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Summer With Uncle Jeb
Since I was 15 I always went to stay with My Uncle Jeb and work at his auto dealership. He was a great person to spend a summer with, let me do pretty much what I like and never told my parents. He had never been married and lived alone in a nice house in a well to do neighborhood. It never seemed strange to me always talked about lady friends and dating someone new. It was not till I was 19 on break from my first year of University that I found out my Uncles true sexuality. As it turns out it is a secret we both now share.
It was one of those rare nights we were both home together. He made us a nice steak dinner and we ate it and had a nice glass of wine with it. After supper we went out onto his back porch and sat sipping at a beer talking about mindless topics like weather, heat and drinking, when he asked me about my love life.
“anyone important?” he asked with an eager curiosity. “no one special, just a couple of casual things you know.” I said
“why do you think that is? He said, which I just shrugged my shoulders to not knowing what to say. “maybe it you are like me I have never found a women to satisfy me totally enough to settle down, I wondered why for years till I figured it out”
“what was the reason you found” I asked intently, not really expecting what I heard. ” I am gay” he said with great ease. “really” “yup I love fucking men……. A lot”
“so the new women the dates….” “all made up bud I am still in the closet”
“then why tell me?” “cause I think you maybe going down the same road as me and I want to know you can trust me.” “okay I said” “pluss…” he added. “plus what?” “well this is going to sound a little twisted but I want to be your first man” he said it and than pushed his chair right up to mine. Then leaned over and put his hand on my leg. He could tell I was a little freaked out about the whole thing but just spoke calmly ” its okay bud just relax being gay is fine come inside and I will show you something. “
He took my hand led me inside and up to his bedroom. He sat me on the end of the bed and went over to the TV cabinet and opened it, turned the TV on and took a tape from the cabinet below and put it in the vcr, “watch this while I take a shower” he said as he handed me the remote “if it bothers you turn it off and we go no farther.” he then went into the bathroom and closed the door a few seconds later the shower came on as the tape started.
It was a gay porno. It was hot I had to admit the thought of homo encounters was not new to me I had come close once to following through but lost my nerve. But here and now felt kinda right. I heard the shower turn off suddenly and a minute or so later feeling my cock growing rock hard I could not fight the feeling anymore. Jeb came out of the washroom in only a towel for a 55 year old man he had the body of a 30 year old trim and muscular. He walked over to the TV turned it off and came over to me, looking down and seeing my hard-on he knew too it was okay. “never been with a man have you? I just hook my head and let the remote drop out of my hand as he knelt before me. “its okay we will be slow and gentle” he said as he undid the string on my track pants and started to slide them off. I stopped quickly. “one thing I shaved my entire body for the summer” I said to keep cool I always do. “that’s fine stud” he said slipping them off totally. “first time anal can be painful if you are not relaxed so I will relax you” he said as he began sucking me off. He stopped briefly “feel free to come in my mouth” and winked, then went back to work. I leaned back on the bed and enjoyed a boisterous and beautiful hummer .he was great knowing exactly where to suck, lick and jerk it was amazing I came so hard inside his mouth and he swallowed every bit licking my cock clean keeping some in his mouth he kissed me allowing mw to experience my first snowball.
We both turned to lay normally on his bed as we kissed and fondled each other. “feeling relaxed now?” he asked short of breath. “oh god yes, what next?” he reached over me into his night stand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. “now you get ready for me” he giggled opening the tube. “I am going to work up to penal entry” he laid me on my back, he on his side and squeezed lube onto his fingers he took one finger and began massaging my starfish, it felt good as he pushed the finger inside me to the knuckle and waved and curled it. I moaned in approval. He then put 2 fingers in then 3 soon he had 4 fingers in. “like that don’t ya” I could only nod. He took my hand and squeezed lube into it “work it on to my cock to get me ready” I took his penis and stroked in the lube, he was at least eight inches long and 2 inches wide.
He removed his fingers from me and got on his knees between my legs, pulling them apart. He put his hands behind my knees raising my legs over his shoulders “be gentle for a while pleaaaaaaaaase” I said. “no problem stud.” he said as he slowly entered me “are you goanna take it all” he said as he pushed in I just shook yes. He fit in and for a while just pumped in and out slowly, letting me get comfortable. ” this feel good ” he asked “I love it sooo much” “good then get ready to be fucked” he said as leaned forward on his hands driving my knees to my chest he began furiously fucking me. I grabbed his ears and lowered him down as we kissed wet and sloppy, he drove me harder and harder, I came again I shot hot come all over him and me. As my spunk was getting dry and sticking us together he sat back up but held my legs in the air and came deep and hard inside me, he must have shot a gallon of come. He pulled out of me and let my legs fall to the side as he collapsed beside me on his back, I rolled over and put a leg and an arm over him. “holy fuck” he said he started playing with my hair and ear. “wow” I said as I started plating with his nipple “Jeb” “yeah kid” “we should make our own porno” ” you think” “sure we should sell it or put it online we could be rich.” “well we shall see lets take the summer and practice our technique” with that we were silent and slept all night.

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