Twins and Me

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I was a senior in college and I was taking a walk off campus near most of the sorority houses. When I saw this pair of red haired twins. They looked like maybe they were lost or looking for someone. They asked me if I was a college student and how old I was. I answer yes I was a senior and I was 23 years old. Then one of them asked me if I could prove my age and I just happen to have my driver ID. I asked them why they needed to know the answers to those questions and they said just come with us to the sorority house and you will find out the answers. So a walked with them to the sorority house. I come to find out that all the twins who wanted to pledge this sorority had to find a male college student a couple of years older then them and they both had to preform at least two sex acts with this guy with the rest of the sorority sisters watching . The first sex act that both had to preform on this guy(me) is picked by the sorority chief sister. I do not know what sex acts are picked and I was blindfolded. I hear some sorority sisters laughing and next thing a know I feel two pairs of hands taking off all my clothing. I standing there nake with a hard-on and next thing a know one of the twins is slowly working my cock into her mouth. I hear sorority sisters saiding you can give him a better blowjob then that and then I feel the other sister take over giving me a blowjob. I hear more from the sorority sisters saiding shove that cock down your throat you nasty deep throating whore. This twin is deep throating my cock getting faster and deeper and tighter with her lips. Then when I am about to cum down her throat,I hear the sorority leader say make him cum on both your faces and take turns sucking the rest of the cum out his cock. I am very happen at this time. I got to pick the secound sex act out of a hat. This secound sex act was kind off two acts. The twins had to blow me hard again and then they had to take turns letting me fuck them in the ass until one of them could not take it anymore and she had to yell out with the sorority sister around;”stop fucking my ass and cum on my whore face big guy.” The sister who lost and had to yell out, she then had to suck my cock off and shallow my cum down her throat as a punishment.

Bye Jeffrey.

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