That Next Summer…

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First off this is a continuation of my first story, “When Home Alone at Summer” So go check that out too.
In the middle of July me and my sister are over at my cousin Kristen’s house. The three of us used to be really close and we issed old times so we decided to hang out over their. the problem is, we weren’t expecting it to be in the 100’s that day! So instead of really doing anything we just kinda layed around all day and watched TV while her parents were at work.
Around noon my sister got up and sluggishly made her way to the bathroom, we had been drinking a lot of water because the heat. I was leaning up against the couch with my cousin resting her head on my lap. While watching the comedy channel, one of those “Girls Gone Wild” commercials came on, and my cousin started fidgeting. That and the commercial were getting up my 8 inches. Iv’e thrown another inch on in the few months since my last story. Suddenly my cousin reached behind her and grabbed my cock, then turned around and asked with a smile if I was getting a little “excited.” I just responded with a yea which vouched for my lack of energy at the moment.
Then she yanked down my shorts and started giggling weirdly, I was pretty confused yet content with the situation. Then my sister happens to walk into the room and starts laughing. “Looks like appreciation for your dick runs in the family Josh” my sister, Kim said. “Come on, let us see it!” giggled Kristen. So out came my dick, which they both asked if they could taste. Now, when two girls want to give you head at the same time, you do Not say no.
So they both at the same time ran their soft tongues up my shaft and quickly made out around my head. Then Kristen ran her tongues back down to my balls and started licking, then sucking on them while my sister continued to swirl her tonuge around the head of my dick and keep licking my shaft. Let’s just say that has to be the best feeling in the world and I certainly didn’t last more than a few minutes.
I sat back and this is when my sister and my cousin started stripping, getting me nice and hard again. So i stuck my dick right between my sisters now Low D cup breasts, and tity fucked her, while my cousin licked the results of the earlier blow job off her face. When she was done with that she went behind me and started sucking my balls again, and I blew my load on my sisters breasts.
Next I grabbed my cousin and bent her over and shoved my dick into her apparently virgin pussy, before i got limp again and started fucking her without holding anything back. My sister got in front of her and my cousin started eating her pussy while I licked at her breasts, spreading my cum around with my tonuge. They came at around teh same time but I wasn’t done so I kept on truckin’. I finally pulled out and ble my load all over her ass, which my sister rushed around to start licking away.
Here I am with still a reasonably hard dick looking at my sister bent over in front of me. My cock was lubed enough from the pussy juice so I rammed it up my sisters ass. She jumped then started moaning and tongue fucking my cousin, who started rubbing and pinching the nippls ofer her B cup chest. I came again and was done. The heat and energy wore me out so I fell back on the couch and let My sister and cousin eat each other out for a little then go ack to the double BJ one more time before we called it quite and all fell asleep on the couch laying on each other for pillows.

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