Wife and brother get it on

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My wife is 32 years old, brunette, good figure and not afraid to show off her attributes. But earlier this year she got more than she bargained for when she tried to tell her brother what she thought of him.

We live in a local community that most of my wife’s family also live within, so we see them on a regular basis and everyone is going in and out of everyone else’s house at all times of the day and night. However, my wife’s eldest brother, John, has a tendency to get drunk with his friends and drop in when he’s not wanted, mostly late at night.

One such occasion was in the Summer when lots of us had been to the local pool and were enjoying the good weather and the company. As usual my wife Helen and her three sisters seemed to be trying to outdo each other in how much flesh they could expose and how many men they could get horny by looking at them! Just as normal, Helen had the skimpiest bikini on and she spent most of the time sitting on men’s knees and pushing her tits into their faces.

Anyway, John was there and he said that one of these days someone would make her pay for being so brazen and teasing by teaching her a lesson she wouldn’t forget. All she could say was “Well you’re certainly not man enough are you big brother?” which made everyone laugh, something she would regret later that day, or at least I thought she would regret it!

When the sun had gone in and everyone had gone home we were sitting in the house when there was a call on the ‘phone, it was Helens youngest brother saying his car had broken down and could I help him out. So, I got my van out and told Helen I’d be as quick as I could. As I pulled out of the drive I thought I saw Helens big brother at the end of the road but thought nothing of it. About five minutes later my mobile rang and it was Helens young brother. He said he had been forced to ring earlier and say he had broken down by John. He said John had got even drunker than earlier and he had been bragging that he’d teach that bitch of a sister of his a lesson she’d never forget.

I began to panic and swung round and headed home, not sure what to expect or how I would deal with it. John is a big guy and drunk or not, would not be easy to handle. I decided to park in the next block and walk across the park to get home, so as not to alert John. I climbed over our back fence and looked in the window before getting to the door. I could see Helen, still dressed in her skimpy yellow bikini, sitting on the sofa with John across from her in my chair with a can in his hand and another guy standing next to the chair, a big black guy with a vest on that showed that he had huge muscles.

What should I do, nothing seemed to be wrong, but I didn’t know whether to wait before going in. Perhaps John just wanted me out of the way to talk to Helen. A few minutes past then I heard Helen shout “the hell you are!” and John replied with “you’ve pissed me off one time to many sis and this time I’m going to make sure you keep your mouth shut in future”.

I had another look in the window and I could see the big black guy had got hold of Helens arms from behind the sofa and John was sitting astride her. She was struggling but not shouting when I saw John rip her bikini top clean off her and throw it down on the ground. He then pulled the bow loose on one side of her bikini panties and pulled it roughly up from between her legs. She started struggling even harder and she started to scream when he gripped he long hair in his hand and pulled it tight and said “You scream and I’ll make it even worse for you” to which she stopped struggling and didn’t shout out again.

I knew that I should go in and pull them off her, but deep inside I wished someone would put her in her place anyway and I was getting hard as hell watching these guys strip her in my front room!

What happened next was not hat I expected and at the time I wished that I had gone in and stopped it. The big guy pulled Helens arms high in the air and this raised her ass off the sofa and splayed her legs in front of her. John then slid his fingers of his left hand into his sisters pussy right in front of my eyes. “John…no!!” shouted Helen, but he left his fingers in her pussy and then began rubbing her right tit with his other hand. She seemed to struggle for a while, then stopped and just laid her head to one side. I then realised she was enjoying it! After a while his fingers got faster and faster and she started bucking up and down. John then stood up and she gave out a groan of disappointment, until she saw him unclip his belt and slip down his jeans and his pants right in front of her to display a rock hard and enormous cock.

“Are you gonna calm down and not slate me off in public in future? Or am I gonna humiliate you again like I did when you were young and take you right here in your family home?” he said, holding his cock right in front of her.

“You’re no better than me John. All you do is tease and make threats, but you haven’t got the balls to do anything more. The last time I was too young to stand up to you, but not this time” she said. I couldn’t breath I was so excited. I knew it was wrong, but I was praying that her brother took her right there!

“You stupid bitch, you’ll never learn” said John and he put his hands under her butt and lifted her up and onto his manhood, making her scream out, not in pain, but in ecstacy! I felt my own cock start to spurt into my shorts as I watched this incredible sight, my wife completely naked and her brother fucking her on my sofa with a huge black guy, who was at first holding her arms, now letting his big hands fondle and grope her titties.

With her arms loose Helen wrapped them around Johns butt and pulled him in her as far as she could while pushing her head into the chest of the unknown giant fondling her breasts. She then let go of his butt and started trying to rip his t-shirt off, which he then pulled over his head and then he started licking her neck, his beard pressing into her and she began to buck up and down even more, an orgasm bursting out of her body.

What a slut, but what a fantastic sight! It wasn’t long before her brother was obviously coming into his little sister, not for the first time by the sound of it. He pulled out and drew his pants and jeans up and fell over onto the chair behind him. Helen looked at him as though she was disappointed that he had stopped and she slid one of her own slender fingers down into her pussy while the other one was sucked into her pouting mouth. John looked into her eyes and then up over the sofa looking at his companion. Her eyes lit up and she slid round her head and looked at the black guy, smiling and pouting. She moved round and lay right along the sofa with her legs splayed wide open and she then pushed her right leg up and over the back of the sofa and into his stomach. The other guy held her toes for a minute and then slid his hand down the inside of her thigh, to which she caught hold of his hand with hers and pulled him round to the front of her. She slid off the sofa and knelt in front of him and undid his belt and unbuttoned his flies to release one big and bold veiny and throbbing cock. Helen held it with both hands and opened her mouth as far as it would go before gorging herself on it, almost gagging with its size. The big guy put his head back and smiled at Helens brother.

By now I had come in my shorts and my cock was on its way up again. I didn’t care who they were, she is one hell of a fuck and I just wished I had my video camera with me! It wasn’t long before the big guy was prising my wife off his cock and pushing her down onto our soft and plush blue carpet. By now he was naked and he was big all over, not with flab but with muscle and biceps, just the sort Helen likes. She laid back and opened her legs but he got hold of her hips and swung her round, lifting her up onto his knees and skewering her from behind with his enormous cock. The scream she let out brought the neighbours out, I just hope they didn’t see me cowering down in the bushes with sticky shorts. Man, he rode her hard and long until he made a grunt like an elephant and must have filled her right up. He got off her and she didn’t move for ages. In fact not long after her brother and his friend left by the front door and I went in the back.

I had a shower and got changed then went into the living room and found my wife still oozing cum and sleeping on the floor.

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