The rise of sarena

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“sarena, i’m ready for you” a man appears from the soft shadows of the night, his skin glistening in the moon light. He wears a white sheer button up shirt with the first three buttons un done. A women comes from behind him smiling moving her hand gently across his chest thanking him for everything he’s done for her. She walks past the young girl sitting in a glossy wooden chair with plush white frilly pillows that her body sinks into, and out the door.The man winks at her as she takes in one last look of the man she just fucked.

“Sarena” the young girl lifts her head slightly, Sarena was a very shy, timid girl and she was very hard to read. “yes?” she says softly, he watches as her rosy pink lips form the word. “I’m ready for you” he reaches his hand out to her, she then looks up all the way revealing her carmel like face, her hazel eyes glitter in the moon light seeping in through the open window across the room , a gentle breeze comes in rustling her soft curls lightly across her face. She takes his hand standing up ever so cautiously, he pulls her into him and says “don’t worry, i don’t bite. Well, not yet.” he tucks the hair that has fallen in front of her face safely behind her ear. ” this way” he says cocking his head slowly to the right. ” stay close.” she does as she says and follows him onto the deck.

“here” says the man, gesturing to the sofa. ” please, sit” she does putting her head down again. He turns to the table behind him and picks up his camera he turns back around to Sarena the camera up to his dark green eyes,he puts it down, the strap around his neck, walks to her and takes her face in his hand and says ” Sarena i need you to be my little whore, okay, can you do that for me?” he kisses her cheek and steps back to where he was, his dark sinister eyes meet her pure hazel eyes, and in a calm stern voice he says “strip” his voice echoes in Sarena’s ears the demand that has never been asked of her before, the shock in her eyes dosen’t seem to phase the man. She breaks the mans gaze and begins to unbutton her blouse. She then un clasps her bra as the man stares at her in awe, her perky breast are revealed and the man puts the camera back to his face. Click, the flash startles Sarena and she lets out a slight gasp and jumps making her breast move what seems like in slow motion. “sh sh” he says in a comforting voice “its okay. ” she then bites her lip mortified that she had been frightened. Click click click “thats good Sarena mmm really good”

He puts the camera down and walks over to sarena, he places his hand on her now exposed thigh and slowly begins to make his may up. sarena begins to protest when he kisses her softly on the lips. She kisses back, he then feels the outside of her panties rubbing her gently. He finds her clit and slowly moves his pointer finger in a clockwise motion around it she sighs. He looks up from his work to her face, her eyes are closed and shes biting her lip again. He then rubs harder with much more force making her eyes shoot open and a loud satisfied moan slips from between her lips again. He slowly begins to slip the panties off revealing her virgin pussy he gets down on his kness and presses his face into her pussy, he then licks her clit slow then picks up speed, it begins to drizzle, a rain drop hits Sarena’s torso sliding down to her clit making her twitch he smiles into her and says “mmm the rain will make you extra wet,my cock will go in to your tight pussy much easier”

sarena then switches places with him getting on her knees, he grabs her black curls in his hand and demands her to suck she looks into his eyes again and noticed they were even darker then before, even with the moon light illuminating their bodies. He stares back and they stay connected for a moment then her jerks her head down and says “suck!” startled she does as he commands and begins to suck his big long juicy cock, he moves her head up and down violently making his cock nice and wet, the rain starts to pick up and dark clouds start to cover the shimmery moon. As his cock goes deeper and deeper into the back of her throat thunder begins and the man smiles and says “thats right, suck my cock you little whore.”

The man picks her by her hair bringing her to her feet exhausted from sucking she gasps for breath still breathing hard the man puts his mouth to her neck biting and sucking as hard as he can and in that moment lightening appears in the sky above, her eyes grow big with shock and as the sound of thunder rings in her ear she lets out a loud terrified scream the man is happy satisfied to hear her scream it makes him even more horny he then bites harder until a small drop of blood rises from her neck. He unclenches his teeth from her throat in relief she drops her head down and sighs. A thin stream of blood runs down her neck onto her nipples. Thrilled her grabs her falling curls in his hand and yanks her head up and begins to suck her nipples. His free hand starts to wander down her torso to her pussy, he finds the opening of her vagina and thrusts his finger inside, sarena lets out a big moan, in a sinister voice her responds to her moan “sarena, you like that baby? Yes, are you gonna be daddys little whore tonight? Hmm” he yanks her hair again demanding for an answer, she cries out ” yes sir I’m daddys little whore” he smiles and begins to finger her harder and harder only to have the clouds cover their main light source. With the next flash of lightning she looks at his face, its hard and cold. This turns Sarena on and she looks unto his eyes once more and says “fuck me” he smirks, pleased that she has fallen into his trap, his trap of lust. What is it about this man how does he make shy timid girls into sex crazed slut. What is his poison

To be continued…

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