Arias Birthday Surprise Part 1

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The night before I turned 18 my twin 23 year old brothers snuck into my room. I awoke to them crawling into bed with me.
“Arian, what are-” I was cut off by Adrian putting his hand over my mouth. Arian, who was in front of me, grabbed my hands and tied them together. He showed me on his cell phone that it was 12:00 a.m. I was 18.
“Time to get ready for your birthday.” He said, a sly grin on his face. They took me out of my bed and stripped me of my tank top, booty shorts, and my bikini-style underwear. Then they let my wrists go just long enough to slip a black lace nightie that I never would have put on willingly, considering how see through it was. Then my brothers Arian and Adrian pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed them there. Each took an elbow and half-dragged me out of my room and all the way from the attic (which actually was my room) down to the basement stairs.
From a young age I was taught to never go to the basement. In fact, I had never even seen the door unlocked, let alone standing wide open.
“Adrian, Arian, what the hell are you two doing?” I said. Adrian answered by shoving a ball gag in my mouth. He quickly fastened it behind my head. Then he slipped a blindfold over my eyes and after making sure I couldn’t see they carried me down stairs. They set me on my feet and bent me over a table, un-cuffing my hands only to put them in restraints that were attached to the table. While one of the did this (I’m not sure which one) the other spread my legs apart and tied them to the table legs. The he stood behind me. I could feel his hard dick behind me as he raised the nightgown over my bare ass. His hands ran over my bare skin and I tried to fight the restraints. I yelped past the ball gag as his hand smacked my bar virgin ass.
“Stop that. We’re going to have you whether you like it or not. But fighting will just make it more painful than it has to be.” I heard Arian say. He was standing in front of me. He pulled my hair to lift my head up and pulled the gag out, letting it hang around my neck. He quickly put his dick in and shoved his whole 10″ in my mouth and down my throat. At the same time Adrian, who had now spanked my bare ass at least six times now shoved his own 10″ and very thick dick deep into my pussy, only getting about half of it in with his first shove. He pushed again, splitting my tight pussy open even farther as he got the rest of the way in.
They knew I wasn’t a virgin, but I had never had anything quite as big as them inside of me. I also had never given anyone head before.
Arian was making me gag but didn’t pull out at all, in fact he pulled my head back and forth slamming his dick in and out of my mouth quickly until he finally pushed me down hard on his dick and held me there while he squirted his cum down my throat. “Now swallow it bitch.” He growled, still holding my head. After I swallowed, and gagged more, he pulled out. I felt his dick was still hard as he pulled out. To bring me back to my senses Adrian pulled out a little and slammed back into. He continued the process of pounding in and out of my pussy until he too came in my and after pulling out they undid all the restraints and Adrian picked me up, throwing me onto a bed and tying me spread eagle to it. They put a spider gag in my mouth and put a 11″ long and 2″ thick vibrating dildo into my pussy. they also inserted a very small vibrating butt plug into my virgin ass. Then they clamped my pussy shut and left.

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