The Family "Gang"

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TJ and Alice were brother and sister, twins born on the same day. They grew up together their entire life, and by the time of their eighteenth birthdays, they were both ready for independence.
It was a warm summer day, humid and indicative of rain to come. It was their birthday, both of them, yet neither showed any enthusiasm about it. They were both sitting in the family den, watching television, when their mother walked in, dressed up for dinner.

“Any plans tonight? Anybody?”
Both of them shrugged, again without enthusiasm. Their mother continued her queries, eager to know their birthday plans.

“TJ, what about you? What’re you doing for your birthday?”

“Going with friends,” he managed, barely hearing her question. His attention was fixated on the television the entire time.

“Well then. Alice, what about you?”

“Night with some friends in the woods.”

“I fear the worst,” her dad said sarcastically as he walked by, retrieving his blazer from the closet. Alice sighed at his comment, and put her hands on her hips, facing him.

“Oh, it was a joke. Live a little, Christ,” her dad muttered, shaking his head. She settled back down into the couch, returning her attention to the flickering screen.

“We’ll be out for dinner. You two have fun, and be careful out there.” Mom’s warning went unheeded. The two paid no attention. They left, and another hour passed; at around seven, Alice picked herself up off the couch, half asleep after taking a brief nap, and slipped her shoes on.

“Going already?” her brother asked, rousing himself from a light nap.

“I’ll be alone for a few hours. Got some reflecting to do.”

TJ laughed at her, ignoring her piercing glare. She shook her head, muttered “Men,” and was out the door. She had no clue that TJ had a plan in mind for her.

7:30. TJ picked up the phone, half an hour after Alice had left in her beaten up Chevy Impala loaned by her parents. The phone rang for a few seconds before his close highschool friend, Chad, picked up.

“Yo?” Chad asked, sounding half-dazed. There were other sounds in the background.

“Chad. It’s me, TJ.”
“TJ? Dude, what’s up?! We’ve got a great club rented out for the night man, it’ll be a f–”
“Change of plans, Chad. I’ve got a better idea.”
“Lay it on me, then. Found a different club?”
“Something better. My sister will be alone for two hours tonight before her friends arrive for her party. I’ve got a plan.”

A stunned silence for a few seconds from Chad. TJ could hear him breathing into the receiver.

“Uh…really? Your sister? Are you for real?”
“Yep. My sister, out in the woods, in a cabin, alone until nine. It’ll only be an hour to get there, if you take the guys and meet me there.”

TJ expected Chad to argue some more. Surprisingly, the latter laughed.

“Alright, dude, it’s your birthday, your call. We’ll be there in an hour. Give us the location, and we’ll make sure that your party is the best…”
TJ gave them the location, deep in the wood north of town, and prepared to go himself. He was already excited for the “party”.

8:30. Alice was alone in the cabin, TJ could tell. There was only one light on in the entire building. He had turned his old truck’s lights off, to ensure that she wouldn’t see him parked in the woods. Right on cue, three pairs of headlights shone on the road. They all parked in a stand of trees a hundred feet from the cabin. The engines died as one.

TJ stepped out of his vehicle. He was a tall, brown-haired, handsome man about 5’11, with a muscular body and long legs. Chad and his friend Royce stepped out of a pimped-out Chevy Camaro; Chad was 5’8, with a physique similar to TJ, and Royce was 5’10, with a scrawny body but thick, wheat-colored hair and a boyish face.
A beaten up Isuzu Trooper pulled up, out of which Antonio stepped out; he was Latino, 6’2, with powerfully built body and huge biceps. The Honda Accord released Jack, a scrawny but intelligent man of about 5’5, and a black man, Wentz, of about 5’10 with short legs but enormous arms.

“We ready to ‘party’?” Chad asked, smiling devilishly as he approached TJ. The latter nodded, and found himself smiling; no parts of him felt any mercy for Alice, sitting there in the cabin, alone and at their mercy. They all began walking towards the cabin, keeping on the rock trail, without any lights.

“Son of a..”
It was Jack who had slipped, falling about five feet down into a patch of brambles. A muffled sound of pain came from him, but he managed to pull himself out of the clump, with small red pinpricks covering him.

“Dumbass,” Antonio sneered as the thin, wiry Jack flopped back up onto the road. He gave the Latino the finger and got up onto two feet, following TJ, Chad, Wentz, Royce and Antonio towards the cabin. She still hadn’t spotted them.

The cabin door burst open, with Antonio’s powerful kick sending the weak wooden door off its hinges. From the opening, TJ could see Alice in her room, reading a book by lamplight. She leaped into the air, turning over onto her back as she saw the gang stride into the room. A look of mixed fear and confusion spread across her face as the six strode into her room, standing before her.

“Er…TJ? Are you…holding a party here too?”

“Are we ever. Who wants to go first?”

Alice’s confusion did not help her at all. Antonio decided to go first; he already had a hard-on just thinking about Alice, who had a perfect curvy form, D-cup breasts, slender legs and arms, and short shorts and a revealing shirt on. Antonio pulled down his pants and boxers, revealing his massive seven-inch erection to Alice. A dawn of realization shown in her eyes as she looked pitifully up at TJ. Words were removed from her; a tear streaked down her cheek.

“Happy birthday,” was all TJ said.

Antonio turned her over violently, and rammed his dick into her asshole. She screamed in pain as it went deep in, and he began pumping heavily, grabbing her underneath the arms. Jack went next, volunteering to go, which received shouts of surprise and encouragement. He pulled down his pants, revealing a six inch boner, and shoved his hard cock into her open mouth, stifling her screams. He began to pump into her mouth, as Antonio began to finish. As Antonio came, semen began to spurt out of the asscrack, slopping over the bed and over her exposed skin. Antonio pulled his dick out, groaning with pleasure, revealing a massive creampie. Jack finished his job; he began to moan a few minutes after starting, and ejaculated all over Alice’s tongue, as she was held down by Chad and Wentz. As he pulled it out, semen dripped from her lips onto the bed, and hher tongue was coated white. She was silent for a short time after that; words had abandoned her, she could not speak.

“Roll her over,” TJ ordered, and Wentz and Chad rolled her over onto her front.

“Volunteers?” TJ called. Wentz smiled, and pulled down his pants, revealing an eight-inch boner. He proceeded to inch up her body and stick his dick inbetween her breasts, and began thrusting, while she was held down by Antonio and Jack. Royce was up next; he held his cock over her face, his seven inch hard-on pressing up against her cheek, streaming precum down her soft cheek and down to her lip.
Wentz was finishing up as Royce rubbed his dick, preparing to give Alice a facial. TThe others gagged her to prevent her from screaming as Wentz came all over her, picking himself up as he did. The cum rushed all over her erect nipples, and he let it dribble on her chin before lifitng himself up off her body, sighing in pleasure. Royce was nearly finished with his; she kicked her legs, and tried to flail her arms, but his load was blown all over her cheek; semen dribbled off his head as he held it over her forehead, leaving her cheek covered.

“That was fucking awesome,” Wentz sneered, rubbing his crotch and looking at Alice, with cum streaming out of her ass, around her tits, and down her cheek. He turned to TJ.

“Your turn, dude.”
“TJ, this is yours, man. Happy birthday,” Chad encouraged him, pointing to Alice. Jack had managed to find some rope and bind her hands and feet, leaving her helpless.
“You first,” TJ pointed to Chad. THe latter complied easily; he removed his pants, and removed the gag from her mouth, still unable to speak.
“Blowjob, slut,” he ordered simply. Unable to argue, Alice wrapped her semen-covered lips around his head, and sucked on it for a good eight minutes before he came. After he removed his dick, the others forced her to stick out her tongue, coated with a liquidy white substance; her lips were covered too.

“Alright, man, it’s your turn,” Chad motioned, zipping his pants back up. TJ moved up to his sister; her eyes pleaded for mercy, and yet his eyes shone with a devilish delight. There would be no mercy for Alice.

TJ unzipped his pants, and his eight inch stuck out. He knelt down before her; her pussy was still untouched, was not even wet yet. He would fix that. Slowly, surely, his tongue manuevered over her clit, tunneling deep into her pussy. She moaned through the gag, and he felt her pussy becoming moist by the second. After a few seconds more, it was time. TJ lifted himself up and with as much force as he could muster drove his dick into her pussy; her moans turned into cries of pain as he thrusted again and again, watching intently as the shaft moved in and out, in and out, rhythymically. Five minutes passed. He began to moan with pleasure as he could feel it…
Then it was over. He felt his warm jizz spreading throughout her pussy, seeping out of the cracks, could hear her pain as she screamed. He yanked his dick out, content with his work. They left her bound and gagged on the bed, and headed out towards the state border. They would leave the United States, and their crime, behind, and look forward to a new life. One where they could repeat the best birthday ever.

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