The Hole In The Wall part 1

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One day I came home from school very upset. My girlfriend had cheated on me with a guy the football quarterback. I played basketball but was hotter than him. In a fit of rage, I stomped up the hallway in our house and slammed my bedroom door. That still didn’t quite get the anger out so I punched the wall as hard as I could.

“Ohhh Shit!” I yelled. I accidentally punched a hole through the wall straight to my sister’s room. Good thing I was home alone so I could fix it. The hole was eye-level, when I looked through I was shocked at what I saw. My sister Jennifer was sitting on her bed half- naked fingering herself! “Oh man. This is hot.” I said to myself. I continued to stare through the wall and watch her.

Her long blond hair was flowing around her. She had a left hand was squeezing and pinching her breasts. Her my tongue licked her lips and she let out a soft moan. She moaned again, this time it was my name! “Ohhh Ben….ahhh.” My hot sister was thinking about me while she masturbated! I started getting horny so I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 8″ cock. It was starting to get erect so I started jacking off while I watched my sister finished herself off through the hole in the wall. She ran her hand on her naked pubes and either side of her pussy. She looked so hot, her pussy so wet and delicious and in need I jerked off harder. She let her fingers have total access to her pussy. “I wished I had access to her pussy.” I though to myself. 

She left her fingers explore, feeling how puffy the outer lips were. She touched the hidden inner lips that now showed . Her bed was covered with juices flowing from inside. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and allowed herself a quick taste before continuing. Oh hell, I wanted her! I wanted her mouth over my cock, giving me pleasure instead of pleasing myself. She reached so deep, bringing extreme pleasure to her pussy; pleasure that excites my entire body just thinking about it. 
The fingers of one hand plunge inside her pussy as the other rubs her clitoris. Her hips thrust upwards to force the fingers deeper inside. Faster, harder, More more more i say in my head. I’d already started dripping pre-cum and tried to hold off until she got closer. As her orgasm built shes rubed harder at her clit as the other hand went back and forth between rubbing her pussy lips and plunging deep inside.

Then it happens, she moans first then gives a quick scream of pleasure. She lays back on her bed exhausted.My turn, I squirted an enormous load of sperm. My penis pulsated with delight. I collapsed on my bed day dreaming about the next time I could look through the wall.
Little did I know she knew I was watching the whole time……

Stay tuned for part 2!!!

This was my first story! comment or email me. I’d love feedback, suggestions, story ideas! thanks, hope everyone liked it

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    Great story, looking forward to more keep up the good work

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