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It was a Friday night, sometime around 11:00, storming terribly, and 16 year old Abby had just got in from a date. It went absolutely great, but no sex, so she was kind of bummed. She walked into her kitchen and grabbed a sprite and then headed for her living room to watch some tv. She flipped through the channels, and came across some paper-view porno. She knew that her mom had asked her not to order anything, but she was pretty horny and couldn’t resist. She ordered one and then began to finger herself. She rubbed her clit with one hand and massaged her tits with the other. She was so wet that the sweet juices were running down her ass. She was rubbing and massaging harder now, moaning like crazy and close to orgasm. Suddenly the satellite cut out from the storm, so she decided to head up into her room and finish herself off up there. She walked in, only to find her dad lying in her bed. She was completely naked, so of course the first thing she did was run out, embarrassed. Her dad got up off the bed, where he had been waiting for his daughter. He walked out of the room and found her in the bathroom. He started to yell at her, punishing her for staying out past her curfew. She apologized and told him it wouldn’t happen again, but he just replied that sorry wouldn’t cut it this time. He grabbed his daughter’s hand and pulled her naked body into her bedroom where he sat down on the computer chair. Letting go of her hand he told her to lay across his leg. She hesitated for a second, and her dad told her that he better obey or things would be worse for her. She did as her dad told her, and laid across his legs. He massaged her butt for a minute, complimenting on its firmness. He gave it a few light taps, which made Abby feel even hornier. She knew that this was her dad, and that she couldn’t actually be enjoying this, although she couldn’t help herself but to get wetter at the feeling of his large hand smack across her ass. He gave her a few quick but painful slaps, and then he turned her over and sat her upright on his lap. He looked at her and told her that she was going to have to obey him more often, or this spanking episode would go into round two. She looked up at him and said she was sorry, giving him a light kiss on the mouth, and then looking down. He ran his hand across her cheek and then pulled her head up again so that she was looking into his gorgeous blue eyes. He leaned over to her and kissed her, massaging her tongue, and exploring every inch of her mouth. He then picked her up and laid her on the bed, spreading her legs, so that he could get a good look at that nice, wet, tight pussy of hers. He kissed her again softly on the mouth, and then starting sucking on her nipples. They got hard almost immediately. He licked his way up to her neck and started sucking on it, and then down to her bellybutton, where he teasingly swirled his tongue in and out of it. He then licked his way down to her pussy and started licking her clit. He sucked on it and licked it, sticking two fingers deep inside of her. He finger fucked her for a while, only to replace his fingers with his tongue. She moaned like crazy, bucking her hips into his tongue, and as she arched her back, her sweet juices flowed out. Her dad sucked up each and every last drop of that sweet stuff. She then grabbed her dad by the shoulder and laid him down, straddling his stomach. She leaned down and kissed him and then reached into her dorm-size refrigerator and pulled out some whipped-cream. She spread it all over his entire body, massaging it while she did. She drew a picture of a pair of tits in it on his chest and then started to suck it off of his nipples. She bit them softly, and then a little bit harder. He squirmed in pain, but no sooner would he moan in pain then she would start sucking on them making him moan in peer pleasure. She licked her way through the whipped-cream down to his cock and licked it a few times, teasing him. She started sucking on it and he ran his hand through her hair, pushing her head farther down onto his cock, forcing her to deep throat it. She then sat up and slid onto his dick. Moving up and down faster, as he moaned and moved to her rhythm, ramming his cock into her nice tight pussy. She moaned loudly and came once again, her pussy squeezing onto his cock. The feeling off her juices running down his dick felt so good. He grabbed Abby and turned her over, dick still inside of her, and started pumping in and out of her. He felt his dick grow bigger inside of her as he knew that he was about to cum. He pulled out of her, because of course he didn’t want to get his own precious daughter pregnant. He came all over her beautiful shaped tits, and gave her a nice facial. She grabbed his finger and rolled it around in some of it, and then sucked it off of it. She wasn’t done just yet. She rolled him over and started sucking his dick once more, getting him rock hard again. If he knew anything about his daughter, it was that she was damn good at giving head. Abby got up on all four and barked at her dad. He looked at her and smiled, telling her that she wasn’t getting off that easy, that she’d have to beg. She frowned and then blew a kiss at her dad, asking him to please fuck her, to fuck her hard, to make her cum one more time, and that she’d do absolutely anything for him. He said anything?, and she said absolutely anything daddy. He gave in and said ok, not that he was going to deny her a good long hard fucking in the first place. He got behind her and grabbed her hips, pushing his dick into her soaking wet pussy. He rammed in and out of her and massaged her ass, as she moved her hips back and forth with his rhythm. She moaned uncontrollably and massaged her tit with one hand, tweaking her nipples. He pulled out of her and pushed her up against the wall. He rammed his dick into her hard, and watched her tits move up and down as she bounced on his cock. He knew he was close to cumming, and decided what the hell, he shot a huge load into his daughter. The feeling of this made her moan louder and reach orgasm. As they both came, they kissed passionately, play fighting with the others tongue. He fell back onto the bed and Abby landed on top of him. She got up off him and headed to the door, when she got there, she turned around and said, “Dad, I think I’ll be getting into trouble more often now”, and with a wink, she was off to take a long relaxing bath. Her dad got dressed and then walked out of the room, remembering that his daughter had told him he’d do anything for her, he picked up the phone and called his best friend, inviting him over tomorrow night for a little fun.

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