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The Mistress And The Wife

This is the story of two lesbians, who love each other for life. One of them is the mistress and the other is her graceful wife. The mistress is tall and muscular. She sports a short blonde mane. Her eyes are blue, her forehead is broad, and Oct
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Meenal And Sonali

Meenal Verma had a friend. Her name was Sonali Miland. The girls loved each other, every day and even better. Meenal was short and curvy. Sonali was taller and lovely. Meenal’s hair, jet black and bountiful. Sonali wore it, groome
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My Girlfriend Is The Perfect Dame

My girlfriend is the perfect dame, Soundarya Kothari is her name. How does she look I must tell. Oh, I adore her and I must tell. That she is the girl most beautiful, with black hair ample and bountiful. My girlfriend is the perfect dame
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Your Tits

Your tits, are most beautiful. Your tits, perfect and symmetrical. Your tits, are mouthwatering. Your tits, I touch with sighing. Your tits, are twin round globes. Your tits, look like two orbs. Your tits, are bigger than min
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I Crave For You

I love you, I adore you, I crave for you. We share the night, we are the same, we are the girls. I denude you, for my pleasure without taking my apparel. You lie under me, with your eyes closed, I kiss them. You lie under me, wit
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