Thong Wedgie in the Night

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Kelly, a 20 year old blonde girl is laying on her bed, slowly falling asleep. She has had a long day and is finally looking forward to some quality rest.

In the room beside her is her sister, Brandie, a 23 year old blonde with bright green eyes and a nice body. While Kelly is sleeping, Brandie is awake and bored, knowing that she has work tomorrow and is looking for some fun.

Usually her and Kelly get along but Brandie does like to tease her sister from time to time and on this occasion, Brandie is feeling a little naughty. She starts to get ideas when she’s bored and now that her sister is asleep she feels like playing a little prank.

Brandie walks towards her door and slowly walks out, making sure not to make too much noise. She creeps towards Kelly’s door and tiptoes inside the dark room where her sister is laying.

Brandie has a few ideas up her sleeve and after a thought or two, decides what it is she is going to do. She notices that Kelly is sleeping on her stomach and that the covers are half-way off. This will make her joke easier.

Brandie laughs to herself as she creeps slowly towards Kelly, a big smile on her face. She finally makes it over to her sister’s bed and hovers over the sleeping blonde body that looks so peaceful.

“This is gonna be soooo good!”, Brandie thinks as she lowers her hands towards Kelly’s butt. Kelly is wearing some capri type track bottoms and a tank top, and now Brandie is right above her butt, her fingers moving with delight.

Now she slowly reaches into her sisters pajama pants and finds a tiny white thong. Suddenly she pulls the thong up as hard and fast as she can with both hands, causing the sleeping Kelly to wake up in suprise.

“Ahhhiiii!” Kelly shrieks out in pain as her tiny thong rides up her butt crack, not expecting this late night butt flossing.

“Weeeedgggiee!” Brandie yells out laughing as her poor sister wriggles around in pain, forced to endure this humiliating prank.

Brandie pulls the thong straight up until it is high up Kelly’s back, making sure to pull it in the most painful way.

“Ewwww, nice thong that yur wearing to bed Kels!” Brandie giggles and continues the massive thong wedgie.

“No, stopp!!! Kelly screams out as she tries to get up onto her knees but is kept lying down and helpless. Her butt becomes sweaty and hot, as the tiny string gets damp from being so far up her ass.

“Thats gonna be a pretty smelly thong when i’m done with you!” Brandie laughs wide eyed and enjoying every minute of her sister’s underwear torture.

“Please, nooo!” Kelly yells out hoping for this wedgie to come to an end.

“What’s that? You wan’t me to give more of a wedgie? that gonna hurt though sis, you sure?!” Brandie mocks her puting on a valley high accent.

“Take yur wedgie girl!” Brandie commands her sister pulling so that the thong is nearly to Kelly’s shoulders.

“Yeah babe, thong tha thong thong thong!” Brandie sings and then sits on her sister’s legs.

“How about you keep this wedgie for the WHOLE night!” Brandie laughs as she brings the straps of the tiny thong over Kelly’s shoulders.

“EEeeeee!!” Kellys yells out as her underwear is pull up to super painful highs.

“Now it’s an atomic thong wedgie, haaahahaha!” Brandie teases and snaps the thong while spanking her sister’s moving butt.

“Oh my god, i should totally hang you!!” Brandie suddenly says with eyes wide and a huge micheavious smile. “Totally!” she says and then forces her sister to a sitting position.

“Hanging thong wedgie, yeah that would hurt like so much and be super embarassing!” Brandie laughs and looks around the room, thinking of what she is going to do next.

To be Continued…..

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