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More Cousins

[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

Most of my cousins were much younger than me, all except my cousin Johnny. He and I had always been close at family reunions. Being an only child it was my only opportunity to have a brother like figure in my life.

Throughout the years we had so much fun together playing all sorts of games. We’d even sleep in the same bed together and use the pillows to build a fort.

But this year it was like we were in two separate worlds. We barely spoke a word. The coldness must have alerted our Aunt Jessica who took us up into the attic for a “special talk.”

Aunt Jessica was in her 40s and the only unmarried aunt or uncle in our family. Not having children of her own perhaps made her the most understanding.

“Johnny, Heather, you two were always the best of friends growing up. This year you haven’t talked at all. Why is that?” Aunt Jessica said it as if she already knew the answer.

Both Johnny and I didn’t say a word because we didn’t know ourselves.

“I know the reason why. It’s because your bodies have changed since you last saw each other. Your teenagers now and your bodies have developed in beautiful and exciting ways. So exciting they scare you.

Neither Johnny or myself said a word because we knew she was right.

“But growing up doesn’t have to mean growing apart. You’re too old to play checkers together but you can play all sorts of new games. Games a lot more fun than checkers.

“Your new bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. Heather, you’ve developed beautiful large breasts that you try and hide underneath baggy clothing.”

I covered my chest with my arms embarrassed.

“And Johnny you’d like to see Heather’s breasts wouldn’t you? But you feel so ashamed that you won’t even look at your cousin. Do you think about girls with large breasts and long golden hair like your cousin when you masturbate?”

“What? I don’t masturbate! That’s disgusting!” countered Johnny.

“It’s beautiful Johnny. All teenage boys masturbate. There’s nothing wrong with it and you don’t have to stop.” said Aunt Jessica comfortingly.

“What do you think about when you masturbate Johnny?” she asked.

“Ummm…. I don’t know ummmm.” answered Johnny nervously.

“I’ll bet I know. You think about teenage virgins with long golden hair and big succulent breasts don’t you Johnny? Well that fits your cousin Heather perfectly. She’s very well endowed.

“Now Heather, I want you to take your blouse off so Johnny can see your large breasts. And in return I want you Johnny to wear just your underpants.”

Neither of us moved paralyzed by fear and embarrassment.

“You kids look like you’re on your way to the gallows. This is fun. Johnny, I know you want to see Heather’s breasts. So be a good boy and undress.”

Then she turned to me. “Heather, take off your blouse and I promise something very exciting will happen to your cousin’s body.”

Very reluctantly I removed my blouse so I was only wearing my skirt and bra but still covered my chest with my arms. I did everything possible not to look at my cousin in his underwear.

“Now now Heather, be a good girl and show your cousin your breasts.”

I removed my arms but still looked away ashamed.

“Oh my Johnny, look how big her breasts are. They’re full and soft and bounce when she walks. All girls wish they could have big full breasts like hers. What do you think Johnny? Aren’t you going to complement your cousin on her beautiful new body.”

“They, they they’re very nice.” Johnny answered nervously.

”’Nice’ Johnny? You think they’re gorgeous. You say ‘nice’ but look what your body says. You too Heather. Look at your cousin’s underwear and see just how much he loves you.”

Reluctantly both Johnny and I stared down at his ‘Spider-Man’ underwear to see the enormous growing bulge.

“I’m so sorry! These underpants are new and tight!” Johnny pleaded defensively.

“It’s alright Johnny. You see Heather, right now your cousin is paying you the greatest compliment imaginable. When he looks at you his penis grows larger and larger. That’s why he hasn’t looked at you the whole summer. When a boy’s organ grows large and hard it means he’s in love with you. Even if his words won’t admit it. This is how boys and men say ‘I love you.’ They say it with their bodies.”

“Really? We never learned that in school.” I said puzzled.

“See Heather, your body is nothing to be ashamed of. Take off more of your clothes and let’s see how big it gets.”

I eagerly stripped off my skirt, bra, and panties and stared captivated as my cousin’s bulge grew bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until I could tell by the look on his face that it was painful for him.

“You’ve grown too big for your britches Johnny. From now on we’ll call you ‘Big Johnny.’ Go on Big Johnny and show us how big you are. I bet you’re huge.” encouraged Aunt Jessica.

My cousin removed his ‘Spider-Man’ underpants to unveil his enormous and fully erect organ.

“Wow! You are huge. I wish I had a boyfriend as well endowed as you. Go on Heather, tell Johnny what a big penis he has.”

“I’ve never seen a penis before.” I answered.

“Well I’ve seen a lot and let me tell you Big Johnny puts the Washington Monument to shame. I sure wish I had a boyfriend with a penis that big.”

Big Johnny blushed.

Aunt Jessica told me later in private that Johnny was of average size but that males were extremely sensitive about the subject of size. It was necessary to always complement their organ no matter the size.

“Shame on you Big Johnny keeping all that hidden to yourself.” she said teasing.

“And he’s circumcised too. It what’s called ‘bareback.’ Wow what a handsome shape.

“Now that Big Johnny’s penis is hard do you know what it’s time for?”

“No.” I answered.

“It’s time for him to be milked. Teenage boys need to be milked at least every two hours. Poor Big Johnny doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has to milk himself.

“But today I bet Big Johnny is going to let you do the honors Heather.”

“Milked? Boys aren’t cows. They don’t need to be milked.” I said.

“They most certainly do Heather. Big Johnny needs to be milked every two hours. If you massage a boy’s penis in the right way a delicious white cream will come out of it.”

“What? That’s crazy. Nobody ever told us that in school.”

“It’s true. That’s why Big Johnny’s penis grew hard in the first place. He wants to be milked by a pretty girl like you.”

Aunt Jessica showed me the proper way to milk a boy. I caressed the soft foreskin around his penis and massaged it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. All the while my cousin writhed in pleasure. His eyes bulged and his head rocked back and forth. His breathing became very heavy and he was gasping for air.

After only a few minutes a creamy fluid began to drip out of the tip of his organ. It was soon followed by several explosive bursts of white nectar.

“Be a good girl Heather and lap it up. Don’t waste a single delicious drop. That’s what a boy’s sperm is for, to be drunk by a pretty girl.”

I stared at wonder at the white cream in my hand. To think I was going to taste a boy’s sperm for the very first time. I lapped up every drop I could capture. “Wow. It tastes better than anything I’ve ever tasted before.” I said. “Milking boys is fun.”

“See how much fun that was?

“Now that Big Johnny has been milked, he won’t become overly excited for our next game, ‘doctor.'”

“Oh, we’ve played that before. It’s where you have to remove the body parts without touching the sides.” I said eagerly.

“No, this doctor is a lot more fun. It’s a game teenage brothers and sisters and cousins play together.

“Heather, I want you to lie down and let Big Johnny rub this cream into your young body. Your cousin is very eager to go exploring aren’t you Big Johnny?”

“Yes Aunt Jessica, I sure am!”

Aunt Jessica handed my cousin a bottle of body lotion as I lay down on my back.

My cousin eagerly began massaging my body from head to toe. It felt wonderful feeling him explore every corvass of my young body. I sucame to his every touch. I felt his hungry hands kneed my breasts and legs.

I turned over and he kneaded my buttocks and calves.

I felt completely at ease with him. A feeling of calm I’d never experienced in my young life.

My cousin lay down next to me so I could use the lotion on his still painfully large and hard organ. I loved the feel of it. Big and throbbing.

How long we spent at it I had no idea until Big Johnny finally spoke. “I’m ready to be milked again.”

Aunt Jessica responded, “Oh my. And only after 45 minutes. That’s alright Big Johnny. Boys need to be milked when they need to be milked. Just let your cousin know when it’s time.”

I took hold of my cousin’s foreskin again when Aunt Jessica showed me a better way.

“The only thing boys like better than having their organs massaged is having them sucked. If it was up to males they’d spend their whole lives having their penises sucked.

“Your mouth is warm and wet Heather and your tongue soft and strong. Males like virgin mouths like yours the best of all. It’s a fact, virgin girls give the best blow jobs.

“Big Johnny? Do you prefer to ejaculate in your cousin’s mouth or on her face?”

“In her mouth.” answered my cousin.

“Here Heather, we’ll use this pillow for your knees. Now take your cousin’s penis in your mouth. Not too deep or you’ll choke. That’s a good girl. Now work your tongue under the length of his penis. Not too fast or you’ll tire and have to stop. Keep a slow and steady pace like a good girl.”

Aunt Jessica’s instructions worked. It felt wonderful having the long strong organ in my mouth. But the best part was yet to come as the delicious nectar flowed directly into my mouth so not a single drop was wasted. I swished it all around my virgin mouth absorbing the full flavor of my cousin’s sperm before swallowing.

“Just look at all the fun you too are having together. And to think. Just an hour ago you weren’t even speaking to each other. Growing up doesn’t have to mean growing apart. It means new ways to have fun.

“Now it’s unfortunately time to get dressed and go back downstairs for dinner. But from now on Heather I don’t want you to wear any panties under your skirt. Not only does it feel wonderful but it gives your cousin easy access if he wants to put his finger inside of you.”

We both dressed with saddened faces. I handed my panties to my cousin as his prize which he eagerly stuffed into his pocket.

“I know. It’s disgraceful that you have to wear clothing. There should be a law against teenagers wearing clothes. It’s a crime to hide all that young flesh.” said Aunt Jessica.

“Tonight you two will have to sleep with the other children in the basement. But I have a guest bedroom and bathroom all to myself. After everyone is asleep come to my room and you can share the bed.”

As we walked downstairs holding hands I savored the new sensation of life without panties. I loved the way the breeze of my skirt excited the virgin space between my legs.

The three of us all sat apart at dinner as to not arouse suspicion. But I couldn’t help but steal glances at my hard and hansom cousin. He’d always been like a big brother to me. But now he was a brother with benefits.

After dinner we went through the family motions of playing Monopoly and watching a Disney cartoon. But of course Big Johnny and I couldn’t help but sneak away at every opportunity to swap saliva.

On a couch in the basement my cousin fondled my breasts through my blouse while I unzipped his jeans to release his enormous errection. It must have been very painful for him to wear pants around me.

Just as Aunt Jessica had predicted my cousin loved gently slipping a finger up my skirt and tickling the inside of me every chance we got.

When the lights went out we raced upstairs to Aunt Jessica’s guestroom where we tore off our clothes in seconds. Aunt Jessica was right. It did feel awful wearing clothing. I wished my cousin and I could be naked at all times.

Without a word Big Johnny laid down a pillow for my knees and I eagerly suckled him dry.

Aunt Jessica graciously slept in a sleeping bag on the floor so my cousin and I could have the big queen size bed to ourselves. I’d never slept in the nude before but of course it felt great. Why does anyone wear pajamas?

It felt even better sleeping nude with my cousin. We cuddled together with big smiles on our faces. I fell asleep cradling his hard organ in my hand and my head on his heaving chest. It felt so comforting in his arms. Like all the problems of young life went away. I hoped to never wake up.

The next morning Aunt Jessica woke me. She put a finger over her lips warning me not to wake Big Johnny.

She pointed at his crotch and we both giggled. My cousin was bigger and harder than ever!

There he slept calmly oblivious to the world while unconiously his giant organ pointed straight up reaching to the stars.

I’d learned about morning wood from a friend at school. In their crowded house during a family reunion she and her teenage brother were still deemed “kids” by the family and were forced to share a sleeping bag.

She’d wake up every morning totally grossed out by her brother’s swollen organ throbbing next to her.

If only we had known. Her brother wasn’t a pervert. Morning wood was natural and beautiful. And a cause for celebration. All she needed to do was milk her brother in their sleeping bag. I’m sure he would have been very grateful.

I put my mouth over him and started sucking away. I discovered that now with practice I was able to fit more and more of my cousin into my virgin mouth.

I sucked at a steady pace for several minutes while my cousin still slept until he suddenly awoke startled just as I felt his nectar shoot into my mouth.

No written words can describe the look on his face.

Aunt Jessica and I laughed ourselves silly. “Good morning.” we both said simultaneously.

Now relaxed my cousin and I took great pleasure showering together. The house was so big and our family so many that no one wondered where we were that morning.

We loved lathering each other’s virgin bodies with soap. Big Johnny never grew bored of playing with my breasts. And I never bored of letting him. Afterwards I was surprised how much he enjoyed carefully drying and brushing my long golden hair.

Throughout the day we returned to the guestroom every time my cousin needed milking. Just as Aunt Jessica had said, it was about every two hours.

We found variations in our coupling. Sometimes he would cum inside my mouth, other times on my face where I’d wipe his sperm with my hands and lap it off like a kitten cleaning itself.

Other times we’d kiss passionately with our tongues down our throats and our hands on each other. I’d massage his penis sticking out of his open jeans while he’d tickle me underneath my skirt trying to fit as many fingers inside of me as he could.

That night as we removed our clothes Aunt Jessica said, “Now you’re ready to give each other the most important thing you have. You two love and trust each other enough to share your virginity.

“The first position is still the most basic and most fun. It’s called ‘missionary.’

“Heather lie down on the bed and open your legs wide for your cousin so he’ll have no trouble entering you.

“And Big Johnny, don’t forget that your cousin is just a virgin and so you must be gentle with her for her first time. Don’t become overly excited.”

Big Johnny nodded obediently.

“No matter how gentle your cousin is it may still hurt being penetrated for the first time. And no matter what you will bleed. Don’t be afraid it’s natural. You’ll only bleed your first time.

“And Big Johnny, just like you’ve seen in the videos online, when it’s time for you to ejaculate, pull out and release your seed on your cousin’s face.”

It was spectacular experiencing both the pain and pleasure of my cousin’s tender thrusts. My breathing was heavy and I uncontrollably gave out little cries and moans. My cousin stuck his thumb inside my mouth for me to bite down on as we rocked back and forth.

I had no control of my own body as I writhed and moaned. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” The words came from me without thought. Now I understood what Big Johnny’s body had experienced when I milked him for the first time.

My cousin’s heart throbbed against me just as large and strong as his organ inside me. Just as it seemed he was unable to catch his breath and would die he withdrew and kneeled over my face to ejaculate. We both moaned together.

He quickly lay down next to me and we embraced each other stronger than ever. Overcome with exhaustion we collapsed together as sleep took us instantly.

The next night was a sad one. It would be our last together. We sat across from each other naked on the bed and cried. The tears ran down our faces as we sobbed staring into each other’s eyes. I’d never seen an older boy cry before but I understood why and was glad we shared the same emotions.

“But Aunt Jessica…” I sobbed. “I don’t want to leave Big Johnny. I want my cousin’s big penis inside of me every night. I want to wake up with it in my hands and I want to drink his sperm all the time.”

“And how can I go back to milking myself after I’ve been with such a beautiful big breasted girl?” asked my cousin.

We both looked to Aunt Jessica like she was a goddess and could somehow work a miracle and find a way to keep us together.

Of course just as always she knew all the answers to love.

“I know. I know. It’s so difficult to say goodbye. But all good things must come to an end. You’ve given each other so much. Be glad your first time was with your cousin. Someone you love and care for. You can’t hurt each other by spreading nasty rumors at school or by taking your lover’s affections for granted.

“I gave my virginity to my cousin too. It’s very natural to be with someone you trust. I was much younger than you Heather and my cousin was more than twice my age when he invited me to the attic to play doctor. I had no idea what he meant but I was grateful to find out. Just like you we knew we couldn’t stay together and would have to accept the ways of the world.

“Be positive. You’ve both experienced something few people achieve. Most teenagers lose their virginity to some diseased punk or fat slut. Your first time was special.

“Heather, you’ll return home knowing what true love is. And know what to expect from a lover. No man can ever take advantage of your affections. You also know never to wear panties ever again except those certain times of the month.

“And Big Johnny, don’t worry you’ll find a pretty girl at your school soon enough. Now you have the skills to satisfy her sexually. Once you bring her to orgasm she’ll brag about you to the whole school.

“I’m sure you’ll already be doing plenty of bragging to your friends about how you took the virginity of a big breasted blonde. Of course I’m sure you’ll leave out how she was your cousin. You still have Heather’s panties as trophy.

“This experience has made it easier for both of you to find love.”

Still it hurt saying goodbye. We made love one last time that night and said goodbye when our families left in the morning.

Our lives were as Aunt Jessica had predicted. However all these years later I still have crazy fantasies of my cousin and I somehow staying together.

I dream of Big Johnny riding up on a motorcycle after my college graduation, staring into my eyes and confessing that no matter how hard he tried to find love, I was the only girl for him. He wants to get married. No law or religion prohibits it. I run into his open arms and shower him with kisses confessing that I feel the same way. I tell him he was the only one who could ever satisfy me and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

We have a house with a white picket fence where we raise our children and both have multiple orgasms every night and every morning for the rest of our lives.

But then I wake up to reality and the fantasy shatters.

Maybe Big Johnny grew up to be a total loser. Or maybe he’s happily married with a woman he loves more than he ever loved me. Maybe he’s only perfect because he’s still a fantasy.

But just maybe right now he’s having the same fantasy I am. Maybe he still fantasies about my young virgin body, large breasts, and long golden hair. Maybe he still thinks about me when he masturbates.

Or maybe that’s just another one of my crazy fantasies.

Happy endings.

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