Story 1 Our Conjugal Amorousness

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Cast of Characters with their Description:

She’s my wife. I picture her as the most beautiful and most taking woman in the world. A Pair of heavy-lidded deep set dark brown eyes, a straight nose, full rosy pink lips, and ample dark hair make her oval face really nymphish. The musical voice amplifies her true allurement. Her measurement is 38DDD/29/40 that matches up to the voluptuous soft-contoured hourglass figure of hers. Her height is 5′ 5″.

That’s me. I am four years younger and 1″ taller to her. My face is square-shaped and clean-shaved, having a pair closed-set eyes and close-cropped dark hair.

To start with sharing my fantasies in words here, it suits best to dramatize our real-life conjugal amorousness as the first story. For the sake of exposition I must describe me and my wife. Well, I’m a skinny man who has spent 23 years of his life residing in India and is happily married to the most alluring Sushma. She knows how to cook eatables as tasty as herself and to keep our home in order as a knack housewife. Unlike most Indian women who have dusky complexion, she is a voluptuous 27 years old nymph with rosy-pale complexion. I shall disregard anyone who thinks or says her “big” and “chubby”. On the contrary her ample curves beautify her feminity and I’m always turned-on to roam hands over her curvaceous soft contours.
It seems to be a good question, on how and when do we make love. After I got the job in a pharmaceutical agency, we’ve been residing in a smaller single storey home. No one from our families lives with us. We make out most of our nights in passion, heat and steam. I get excited sometimes just getting a glimpse of her bare midriff as she tucks the pallu (one end of the sari draped over her left shoulder) into waist while getting busy with some household tasks. I can’t deny my urge to hug her around the waist and roam my hands over her thick plait (as she is used to intertwine her long silky hair) which runs down to her huge arse. Laughingly we kiss and hit each other to make fun.
I can’t jot down all of our overnight, erotic adventures. We prefer to change the routine maneuvers. Nevertheless to generalize the narration, I have to spice it up for the sake of pleasure.
After taking supper we go to our bedroom to have a happy chat and watch TV for some time. Then I take her to a corner of the room to start our adventure. We hug each other as our lips meet in a passionate smack. I press my mouth on hers and my tongue pushes into her full lips. She responds by sucking on my lips and tongue while I roam my hands over her back and ass. I can hear her moans which mix with the jingle of bangles (these are used by Sushma to adorn her left arm often) as she raises her arms to hug me tight under rising heat. That kiss seems to lock our lips in a mutual oral rubbing until I break it on an urge to slobber down her body.
I move my mouth to kiss on her neck and down her huge bust which is yet covered under the choli (her tight-fitting silk blouse). I don’t stop there but proceed to kiss down her midriff, still enshrouded by pallu. Sushma closes her eyes and raises her left arm higher. I hear the jingle of her bangles again and can perceive the shift of pallu from her midriff as my lips plant short kisses on the smooth tones of her belly. Now I can smooch on her exposed navel and dart my tongue out to lick it with fervor.
I don’t want to stop this shower of kisses on the exposed skin of her stomach and keep on kissing her there as my arms clasp Sushma around her wide hips. Then I turn my head to kiss and lap on the naked left side of her waist before proceeding to nuzzle down her hip. At that moment I have a feeling that my face is nearer to the frontal pleats of her sari, under which the center of her feminity lies concealed. Just the thought of her shaven pussy urges my member to harden from its stupor.
As my face buries into the pleats of her sari, I close my eyes picturing the scent of sex oozing from her cunt. And I know it because Sushma’s right hand is fingering through my hair and then it’s pulling at it, indicating the rise of heat between her thighs. Perceiving her candid desire for some bold foreplay, I move my head from the pleats of her sari and get up. We kiss each other under the same passion before going to bed.
With deft maneuver I take-off her sari, unbutton her blouse, unhook her white bra and pull the matching white panties down her full legs. Then I step back and stare at her hungrily. Now she stands before me in stark-naked splendor.
In routine, I mostly prefer not to undo my clothes before going through the erotic tour of her nudity. Hence, I push her on the bed to let her lie on back and then reach her face. She smiles beauteously and closes her eyes at the light touch of my fingers which run all over her face in smooth deliberation. My stare doesn’t waver from that nymphish expression on her face, which attracts me to stoop down and let my lips caress hers. The jingle of her bangles is followed by her welcoming hug and I close my eyes too. The warmth of this embrace intoxicates us in the glory of heartfelt affection and we engage into a passionate lip-locking kiss.
For longer moments we suck each other’s mouths and let ourselves engross into the depth of this unbreakable bond. Yes it’s unbreakable, regardless of where my lips kiss her on the body at moment. Her vulnerable nakedness triggers me to slide down her frame and proceed with the erotic tour.
I kiss her chin, cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead. My mouth again touches her lips but this time we are gentle. I lick on her neck and can hear her “ummm” under the magic of rising desire. After bracing my knees between her thighs, I lick her neck again and reach her chest to grab on her boobs. I have to move my head and feed my eyes with this taking close up. The resilient lop-sided massiveness of her breasts makes my mouth water for them while I keep on squeezing them. I stare earnestly at the rise and fall of her light brown nipples under the squeezing pressure of my hands. Her huge melons seem to attract me for more attention. Instantly, I kiss the lush pair of her mammas with alternative deliberation and dart my tongue out to coat them with saliva.
After licking and kissing her breasts repetitively, I open my mouth to feed on her left nipple. My lips slide over the firm flesh of her breast and my mouth generates the pressure to hold it in suction. The lubricating effect of saliva lets her nipple to slip out of my smacking mouth momentarily.
I take Sushma’s left teat orally, slurp-sucking it again. She moans softly. Her right hand fingers through my hair as I kiss her erect nipple. My tongue makes circular strokes on her large light brown areola before I suck her tit for more.
Then, I kiss my way to her right boob and lap it like a hungry cat. My tongue makes soft circular strokes over its resilient flesh and licks the nipple. I press my mouth over this sensitive protuberance and hear her say “Ooh…ummm…” Her moans urge me to open mouth and let my lips slide over her inviting nipple. I suck and suck and again suck her right tit with building passion as if my lips were unwilling to break their contact with her marvelous teat.
I suck and lick both of her huge tits for longer moments before proceeding to kiss down her soft creamy midriff. Darting my tongue out, I try to push its tip against her navel and lick it in sweep strokes. After pressing my mouth hard on her navel, I nuzzle further down her belly. Now I can smell the pungency at her bushy triangle that has sheltered her honeyed entrance from the view.
She moves her body a bit as I touch and push her thighs wide. With left hand I shift her dark tendrils that have hidden her tender pink petals. The aroma of her sex intoxicates me to lick her groins. My right hand strokes the entrance of her sensitive morsel with gentle deliberation. The sparks of lust and desire are generated through her spine. That’s evident by the way she moans and hisses. I can hear her say, “Yesss… aah… ummm… yesss…”
To keep her waiting for a good oral intrusion of pussy sounds bad. Without any delay, I dive my face between her thighs and inhale at her odorous entrance. Her vaginal slit quivers as I rub my nose into her labia. Her moans get louder and the pleasure building within her is ignited as I dart my tongue out to lick her slit in upward strokes.
I lick and lap her pussy like a hungry cat. Thereby, my lips plant a kiss on her hood to mark the location of her swollen clit. It isn’t difficult for me to take a bite of her tasty morsel. At this, she responds by making an audible hiss and grabbing at the bedsheet. Her moans grow louder which excite me to lick her labia further on.
I lick and kiss and suck her cunt with vigor and energy. She doesn’t want me to stop and I don’t want to stop. Her hands now grab my head and due to a mild move of her wide hips, my face seems to sink deeper into her womanhood.
Sushma cries aloud and I eat her more. She screams as the pleasure-wave builds at peak within her quivering petals. With a gushing tension heightened into her cunt, she sprays the fountain of her honey on my thirsty mouth. I drink her cum to the last drop and lick her slit clean of the love-juices. She heaves a sigh of contented release while I keep on licking her cunt.
I keep on lapping her spent cunt, kiss her thighs and then crawl over her. We lie on bed in a warm snuggling hug and after that she helps me to be denuded like her. Then we stroke each other’s nude bodies for the recharge and I take the initiative again as I kiss her body from head to toe. I lick her soles, suck her toes and then crawl up slobbering her front all over again.
Our lips meet in a passionate kiss and after breaking it, we shift together. I turn her over to lie face down and proceed to lick her back from nape to flanks. As I stroke her bigger bottom, she moans audibly and I take it as an encouragement to be more passionate with her. Hence, I lick the crease between her ass cheeks, bite on her buttocks alternatively, and kiss down her legs. After licking her calves and soles, I revert on those fleshy buttocks to plant some smooches. For rebuilding the pleasure waves within her, I help my wife to lie on back again. With gentle deliberation, I push her thighs apart to lick her dripping cunt and then crawl up to suck her engorged nipples.
We engage in a deep lip-locking kiss and keep on stroking each other’s bodies once again. The kiss doesn’t break even while our bodies shift in position. After bracing my legs between her splayed thighs, I reach her tits to squeeze them. This time, Sushma doesn’t lie as a dummy under me. Her right hand reaches down to stroke at my 7″ hardness. In response to her signal, I have to lower my hips and I did so to facilitate Sushma for guiding my shaft into her vaginal entry.
I can hear Sushma’s hiss as my bulbous tip touches her ready petals. Oh how blissful that feeling is! My sensitive tip comes in contact with Sushma’s moistened orifice. We both hiss and our moans seem to echo through the bedroom.
Instantly, I dive into her sheath and my cock slides slowly through her lubricated love-canal. We are in paradise now and what a blessing it is! The pleasure shoots up to more heights when the tip of my cock lodges through the pink walls of her vagina. Biting on the lip, I keep my cock lodged deeper into her and then take it out momentarily.
With the downward movement of hips, I keep on stabbing her cunt with my shaft again and again. At first my tempo is slower but it picks up its pace as I make thrust after thrust. I’ve been successful to pleasure my wife every time because I know this surely works; pushing my weapon to sink it well up to her hilt and then sliding it out while keeping the tip within her love-canal. I have good control on shooting out my sperms, and that’s why the thrusts I make into her exceed up to 10 scores usually.
I keep up with this speed to prolong our fucking session until she rolls her eyes in stupor and scratches on my naked back. Then I grow violent as I fuck her even harder and she screams under the heightened pleasure-waves that ignite her lust up to the brim. Suddenly, her screams grow louder as she grabs tight on the bed-spread. I raise my tempo to the peak, feeling my glands tighten under the pressure of utmost desire.
And then we are released together… Gushes of our juices ooze out and get mixed into her love tunnel simultaneously. We scream out this blasting orgasm as I push my hips hard against hers. The strain of this delicious love-making drains out much of our vitality.
I lie atop her lax frame. Sushma’s legs are still parted wide around my narrow hips and our genitals are yet merged together. It seems to us that we’ve passed out for uncountable moments.
Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and sometimes it so happens that I get up and turn her to lie face down. I kiss her back from nape to toes and spend more time on kissing her huge buttocks. After licking the crease between them I turn her to lie on back as before. I stoop down to press my mouth on hers and we kiss passionately. Then I suck her tits and eat her cunt. When she sighs out her release, I lick her pussy clean of the sweetened cum. Before going through another mind blowing fuck, I kiss her body from head to toe and again from toe to head. Then we fall asleep in a warm snuggling hug for the rest of the night.

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