The Frat Party

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“Hey, mom, I’m home.”

Tommy McFarlane walked into the McFarlane home. Although he’d recently turned 18, Tommy was still a bit small for his age. An awkwardness was noticeable in his actions and demeanor. As Tommy crossed through the foyer and put his school backpack on the dining room table, he heard the sound of his mother’s voice call out.

“Tommy, is that you? Come into the living room, sweetie.”

Tommy walked into the living room. Sitting on the couch and other seats were a few women from the neighborhood. Tommy recognized Helen Hempstead, Carol Buntinger, and Martha Staplethorp among them. And then he noticed his mother.

Darlene McFarlane stood before the other ladies. At 45, Darlene was a very beautiful woman and quite aware of it. Her 5’6″ figure was well toned and voluptuous, with long legs and perfect 36C breasts – a topic of neighborhood speculation that she had them done after her recent divorce. Her honey blonde highlighted hair – usually down to her shoulders and framing a beautiful face accented by green eyes and cosmetically enhanced lips – was pulled back in a tight ponytail.

This afternoon Darlene was wearing a low cut, shimmering brown silk top from which the outline of her black satin bra showed though. The tight black skirt she wore hugged her figure. The skirt’s hem ended just below her knee to meet the heeled black leather designer boots she wore. It was an outfit a woman half her age would wear, but it was clear Darlene was confident in it.

Darlene stepped toward Tommy and put her arm around him. She faced the two of them before the women gathered in the living room. “Ladies, you all know my son Tommy. And I’m sure you’ve heard how as valedictorian of his class that he was accepted into the college of his choice. With a scholarship.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Helen replied.

“That is special,” Carol agreed.

“How proud you must be,” Martha added. “My son Brad – ”

“We’ll be attending a campus orientation visit this weekend.” Darlene smiled with satisfaction while stepping away from Tommy so she could remain present in front of her guests “And we’ll be taking a tour of the college and see all of the classes Tommy will be taking.” Darlene turned toward her son. “Tell them what you’re majoring in, sweetie.”

Tommy nervously shifted his feet while standing before the women smiling politely at him. “Um…medicine…”

“With a minor in Drama,” Darlene added.

“I’m sure he’ll do wonderful,” Helen repeated.

“How proud you must be,” Carol added.

“Yes, that does sound nice,” Martha agreed. “Perhaps – ”

As Darlene turned away to usher Tommy out of the room, she missed the other women rolling their eyes behind her back. “Start packing, sweetie. We leave tomorrow,” Darlene told Tommy.

“Jeez, mom, I know, ” Tommy responded as he left the room. “You’re the one that always takes so long to get ready.”

This brought a small laugh amongst the ladies in the living room.

Before Darlene could respond, Tommy was down the hallway to his bedroom. She turned back to the women and showed off her perfect white smile. “He can be so bratty sometimes.” Darlene clapped her hands together and beamed with pride. “Ladies, I would love for you to stay, but I have a trip to pack for. I’ll tell you all about everything when we get back!”


“Mom, c’mon we’re gonna be late!”

Tommy was pacing outside the hallway that led to his mother’s bedroom doorway. He had on the blue t-shirt and green baggy cargo shorts and black hi-top sneakers he always wore.

“I will be out in an instant and not one moment longer!” Darlene’s voice came from behind her bedroom door. “Just take Mommy’s bag down to the car and I will see you there!”

Tommy grumbled under his breath and went downstairs to where a travel bag on wheels lay by the door. “Jeez, mom, it’s not like we’re going somewhere! The campus is only an hour away!”

“Young man, just take Mommy’s bag out to the car and wait!” Darlene’s voice shouted out.

Inside her bedroom, Darlene stood before a full length mirror adorning the wall. She was wearing a low cut, baby blue lace and cotton halter top. With the halter’s thin straps on her bare tan shoulders and the bodice style front lifting Darlene’s ample cleavage, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. The white lowrise Capri pants she had on afforded a glimpse of her tanned and firm midriff while also clinging to her hips and accenting her firm derriere. The high cork wedge sandals with the white strappy ribbons around her ankles also helped show off her lean legs.

Darlene applied a shiny gloss to her lips, pouted and posed before the mirror. Happy with what she saw, she dropped her lipstick into her designer clutch purse and walked out of her bedroom.

Tommy was leaning against the car in the driveway when Darlene walked out of the house. From where he stood, Tommy could see the way his mother moved that her full breasts were giving just the slightest jiggle against her halter top as she walked. Tommy began to fumble into the pockets of his cargo shorts for his own sunglasses to put on to hide his expression.

Darlene walked right past Tommy. “Sweetie, just don’t stand there, we have to be going.” She slid into the front seat of her BMW and after a quick look at herself in the visor mirror, Darlene unlocked the door for her son.


“I can see myself making this trip every weekend after he enrolls.”

Tommy glanced at his mother as she drove and continued to talk away on her cell phone. He couldn’t help looking at how her tight blue halter top lifted her perfect breasts.

“Martha, how I wish you would have mentioned how your son Brad and yourself were going to be taking the same orientation tour,” Darlene’s tone was less than authentic as she spoke into her cell. “Oh, Martha, just a minute, I have a call.”

Darlene casually operated her cell phone to take the call waiting while she drove along the highway. “This is Darlene,” she purred into her cell. It only took a moment for Tommy to see her become upset. “Oh, if that is what he thinks he can do, you call his people and let him know he signed contracts on that property’s lease and I will take him to court!”

Darlene shook her head with disgust. She handed her cell phone to Tommy while checking her make-up in the visor mirror and driving. “Sweetie, tell whoever I have to call back.”

Tommy awkwardly accepted the cell phone from Darlene as she returned to other matters. He lifted the phone to his ear. “Um…hello..?”


“I told you we were going to be late.”

Darlene’s BMW pulled into the parking lot of the university. The vast lot was already filled with cars. Tommy slumped even lower in the passenger seat as his mom drove past the parking lots and right toward the curving round out that lead to the walkway.

“It’s the directions on the pamphlet,” Darlene testily responded. “They make absolutely no sense and if we have missed the campus tour you can be assured I will be talking to someone about it.”

Tommy tried to slide deeper into his seat. By then the BMW was pulling right to the curb along the round out at the university’s entrance. A crowd of about twenty adults and students standing by all turned to see the car drive up.

Darlene stepped out of her car, unaware as she did so the edge of her white lace thong peeked up from the rear of her white lowrise Capri pants. Her walk was purposeful as she stood on the sidewalk right in front of the group. “Is this the campus tour?” Darlene asked. “If so, I must have to say I’m sorry we’re late but the directions in the pamphlet –”

The other parents and students watched Darlene’s tirade with bored distraction. Among them was Martha Staplethorpe, her husband Phillip and her son Brad. While Martha noticed how her son – along with every other boy and father in the tour group – were staring at Darlene with the same obvious look that anyone might look at a woman who seemed to be asking for so much attention.

Tad Hamilton stepped out of the crowd. As a member of a top fraternity, he’d been given responsibility to be the tour guide for this year’s orientation. He was still hung over from a party the night before and was pretty sure his entire day was going to suck. But that’s when he saw the sexy looking blonde MILF stepping out of her flashy black BMW.

“Hey there. Tad Hamilton, good to meet you.” Tad smiled at Darlene.

“Tad, if you’re the one in charge of – ” Darlene began in on him.

Tad gave her his handsome smile. “I’m the group tour leader. It seems like you must be…” He quickly consulted a clipboard he held. “I’m going to guess Tommy McFarlane’s sister?”

Darlene smiled at Tad and offered her hand to him. “That’s very sweet, but no, I’m Tommy’s mother and we have just drove…” Darlene turned around to see that her son was still sitting in the car. “Tommy,” she insisted,” it’s time for the tour.”

Tommy reluctantly got out of the car. He could already see how everyone was reacting to how his mom was making such a big deal of their arrival. He could also see Marsha and Phillip Staplethorpe and their son Brad were part of the group waiting on them.

Martha and most of the other parents seemed to be giving Darlene a mean look while Brad and some of the guy students – and even some of their dads, including Phillip Staplethorpe – were staring at Darlene with that same look even Tommy found himself having.

Darlene glanced over at Tommy as he slunk next to her. “Sweetie, stand up straight. First impressions are the most important.”

Tad took in Darlene’s figure and then smiled at her when she turned back to face him. “I couldn’t agree more.” Tad rubbed his hands together and addressed the group still waiting. “Alright, let’s begin the tour!”


“And over here we have the science study halls.”

Tad Hamilton led the group on the tour.

“Oh, that’s where Tommy will be studying,” Darlene proclaimed quite loud enough for everyone else in the group to hear. “A valedictorian and a scholarship as well.”

“Isn’t that something?” Tad smiled as he guided the tour along. “Now, everyone let’s walk this way…”

Tommy cringed every time his mother spoke about his accomplishments as if they were her own. Lagging behind, he couldn’t help but notice the outline of his mother’s tiny white thong showing though the small back zip and material of her white lowrise Capri pants. He glanced over his shoulder at the rest of the parents and their kids in the tour, wondering how many of them may have already noticed.

Tommy nervously noticed the looks some of the other parents were giving his other. The other moms were giving annoyed glances while their husbands pretended to disapprove but didn’t stop staring. Tommy even noticed some of the boys in the group – Brad most of all – looking at his mom then back at him with dirty smiles.

Darlene walked along side by side with Tad. She was enjoying the afternoon and felt confident she looked her best. The way Tad was pretending not to flirt with her and the glances he was sneaking at her were not lost upon Darlene. But she was completely unaware of how the other parents behind her were disapproving of how she had made herself the complete focus of Tad’s attention rather than the campus tour.

“This is the university gym,” Tad gestured to the left. “One place I spend a lot of time in.”

Darlene let her hand briefly brush against Tad’s arm as she turned around to look at Tommy. “Oh, that’s perfect, sweetie. That would be so perfect for you. Maybe you could train with Tad.”

Tommy cringed. He could hear some of the other moms in the group barely hide their disapproval at Darlene’s ability to make the campus tour about her son. “Ah, mom…”

Darlene glanced at Tad. “Do you see what I’m dealing with?”

Tad grinned at Darlene, then winked at Tommy. “I’m sure we can make it happen.”


“And that’s the end of the tour.”

Tommy let out a sigh of relief. No better words could have been spoken after following behind his mom letting Tad flirt with her in front of everyone during the tour. Tommy was already beginning to hear the half repressed comments made from the other parents – just the other moms, really – as they had continued the tour.

“Is she just going to keep going on and on?”

“My daughter has friends that dress like that.”

“Phillip, just what are you looking at?”

As Darlene stepped next to Tommy and proudly put her arm around his shoulders, it was clear these comments went unnoticed by her. Her attention was on smiling at Tad.

Tommy shifted his feet uncomfortably as his mother put her arm along his slender shoulders and felt the side of her uplifted right breast in her halter top brush his side. Her full hips rested against his. Tommy glanced over at the rest of the group and saw how Brad and a few of the other boys, even some of the other dads, were glancing at him and his mom.

“At this part of the tour,” Tad continued. “There is an extended invite to all those freshman that were planning on pledging at Kappa Kappa Omega.”

Some of the parents and their kids were beginning to drift away from the group. Upon hearing Tad’s second announcement Darlene gripped Tommy’s arm. “Oh, sweetie, didn’t I see you list Kappa Omega as a fraternity on you application?”

Tommy hunched his shoulders. “Ah…yeah but I – ”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,”” Darlene announced.

Tad looked around at the group he still had around him. He was well aware of how the young guys and their dads – despite their wives’ own withering disapproval – were looking at Darlene. And the sexy little MILF seemed to have no idea…

“Well, for those of you that are interested in enriching your campus experience and getting the most out of our university,” Tad said, “You’re welcome to join us at Kappa Omega’s Open House party which is starting across campus right about now. I’ll be heading that way and all those interested are welcome to join me.”

Tad held back his smile when he saw the way Darlene enthusiastically grabbed her son’s arm and how the front of her clingy blue halter top jiggled with her movements. “Now if you can all excuse me for just a moment.” Tad gave the group his charming smile and walked away a few paces. He took out his cell phone and dialed fast.

“Boys,” Tad said into his cell. “It’s time to party!”


“And here we are at Kappa Omega.”

Tad Hamilton led the now smaller group of parents and their sons along the sidewalk to the front of the two-story house that was the Kappa Omega home. Among the other couples with their sons were Martha and Phillip Staplethorpe and their son Brad. Bringing up the rear were Darlene and Tommy. He was dragging his feet while her high heel sandals clomped along the sidewalk.

“I don’t care what he says,” Darlene loudly spoke into her cell phone. “If he wants to take this to litigation, tell him I’m fully prepared!” Darlene clicked her cell phone shut and slid it into the back pocket of her lowrise white Capri pants.

“Ok and on that note, c’mon inside,” Tad smiled and ushered the group up the steps to the Kappa Omega house.

The other parents and their sons made their way up the steps to the Kappa Omega house. Tad stood by greeting and smiling at each one of them as they passed. He turned up his charm as Darlene stepped by.

“Ms. McFarlane, I think you’re going to find Kappa Omega the proper fraternity to join,” Tad spoke to Darlene as she and Tommy stepped up to the porch.

“Oh please, it’s Darlene,” Darlene coyly responded.

“Then you should come right on in, Darlene!” Tad smiled.

Tommy lingered just behind, watching as Tad’s hand lightly brushed the small of Darlene’s back and guided his mother’s figure along into the house. With a nervous gulp, he followed.


“Great work, fellas.”

Tad Hamilton proudly observed the large living room of Kappa House. There was already a good mix of college guys and girls enjoying themselves at the university’s most well known fraternity’s orientation party. Tad was standing behind the house bar, with two of his frat bothers – Deke and Jesse – standing on either side of him.

“That’s how we do it,” Deke said.

“Yeah,” Jesse agreed, “but shit, Tad, you didn’t tell us how hot the MILF was!”

The boys were all looking across the room where the parents were gathered somewhat near the entrance to the living room, not venturing too deep into the party, most of them keeping their sons close by. Darlene was proving the acceptation to the rule. Although she was keeping close to the other adults in the room as well, there was an obvious energy being directed toward the sexy looking older women with the figure and wardrobe of better than most of the younger girls circulating throughout the party.

“I mean look at the rack on her,” Jesse continued.

“No doubt,” Deke agreed. “You can so tell she knows every guy is checking her out.”

Tad smiled. “Yeah, well it’s time we get this party started and make our MILF here the real center of attention she wants to be.” Tad reached under the bar and behind the bottles of booze for a small vial. He turned to Deke. “Pour me two cups of punch.”

Deke leaned over and dumped two red plastic cups into the large punch bowl on the bar and then held them out to Tad. Tad glanced around the room then uncapped the vial.

“What’s that?” Deke asked.

Tad gave him a wink and grinned. “A little high grade Exstacy one of our boys made in chemistry class. It’s super potent. One drop is supposed to be enough to turn any chick into a total slut.” Tad glanced across the room where Darlene stood out among the other parents. “I think I’ll give her three.”

Deke and Jesse laughed as Tad spiked one of the cups with drops from the vial. Tad put the vial back under the bar, then took the cups from Deke. “All right, guys,” Tad grinned even wider. “Wish me luck!”

Darlene was standing before the other parents. She had her cell phone out and was text messaging on it, completely ignoring the small conversation the adults were making.

Brad Staplethorpe was paying attention to the crowd of college students having a good time at the party. He glanced at his mother who was leading the conversation among the adults. He noticed how every time she
looked at Ms. McFarlane, his mother’s eyes would narrow to slits. He’d sometimes heard his mother bring up Ms. McFarlane’s name to other women while over her house and it always seemed with such disdain.

“Hey, Mom? Dad?” Brad spoke to his parents. “Is it ok if I walk around the party?”

“Yes, Brad, but just stay where we can see you,” Martha replied.

“I will,” Brad promised and hurried off into the ever crowding living room.

Darlene snapped her cell phone shut just as Brad left. She looked to Tommy standing awkwardly at her side. She leaned forward a little and put her hands on her son’s shoulders. “Sweetie, why don’t you go with Brad and try to make some new friends?”

“Gee, Mom, I don’t…” Tommy stammered, feeling nervous every time his mother spoke to him like that in front of others.

“Go with Brad,” Darlene instructed. “He knows how to be social with others and so should you. Now go.”

Tommy glanced at the other adults. The dads all seemed to be trying not to get caught staring at his mother while the other moms were either looking at him with sympathy or watching their husbands. As he was walking away he could hear his mother start talking about him to the other adults.

“Honestly, sometimes I feel as if have be always motivating him.” Darlene found herself for a moment feeling as if she had to explain herself to this group of almost complete strangers. She decided to change that and smiled at Martha and Phillip Staplethorpe. “Hopefully Tommy might benefit from being in this fraternity with your Brad. And I’m sure Brad could use Tommy’s study skills so they would be the perfect team.”

Martha silently bristled at the comment, very aware of how the rest of the adults reacted as if waiting for her to respond. The only one not paying attention was her husband. He was too busy looking at how Darlene’s full breasts were lifted and straining against her halter top.

“And you never told me how handsome he was,” Darlene continued.

“Did someone say my name?”

Tad approached the adults but made sure to stand close to Darlene. “Hey everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the party and make sure you help yourselves to our snacks and non-alcohol punch. Anyone care for some?” Tad held both cups out, but made sure the right one was pointed at Darlene.

“Yes, why not?” Darlene accepted the cup from Tad. She turned and smiled and posed before the other parents with obvious satisfaction.

Tad raised the other cup high to Darlene’s. “Kappa Omega!”


“Kappa Omega!”

The cheer went up loudly. The frat house was now crowded wall to wall with college students. Music was playing loudly from the stereo in the living room where guys and girls were dancing with each other. Although most everyone was drinking from the punch, liquor and beer bottles were being passed around as well.

Darlene was just taking another sip from the second cup of punch that Tad had gave her. Tad and some of the other boys were standing around her talking loudly. Darlene could see how the boys were competing for her attention and it made her feel a little flirty in a way that surprised her.

“Hey, what sorority are you in?” A boy asked.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Darlene smiled. “Do you know one?”

“Gamma Prima has the hottest babes,” someone blurted out.

Darlene playfully struck an innocent pose that was knowingly seductive. She found herself doing it before she even knew that she had. The groaning approvals of the boys around her made her giggle again.

“What’s your major?” Another boy tried to lean closer.

“Drama,” Darlene playfully responded.

Darlene turned away from the boys and noticed Tad. He seemed more mature than the other boys, so handsome and confident. Darlene moved across the room a little closer to Tad and playfully touched his arm. She could feel his strong muscles flex.

“Oh my, you really do work out,” Darlene announced.

Tad proudly smiled at Darlene, “No doubt. Every day.”

The younger girls who’d been flirting with Tad were rolling their eyes at Darlene. One of them, Cindy – a vivacious blonde co-ed wearing a tight Gamma Prima t-shirt – reached her hands on Tad’s other arm.

“Tad, let’s go dance!” Cindy squealed.

Tad coolly brushed Cindy off. “How about next song? I still gotta be tour guiding.”

Cindy looked at Darlene then snipped over her shoulder while walking away. “Whatever, cougar!”

Tad smoothly stepped closer to Darlene. “Freshmen,” he shrugged.

Darlene playfully slapped at Tad’s arm. “Well, my son Tommy is going to be a freshman and he wants to be part of your frat. I don’t want you boys teasing him or hazing him or whatever it is you boys do.” She moved even closer to Tad to make her point and he instantly put his hand casually on her hip in a way that surprised Darlene.

“We’ll treat him like a king,” Tad announced loudly, “if you’ll be our queen! Kappa Omega!”

Across the room, Tommy was standing against the wall. There was a fun party right in front of him, but all he could do was watch his mother enjoying the flirtations of all of the college guys around her. He felt a nervous knot in his stomach as he could see how the older boys were crowding closer around her. Tommy cringed when he heard her telling Tad and the other boys not to haze him.

“You’re mom is so cool, ” Brad Staplethorpe said to Tommy as he stood next to him to watch Ms. McFarlane flirting with the frat guys.

Tommy glanced at Brad. “Yeah, well you wouldn’t think so if she was your mom.”

“Are you kidding?” Brad laughed. “My mom so already hates yours! I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna party!” Brad punched Tommy in the shoulder and disappeared into the growing crowd.

From the other side of the room, Darlene glanced over to where Tommy was standing. She could see the dour look on her son’s face. He obviously wasn’t having any fun. With all of the surprising energy Darlene was feeling, she just felt as if she had to share it.

Darlene touched Tad’s arm. “I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll be right here,” Tad charmingly replied.

Darlene felt Tad’s hand drift along her hip. His fingers glided along the small of her back just between her white lowrise Capri pants and her baby blue halter top. She felt a tingle along her skin that made her catch her breath.

As Darlene made her way through the crowded living room she couldn’t help but be aware of the way she had to press against everyone just to move. Walking past the boys in her path, Darlene could feel the warmth of their bodies pressing to hers. She felt the furtive hands that brushed along her figure as she passed by. The sensations were almost becoming overwhelming when Darlene found herself stumbling right against her son.

“Sweetie, there you are,” Darlene smiled. She put her arms around him and pressed her body to his. She could feel how tense he seemed. She stepped back just a bit, but remained leaning close to him. “Oh, get that frown off your face and try to make yourself a little popular for once.”

When Darlene hugged Tommy, he could feel her full breasts against his chest, her body seemingly warm all over. Out of the corner of his eye he could see how some of the frat brothers were looking over at her hugging him and they were wide eyed with envy. Now looking at how she was leaning close to him – he could see her nipples were pressing against the thin material of her baby blue halter top – Tommy nervously shifted his stance. “Yeah, I guess,” he mumbled.

Darlene reached out and ruffled Tommy’s hair and leaned even closer to him. Her lips almost brushed his. “You’re not going to make any new friends being like that,” she teasingly pouted.

Tommy blinked. He was confused at how his mother was acting. She seemed somewhat excitable and talking a little fast. And she was smiling! “Ahh, mom…?” Tommy began.

Tad was suddenly coming through the crowd to stand right next to Darlene. “Hey, there you guys are. Enjoying yourselves? Huh, Timmy?”

“It’s Tommy,” Darlene playfully slapped her hand against Tad’s chest. “You have such a bad memory, Tad!”

“Do I, Darlene?” Tad smoothly put the emphasis on her name. “I remember something else you told me.”

“And what’s that?” Darlene turned toward Tad in a bit of a pose.

“That you like to dance!” Tad grinned and held out his hand.

Darlene giggled loudly and found herself blushing a little, uncertain if she had really said that to Tad. But before she could respond, Tad was slipping his fingers around her wrist and pulling her toward him.

Tad confidently turned his back on Darlene and kept his grip on her wrist, pulling her behind him as he made his way through the crowd. Darlene gasped in surprise and found herself being led away by the handsome younger man.

Tommy was left standing as the party swirled around him. He was stunned at how his mother was so swayed by Tad and just how Tad so smoothly seemed to be able to make her stop being so snobby for once. Yet there was something that seemed…Tommy shook his head and grabbed a bottle of beer from a guy passing by holding a bucket full of ice and beer. Tommy twisted off the top and began guzzling as he stumbled deeper into the party.

There were only a few parents left at the party and they were all standing near the front door about to leave. Among them were Phillip and Martha Staplethorpe. Phillip was doing his best to make it look as if he were not staring at Darlene McFarlane as he glanced around the growing party.

“Honey,” Phillip said. “I suppose it’s about time we have Brad get back and we leave?”

Martha didn’t reply right away. She’d been watching Darlene as well. And she was beginning to notice how the neighborhood beauty queen was behaving like a complete tease to the boys all around her who were more than half her age. She was obviously enjoying their attention by the way she was prancing about in front of them. And now she watched as the younger man, who so openly flirted with Darlene during the campus tour, lead her by the hand to the part of the living room where everyone was dancing.

“I think we should stay just a little longer,” Martha spoke without even glancing at her husband. “The party has suddenly become entertaining.”


“I just love this song!”

The Kappa Omega house was thumping with loud dance music playing on the stereo. More and more college students were flowing through the rooms. A drunken rowdy atmosphere was growing.

Darlene was dancing closely with Tad in the crowded living room amongst the other students. Tad was moving his lean, muscular body perfectly to the music. When he would sometimes let his hands drift along her bare arms or hips, Darlene could feel her skin tinge that sent shivers along her spine. She found herself dancing even closer to him.

Tad smiled at Darlene as she moved closer. He kept looking into her eyes, giving her his best smoldering gaze, but he was also very aware of how the sexy mom’s full breasts were shifting under her tight baby blue tank top as she danced. “I love it, too!” Tad leaned even closer to Darlene, his lips brushing against her ear as he spoke to her over the loud music.

“What’s it called?” Darlene asked.

Tad leaned back from Darlene and smiled. “I want to fuck your tits.”

Darlene moved closer to Tad to hear him, “What?”

“It’s called Luck At The Ritz,” Tad shouted.

“Oh,” Darlene giggled. “Well, everyone likes to get lucky, right?”

“Right!” Tad laughed loudly. He kept the smile on his face while he saw his frat brother Deke move out of the crowd and begin to saunter his way to the music right up behind Darlene. Deke grinned at Tad.

Darlene found herself blushing as she heard herself make the comment she just made. She had never said something like that to another man, let alone one as young as Tad even though he was still very handsome and she could tell he worked out whenever he pressed his body to hers and…Darlene felt her thoughts getting away from her.

Before Darlene knew it, Deke was suddenly behind her and she was pressed between the two boys. Darlene gasped as she felt their bodies against hers. With both boys moving against her to the music, Darlene trembled at the sensations she felt along her body.

Within the Kappa house, the bathroom door opened. Tommy stepped out. A little drunk off his first beer, he stumbled against the line of partygoers waiting. One of them was Cindy, the co-ed in her Gamma Prima t-shirt.

“Omigod if that cougar is so into Tad,” Cindy chattered to her girlfriend. “I’m going to show her I’m way hotter than she is!”

Tommy continued down the hallway and out to the main room. He was feeling the buzz from the beer that he drank. But being drunk couldn’t prepare him for what he saw next as he walked into the Kappa living room.

Tommy saw his mother in the middle of the living room where everyone was dancing. She seemed to stand out among everyone else. Especially the way that Tad and Deke were dancing with her at the same time. Tommy could see the way both boys’ hands were roaming over his mother’s body and how she seemed so oblivious to it.

“Your mom is so hot.”

Brad Staplethorpe was suddenly standing next to Tommy. When Tommy glanced at Brad, he couldn’t help but notice the bulge Brad had in his pants. He was even more surprised when he saw Brad start grabbing at his own bulge. That’s when Tommy realized he was doing the same thing to himself. He shamefully removed his hand from himself and staggered in another direction through the Kappa house.

Tommy walked through the back door out onto the Kappa house back porch which was dark in shadows. Tommy took a deep breath of fresh air to try to calm the feelings he was experiencing. He was just beginning to feel the erection in his cargo shorts about to go down.

“Wanna get high?” A voice asked from the shadows. A hand reached out a burning joint.

Tommy reached out for the joint.


“You’re so fucking hot!”

Darlene wasn’t quite sure what Tad had just yelled into her ear. She felt surprisingly tipsy, although she had only had two cups of punch. She held onto Tad’s shoulders as he swayed up on her the same time the boy behind her grinded his hips to her rear. Darlene gasped as she felt the erections of both boys suddenly pressing against her. Before Darlene could even react, Tad leaned in and kissed her lips.

Darlene stepped away from Deke which put her right up against Tad. She put her hands on Tad’s chest. “You’re so cute,” she blushed as she realized what she just said. “But I have to find Tommy and see if he’s okay.”

“It’s cool,” Tad replied while letting his hand linger along Darlene’s hips. He could see Deke backing off Darlene and giving him a scowl, but he winked at his frat brother.

“Okay, I’ll be back,” Darlene promised Tad and brushed her hand against his chest. “Tell them to play that song again and I’ll dance with you.” Darlene made her way from the frat boys. Had Tad just really kissed her? She found herself blushing at the thought and chose to sit for a moment.

Tommy stumbled into the Kappa house from the back porch. He was coughing from the pot smoke swirling around him and in his lungs. His head felt like a balloon and his eyes were aware of everything. One of the first things he noticed was his mother.

Darlene was sitting along the arm of one of the living room sofas. There was a small group of college boys standing in front of her with Deke obviously charming her before them. Even from where he was standing, Tommy could see the white lace edge of his mother’s thong peeking out from the rear of her lowrise white Capri pants.

“Helen, it’s Martha, Yes, I know what it sounds like. It’s a college fraternity party and you wouldn’t believe how the Queen of the neighborhood is behaving like a complete bimbo!”

Tommy heard this and glanced over his shoulder to see Martha Staplethorpe standing nearby. She had her cell phone up to her ear. Tommy had never really liked Mrs. Staplethorpe and seeing her like this talking about his mother – Brad’s words echoing in his head (“My mom so already hates yours!”) – he looked back to where his mother was still sitting on the sofa arm with a circle of the frat seniors around her.

“Mom,” Tommy had now made his way to stand near his mother sitting on the arm of the sofa, “I’m kind of tired. Can we go?”

The boys around Darlene groaned and walked away. Darlene turned to Tommy as if he had somehow managed to ruin the networking she was trying to set up. “Sweetie,” she admonished, “you’re not even trying to be social.”

Tommy tried a move he saw Tad use on his mother. He reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to her feet. Darlene gasped with surprise. She lost her balance in her high wedge heeled sandals and fell against Tommy. His hand instinctively went around her waist, pulling her against him.

“Ohhhh..!” Darlene gazed at Tommy. Her full breasts, straining against her baby blue halter top, were pressed against his chest. The halter’s thin straps slid past her bare shoulders. Darlene put her hands on Tommy’s arms to balance herself.

With his mother’s curvaceous figure squirming against his body, Tommy had an instant arousal in his baggy cargo shorts. He let go of his mother as she pushed away from him while she adjusted the thin straps of her halter top. “Young man, what has gotten into you?” she irritably demanded.

“I dunno,” Tommy stammered. “I just want to go.”

“Hey, you guys can’t go yet,” Jesse appeared out of the crowd with Deke right next to him. They approached Darlene and Tommy. “You gotta at least do shots before you go,” Jesse continued. “It’s a Kappa tradition!”

“Yeah,” Deke grinned at Darlene, lasciviously looking her over before turning to Tommy. “We usually don’t ask freshmen pledges to do this.”

Darlene noticed the way the younger boys had obviously just ogled her. She put her hands on her hips and found herself attempting to regain her composure. “Well, I can assure both of you boys that my son is much too young to drink alcohol and I won’t allow it.”

Tommy felt relieved as he saw Jesse and Deke exchange confused looks, clearly uncertain how to handle his mother’s sudden parental mood.

But then Deke grinned at Darlene. “Well,” he smiled. “Tad’s doing shots and he told us we should get you both.”

“He did?” Darlene blinked, surprised by the rush of flattery she felt at the mention of Tad’s name.

“Sure he did,” Jesse said, seeing how the sexy MILF was blushing. “C’mon, you gotta see him!” Jesse reached out and grabbed Darlene’s left hand from her hip. Before Darlene could respond, Deke grabbed her right wrist. The boys laughed and pulled Darlene toward them.

Darlene was caught off balance. She gasped as the boys strongly pulled her along with them into the crowd. The noise and the swirl of the party surrounded her. Darlene looked over her shoulder to where she saw Tommy just standing there watching her with a frown. “We’ll just say ‘goodbye’ and leave, ok sweetie!”

Tommy remained where he stood. After his third beer he’d begin to notice how the other guys had been able to grab at his mother the same way he tried. But when he did, it felt clumsy.

“Ladies, I’ll have to call your right back. Things are getting more interesting,” Martha said into her cell phone.

Tommy turned and saw Mrs. Staplethorpe snapping her cell phone shut. She had a very peculiar look on her face as she walked past Tommy and through the crowd.


“Who’s ready for another shot?!”

Tad stood in the crowded den as the students gave up a cheer. His shirt was off. His lean athletic torso, shoulders, and arms on display. He stood by the edge of the long, low legged table in front of a couch occupied by four drunken Kappa House seniors.

Standing nearby Tad was a group of Gamma Prima co-eds. Among them was Cindy, the blonde in the tight t-shirt. As soon as Tad made his announcement, she moved closer to Tad and put her hands on his smooth chest.

“It’s me, baby!” Cindy squealed. Her other Gamma Prima sisters cheered her on.

The rest of the students in the den also cheered as Tad positioned himself to lay on his back on the low table with his hips resting at one end of the table, his knees bent to support himself. One of the Kappa seniors on the couch held up a bottle of tequila and poured a neat line of liquor from Tad’s chest to his firm abs.

Jesse and Deke pulled Darlene through the den and right to the edge of the crowd around the table. They moved away just as quickly so that Darlene found herself standing right in front of one side of the den table. She instantly saw Tad laying shirtless on the low table and one of the Kappa seniors from the sofa finishing pouring the tequila along Tad’s sexy bare torso.

A new song started on the stereo. Everyone in the den began to move to the funky music. Surrounded by the others around her, Darlene felt herself dancing where she stood. It felt as if the heat of the room and the music were surrounding her. Even though she kept dancing, Darlene couldn’t help but frown when she saw the pretty younger girl who had obviously given her attitude earlier. The younger girl was now dancing between Tad’s legs between the low table he was laying on.

Cindy accepted a lime wedge from one of the Kappa seniors sitting on the sofa while another senior held and licked her other hand then shook salt along her thumb and index finger. Cindy continued to dance between Tad’s legs and began to lean over Tad to lick the tequila from his torso. The crowd in the den cheered loudly.

Tommy pressed through the den and between the dancing bodies until he found himself just behind the edge of the crowd around the low table. It took him a moment to notice that he was standing right behind his mother. He was transfixed by the way she was seductively dancing in place. He stepped closer behind her to see what she and everyone else was looking at.

Darlene continued to dance where she stood. The energy and the music and the cheering of everyone around her was beginning to overwhelm her. She couldn’t stop staring at Tad laying on the table while Cindy was licking the tequila off his chest. She felt a warm body suddenly pressing against her back. Dizzy with the party atmosphere, Darlene began to sway while raising her arms and cheering like everyone else.

Tommy felt his mother move her body suggestively against him. He awkwardly tried to match her rhythm, brushing himself up behind her while still trying to look over her shoulder to see what everyone was looking at. He caught a glimpse of Tad laying on the table, but then the blonde wisps of his mother’s hair brushed his face. Her perfume made Tommy more intoxicated.

Darlene kept moving to the music that just seemed to be filling her with energy. It felt as if everyone in the entire den was part of the energy. She especially sensed it in the way she felt the warm body behind her pressing against her. As Darlene noticed Cindy finishing licking the liquor from Tad’s firm stomach, she began to dance even more seductively, just waiting for Tad to look over.

Cindy stood up between Tad’s torso. The crowd cheered for her. She instantly began to pass out. Her sorority sisters were quickly around her to keep her on her feet and help her out of the den. The crowd cheered louder and waved their arms as Tad stood up.

“Who wants a shot?” Tad drunkenly shouted.

A few girls around the crowd squealed and waved their hands, but they were lost upon Tad. For when he had stood up from the low table the first thing Tad saw was Darlene.

Darlene could feel the boy behind her clumsily brushing his body against her rear as she continued to dance with her back to him. Surprising herself, she suggestively gyrated her rear even further back. She felt an erection suddenly growing and pressing against he rear.

Tommy was starting to feel sweaty as his mother was gyrating against his groin. He reached out one of his hands shakily and rested it against her swaying hip. He was instantly rewarded by her pressing further against him. Tommy let one of his fingers slip down below the waistline of his mother’s figure hugging white lowrise Capri pants. He felt the tip of his finger brush against the thin lace waistband of her thong.

Darlene saw Tad stand up and she put her arms up in the air like everyone else and cheered. She let herself grind against the boy behind her in a way that she hoped Tad would see her and be jealous. She could feel the boy behind her was excited. Tad had to just notice, too.

“Who really wants a shot!” Tad shouted.

“I do!” Darlene squealed while she jumped up and down where she stood, her full breasts bouncing slightly in her clinging baby blue halter top. “My turn!”

“Bring her on over, fellas!” Tad ordered. The crowd in the den cheered.

Tommy was shocked to hear his mother sound as if she were begging to be the next one to lick a shot off Tad’s chest. Before he knew it, Jesse and Deke were pulling his mother away from him. They quickly had her standing at the edge of the table where Tad was also now standing.

Tad laughed when he saw that it was the MILF’s own son standing behind her while she’d been dancing. Tad saw the confused look on the pledge’s face, but he also noticed the hardon that he had in his cargo shorts.

Darlene felt a little dizzy as Jesse and Deke led her right up against Tad standing at the end of the low table in the center of the den. With Tad this close to her, she felt nervous. Mostly because she could feel his bare torso – with his arms and tan skin – so close to her.

“Who wants to see the MILF take a shot?” Tad asked the crowd. Everyone – expect for Tommy let out a loud cheer.

Darlene found herself blushing in front of the cheering crowd. Everyone’s face seemed a blur. She turned toward Tad, off balance in her high cork wedge sandals. She had to put her hand on his bare chest to steady herself. “What’s a MILF?” she asked.

Tad smiled at her. “Oh, you’ll see.” He looked to his frat brothers on the sofa before the low table. “Let’s do it!”

The den grew louder with cheers. Tad laid down on his back on the low table and one of the frat brothers began to pour a stream of tequila from his chest down to his lower stomach. While this was happening, Jesse and Deke put their hands on Darlene’s waist and started to spin her around where she stood. Darlene squealed with excitement.

Tommy stood at the edge of the crowd and watched as the two frat guys spun his mother in a circle. He could see how their hands were caressing her hips and even brushing along near the sides of her breasts. She was giggling and waving her arms above her head, causing her cleavage to heave against the thin material of her halter top.

Glancing to his left, Tommy saw Martha Staplethorpe standing at the edge of the crowd around the low table. She was talking into her cell phone again. “She is making a complete fool of herself, ” Martha gleefully gossiped. “You ladies just have to see this!”

While Tommy was frowning at Martha Staplethorpe, he didn’t notice how Tad was unbuttoning the front of his jeans, letting them slide just a bit down his hips. The tip of his erect penis poked out from his boxer shorts. The crowd around the table saw it and began cheering even louder. The cheering drew Tommy’s attention from Martha on her cell to the action in front of him.

Jesse and Deke finished spinning Darlene around, turning her to face Tad laying on the low table. Darlene wobbled in her high wedge heeled sandals, her vision was blurry but she could see Tad lying before her. With the crowd cheering for her, she felt flushed with excitement. She stepped forward between Tad’s legs hanging off the end of the table.

Tommy just had time to notice the tip of Tad’s penis peeking up from the front of his jeans. Tommy opened his mouth to call out to his mother because while she was enjoying the cheers and attention around her, she was obviously unaware of what Tad had done.

Tad had his hands behind his head and was slightly sitting up on the low table while grinning at Darlene, expecting her to notice at any moment., but she was too enthralled with the cheering of everyone in the den. Tad glanced over at Tommy and winked at him.

“Body shot!” Tad shouted.

The whole crowd repeated along with him. Tommy heard himself shouting it too. His eyes went wide as he saw Darlene strike a sexy pose while bending over at her waist as she began licking the tequila at the top of Tad’s chest. The crowd cheered louder.

Darlene let her blonde high-lighted hair fall over her face as she leaned over Tad’s chest. She put her hands on his hips, unaware she was sliding his jeans down even further. Her lips brushed his smooth chest and her tongue flickered out to taste the tequila running down his body. With her hair in face, Darlene felt herself far away from the music and the cheering that surrounded her. She closed her eyes as her tongue continued to slide along Tad’s smooth chest.

Darlene’s tongue traveled down to Tad’s torso. She lapped up the puddle of tequila in his belly button before she continued to lick…and that’s when the tip of her tongue met the top of Tad’s erection. Darlene gasped. She only had to move her head slightly to look down and see Tad’s erection almost fully out of his jeans. The music and crowd were now just a buzz behind the blonde dim of her hair hanging over her face…almost as if it were just her and Tad…it wasn’t as if anyone could see…Darlene leaned closer to kiss the tip of it…and again…

Tommy was standing at the edge of the cheering crowd. His eyes were wide and his mouth had dropped open in astonishment. Darlene was leaning over Tad with her head in his lap while Tad sat up even further on the low table. His hands moved up through Darlene’s hair and forcefully guided her head into his lap. Tommy found himself frozen to the spot while watching.

With the blonde blur of her hair in her eyes and the buzzing noise behind it, Darlene continued to kiss the tip of the erection with her lips. Suddenly with a smooth thrust of his pelvis, Tad’s full erection was in her mouth and his hands were in her hair. She held onto Tad’s hips just trying to keep her balance in her high wedge heeled sandals as Tad pumped his erection deep past her glossy lips.

And just as Tad used one hand to pull back Darlene’s hair to expose her face to everyone in the crowded den that she was sucking his cock…

…Deke stepped up behind Darlene as she was bent over Tad’s lap. To the crowd’s delight and encouragement, Deke began a slow grind behind Darlene. He let his hands brush along her hips. He pulled at the edge of the white lace thong peeking from the back of Darlene’s white lowrise Capri pants.

Darlene continued to let her lips slide up and down on the cock thrusting in her mouth when suddenly the blonde blur in her eyes was wiped away. The cheering of the crowd and their presence suddenly washed over Darlene. She let Tad’s cock slip from her mouth – a long strand of her saliva running from her lips to his tip – with the realization of what she was doing. Darlene felt her thong being pulled from behind her and she gasped loudly in surprise. She tried to look over her shoulder, but Tad’s hands were in her hair again and guiding her open mouth back down to his cock.

Tommy was rooted to the spot as he watched the frat boys begin to take advantage of his mother . He glanced over at Martha Staplethorpe and saw she was pointing her cell phone at Darlene and laughing. There were quite a few other students doing the same thing. Others in the crowd began chanting, “Mom I’d Like To Fuck!”

Tad was sitting up even further while guiding Darlene’s head deeper into his lap. He pulled down on the front of her halter top. The thin straps tore around her shoulders and Tad yanked the flimsy halter past Darlene’s bare breasts. The frat brothers on the sofa surged forward to grope Darlene’s bouncing bosom. Some of them began standing up and unzipping.

Deke eagerly yanked at the zipper on the back of Darlene’s tight lowrise Capri pants. The zipper went down but Deke kept pulling. He tore Darlene’s pants down around her hips. The sound of the thin fabric ripping could be heard over the cheering crowd. Darlene’s tiny white lace thong was exposed to everyone in the room. Deke yanked again and tore the remains of Darlene’s pants down around her legs.

Tommy stood astonished at what was happening right in front of him. He couldn’t see much of Darlene bent over the low table because of the frat boys now crowding closer, but he did see glimpses of her between them, her head bobbing up and down in Tad’s lap. His mouth dropped open in surprise as he watched Deke tear Darlene’s pants right down around her legs. Tommy felt the erection in his cargo shorts stiffen even harder. A stain of pre-cum blossomed on the front of his shorts.

Deke was standing behind Darlene and suggestively grinding his pelvis toward her exposed rear to the approval of the crowd. He let his fingers brush along the thin white lace of her thong that ran between her legs. Deke slid his fingers back and forth over Darlene’s thong. He used his other hand to playfully slap her rear. The crowd howled with laughter. It was all Deke needed to undo his belt, unzip his jeans, and unleash his erection. He pulled Darlene’s thong to the side, using his other hand slip to himself between her legs and began thrusting.

Darlene was able to lift her head from Tad’s lap and moan from the sensation as she felt someone enter her. She began rocking her hips back and forth to match the cock driving between her legs. Darlene held onto Tad’s hip with one hand while stroking his cock with her other. Realizing what has happening to her. Darlene’s eyes grew wider with surprise as she looked into Tad’s smiling face.

Tad thrust his cock right back into Darlene’s open mouth. With his hand in her hair, he was easily able to guide her lips up and down the length of his shaft.

The frat boys crowding closer had their pants down and were now stroking themselves. One of the boys groaned loudly as he ejaculated. His semen squirted across Darlene’s bare back and shoulder. Two other frat brothers began jacking milky streams through Darlene’s hair.

“Oh yeah, baby!” Tad yelled.

Darlene felt Tad’s erection quiver in her mouth at the same time his warm thick semen went right down her throat. Tad quickly pulled his erection out of her mouth and Darlene could feel his heavy cum spurting across her face and lips and bouncing bare breasts.

Tad groaned loudly as he finished cumming. He continued to look into her surprised eyes even as he pulled her closer to him. He put his still hard cock on Darlene’s chest, then squeezed her cum sticky breasts together and began thrusting his cock between them.

Deke was aggressively ramming himself against Darlene from behind. Upon seeing his fellow frat brothers showering Darlene with their cum while Tad titty fucked her, Deke ripped Darlene’s white lace thong right off her. He tossed it away to the cheering crowd and the torn thong landed right on Tommy’s shoulder.

Tommy was so transfixed by the sight before him, he didn’t even notice the remains of his mother’s flimsy white lace thong land on his shoulder. Finally he turned and was further surprised to realize what dangled off his shoulder. Before he could react, someone behind him snatched the torn thong away.

“Mom I’d Like To Fuck!” The crowd in the den was chanting louder and louder. Tommy couldn’t take his eyes off what was happening in front of him. He could see the glistening hard cocks sliding in and out of his mother whom the frat boys so easily seemed to have taken advantage of.

“Mom I’d Like To Fuck,” Tommy heard himself chanting.

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