Thank You 1

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In the Beginning

I learned that I could get what I wanted because of my looks. It didn’t matter if it was a male or female. But it was the summer after I graduated High School I learned that I possessed a killer combination of attributes…The Big 3 B’s…Beauty…a Body
and Brains!
It all started with my uncle Ray. I noticed he would always find a reason to brush up against me…or “help” me regardless of what it was I was doing.
My parents had promised to take me to the mall. But something came up and they couldn’t. Uncle Ray volunteered…so off we went. At one point I spotted a pair of diamond studs and stood looking at them for the longest time.
“What…you like those kid?”
“Yeah. But my mom says they are too expensive and not for kids.” I remember thinking I’m not a little kid and…like I’m not worth it or something?
Uncle Ray went in and was talking to the sales lady. I went off to the bathroom not giving it another thought. When I came out he was sitting there waiting for me and we continued our excursion.
On the ride home he pulls out the studs and sets them on the dash. The sun caught them and rainbows of light danced all around.
“Well…go on and grab them. They’re for you. It will be our little secret.”
I was so excited that I didn’t even know what to say…But my uncle fixed that…
“Hey…what do you say?”
“Oh! Thank you…soooo much.”
“That’s it? You can do better than that.”
He pulls off the highway and stops.
“Give your favorite uncle a big hug.”
So I jumped over and gave him a big ol’ hug.
He whispers in my ear…
“There’s a lot more where that came from. I think you are worth it.”
When he was whispering he was rubbing the small of my back where my low rise jeans left the skin exposed…I started to feel warm and my stomach was kind of tightening up and my pussy felt like it was taking over the rest of me. He caught my chin and kissed my nose…then slowly advanced to my lips. At first I kind of pulled back a little…but I kissed him back. I liked the way it felt. I liked that he liked me so much. But I loved those studs.
That’s when I realized that if I was “thankful” I could get what I wanted.
After that I got alot of stuff. And I would always thank my uncle without him asking. I was taking it further each time. I knew it would come to a point where he would not be able to hold back. So I decided that I could take it to the next level without having to actually fuck him. But it was going to require giving his favorite niece something special.
I did some research and came up with a plan. I got Ray (I dropped the uncle…he liked that) to take me to a car show. And when I spotted the car I wanted I stood there just looking at it. After a while he got the hint and said…
“Come on kid…you can’t be serious. That’s at least a 20 thousand dollar car.”
“Oh!…” I leaned up against him and grabbed his dick…saying…”Well then I guess sucking on this to say thank you isn’t worth it.” By the time I whispered those words he had a massive hard-on and a wet spot. But I knew I would get it. It was just a little ol’ BMW Roadster…black. It would do as my first car. What I really wanted was a Viper…but that would have to wait…for now.
So Ray did the deal and he gave me the keys…on one condition…well two actually. That we would keep the car under wraps til my birthday (3 months away) and that I could show my appreciation that evening after he got off work. I promised I would but I decided to handle it…on my terms…although I didn’t tell him that.
Rays a celebrity. He’s a late night talk show host on a local radio station. And his show is very popular…anyway I showed up about 3 a.m. knowing he would be alone. I wore a long hoodie over a hot pink sheer nightie and thong. He looked surprised but happy to see me. He motioned to me to be quiet he was on the air. I hung out til he had a break then I took the hoodie off. He about fell out of his chair. His dick was so hard he had to unzip his pants and let it out to shoot straight up against his stomach. Perfect!
He went live and so did I…I straddled him making sure my pussy slowly brushed up against his throb. Turned to face him and as I wiggled my way down between his legs and the desk…I brushed my tits all along his body. He was already squirming and I hadn’t even touched his dick yet.
He looked like he didnt know what to do with himself…so I showed him…I took his shaft and started stroking it..Pulling from the base all the way to the head. Just before I reached the tip to let go I used my other hand to do the same motion always making contact . Then I reversed direction starting at the head milking down. I toyed with his balls…gently rolling them up and down the underside of his shaft. He was having a hard time keeping it together…but when I grabbed his cock and covered it with my mouth…he pushed me away. Secretly I smiled…but outwardly I acted like I was hurt.
When he signed off he said…
“Damn Jessie…what were you thinking? I couldn’t let you make me cum on the radio. That’s crazy.”
“Well you aren’t on the radio now.” I walked over shoved him down on his chair and took up his meat in my mouth….I swallowed him whole…it didn’t take but a few constrictions of my throat for him to fire his load.
“Girl…where did you learn to do that?”
“Online! This is the first time I put it into practice.”
“No shit? Online?…what else you learn online?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know!”
I could see that he most certainly would like to know. But we just laughed and left it at that.
When my birthday rolled around my parents were surprised that Ray gave me a car…but I could see they were relieved too. Now they wouldn’t have to get me one.
I got a lot of other presents from Ray before I left for college. I always thanked him too. I never did fuck him though…I mean that would be like incest or something…

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