quiver and she moaned louder than ever as I lapped up all her sweet-honey cum. she then sat up and I stood up on my knees.
I didnt have to tell her anything. She immediately grabbed my 7 inch cock and stuck it into her mouth. I was so impressed with her first time
skills at sucking dick. She ran her tongue up and down the sides and swirled it around the head of my dick, then continued sucking it. I rubbed and massaged
her shoulders and she slurped my cock, and in a few minutes I knew i was going to cum soon. I placed my hand on the back of her head and shoved
it into me, ramming my dick down her throat, humping her face with a handful of her hair. She gagged a little but didnt fight it, she just took my throbbing cock down
her throat. ” Im cumming!” i said. She pulled my dick out of her mouth but held onto it. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, letting my hot cum
shoot all over her tongue, lips and in her mouth. She didnt even spit any out, she just swirled her tongue around, savoring the taste of my jizz. She even licked up the
little bit around her mouth and what was left on the head of my dick. I was so impressed and so turned on, i wasnt even close to being done.
” Meggie are you sure you really needed any of my help? I think your doin’ fine!” She smiled. “Really? Thanks.” she said happily. ” Your cum was good, I heard it was gross.”
I laughed and then she said ” Are we going to have sex now?” “Yea, if you want to” I answered. “well of course I do thats the whole reason we’re doing this.”
“Ok then. Lay on your back and spread your legs.” i said to her, and she did. She looked so damn sexy laying there with her legs spread, looking up at me longingly.
I positioned myself over her and said ” This is going to hurt a little at first, but after a while it will feel good.” I then slowly lowered myself on top of her, forcing my dick to
slide into her tight wet pussy, and damn was she tight! “Ooh!” she let out a little gasp of pain. “You ok?” i asked, and she nodded. So I slid myself farther into her,
feeling her hymen break. She moaned more, and I could see tears running down her cheeks. I leaned down and kissed her deeply, now feeling
much closer to my baby sister. She kissed back, still making noises through the kiss, still crying as i slowly and softly pumped in an out of her.
She soon stopped crying and started to enjoy it a little, rocking back and forth moving her body with my strokes. I slowly pumped faster, and she wrapped her legs
around my waist, squeezing me a little. She was deffinately starting to like it. She moaned softly through it all, feeling my dick pulsing in and out
of her little pussy. Her moaning only turned me on more, and i kept kissing her and fucking her, gradually getting faster and harder. Soon
I was fully stoking in and out of her harder and faster, my balls slapping up against her as i
went, and her legs squeezing tighter around my waist.
” Oh oh oh OO Oh!” she started yelling. I stopped
pumping into her, and she looked at me dissapointedly. “Why are you stopping?! It was
just starting to feel REALLY good!” ” I dont want you to cum yet, not even myself. I want to try some different positions with you sis.” I said
apologizing. She sat up. ” oh..ok, what now?” she asked. But before i could answer she quickly said ” Can I be on top now?” I smiled, ” yea, good idea.”
I then layed down on my back and she climbed on top of me, lowering her wet pussy onto my dick and sliding it in, letting out a little whimper.
She looked me in the eye and smiled, lowering herself down all the way, spreading her legs on either side of me. I reached up to massage
her small breasts and rubbed her little pink nipples. She began to gyrate her hips, rocking back and forth on my cock. She went forward
and backward, and slightly up and down while i rubbed her beautiful little tits. ” I love you Matt, i love you so much you’ve always
been such a good bro to me.” she said smiling as she fucked me. ” I love you too Meg, always have. But now…” I looked at her pretty
little body grinding into my dick. “..I really love you.” I reached down around her and squeezed her hot little ass, and inserted my finger into her
little asshole, slowly sticking it in and out. “Ooh, I like that, keep going.” she whispered. She then began to bounce up and down
and rock harder and harder on my dick. She started moaning and whimpering and i felt her cum running down my dick as she slowed down.
“One more position, I still havn’t cum.” I said. “Ok, no argument here.” Meg said gleefully. “Ok get on your hands and knees.” I told her.
She got down into position and I got behind her, grabbing her ass and inserting my dick into her. I began fucking her again, reaching
under her and playing with her little tits again. After a few minutes I was fucking her harder and faster, my balls slapping against her ass.
I had her yelling in pleasure, and soon she was thrusting her body backwards, her ass slamming into me, forcing my dick deeper and
deeper into her pussy. ” Im gonna cum.” I said, and began to pull my dick out of her when she stopped me. ” No! Keep going! I want to cum
with you.” So i continued to fucking my 11 year old sister, knowing i was about to cum. ” Ohhh Im cumming bro! Cum in me!
I want you to cum inside me!” she yelled. I knew i shouldn’t, but I couldnt resist, I pumped little Meggie’s pussy full of my warm jizz.
I pulled out of her, my cum and her own cum both dribbling out of her pussy. She sighed and got up. ” That was great. I loved it, we
should deffinately do it all the time now.” “I agree, I loved fucking you sis.” i said. She smiled and threw her arms around my neck and
kissed me. Our tongues wrestled and massaged eachother for a few mintues before we broke the kiss. ” Im gonna’ go shower and clean up.”
she said. “Ok well im going to bed now, goodnight Meg” I replied. She picked her t-shirt up off the floor and turned to the door.
Before she walked out I gave her hot little ass a good slap. ” Oo!” she yelped playfully, closing the door behind her.

It has been 2 years since then, and me and Megan are still lovers. Neither of us has had another girlfriend or boyfriend since that night
and we still have sex on a regular basis. Megan had gotten pregnant that night when i came inside her, but she somehow talked
our parents into beleiving she had a boyfriend that used her for sex, and they signed for her abortion.

One afternoon I came home from school with 2 friends to find Meggie laying on the couch watching TV. She turned and looked at me
and my friends. We both gave eachother a naughty smile. ” Hey Meg, you wanna come upstairs and hang out with me and the guys
for a while?”

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    you should make a sequal countinuing on when the brother brings his friends home

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