A trip at the Urology clinic, nice surprise Part 2

As she came closer I noticed that she wore little makeup but looked like she had some on. I could also smell the perfume, a light floral scent and it filled my nostrils as she rolled the stool towards me. The top 2 buttons of her lab coat were undone as well as the bottom 3 buttons. I caught a glimpse of her cleavage under a white satin blouse, but it was her legs and thighs that had my full attention.

She went on to say. I’m so sorry, the doctor is running about 40 minutes behind. If you would rather wait I will let him know. I said, no, its fine. It is a little embarrassing though, would you mind locking the door just in case someone comes in by mistake.
She said she had already locked it.

She asked me to move closer to the edge of the table and put on her glasses and my gown opened. Her eyes widened a bit and her skin flushed pink through her beautiful tan.
She said I am going to check for lumps and any other abnormalities. My cock was heavy but not erect at all but I felt something for sure.
She said, excuse me and took my cock in her gloved hand and squeezed around the base and worked her way up to the head checking.

She asked me how often I masturbate. I told her I haven’t masturbated in some time. She went on to ask if I had had any ejaculations and I told her that I had not in some time.

The rubber glove was sticking to the hair around my cock and belly and I jumped a bit as she moved. She apologized for the gloves and said it was standard policy to wear gloves.
I said I didn’t think they were necessary and she could take them off if that was okay.
She said I could do a better exam without them really if you don’t mind. I said I don’t mind a bit.

She asked several more questions. Had I had my prostrate massaged in the past few years. I said no. Is there any testicular pain, I said no?
Then she took both of my balls one in each hand and began to feel around on them gently. I winced a bit again and she said does that hurt? I said it did a bit and she pulled a tube of K-Y jelly out of her lab coat pocket. She said this might be a little cold as she squirted a big glob of it on her hand and spread it onto the other hand.

She began feeling around on my balls with one hand and held my cock up with the other.
After a few seconds she said I think I’m getting something here as my cock grew heavier.
She said she wanted to try something to check for blood flow and put the fingers of one hand tightly around the base of my cock and squeezed the part above. She said there is definitely blood flow, something is happening.
Her hair had fallen down around her face as she looked down. I asked her if she wanted me to move that for her since her hands were all lubed up. She said thank you, and would you mind taking off my glasses. I took her glasses off and with both of my hands pushed her hair back on each side. She let out a small sigh, like ummm.

I told her I was feeling something and she said I would like to try to get your penis erect, is that okay? I said, whatever it takes.

At that she released the pressure from around the base of my cock and squeezed it firmly from the base to the head several times with one hand sliding just a bit with all the lube.
Then she took one hand and cupped my balls as she milked my cock and massaged them at the same time.
She said you know I think this might work, do you mind if we go a bit further.

By that time I had a pretty good semi erect cock. She said I don’t get to do this very often, are you doing okay. I said yes, I think I’m doing very well.
By that time I could see she was getting into it and noticed her legs had spread further apart and a good amount of both thighs were showing. She was starting to breathe heavy and was getting a little red and sweating just a bit.
I said, why don’t you take that coat off, it’s hot in here. She said I think I will.
When she did, I could clearly see her body through her skimpy clothing.
A border of white lace at the edge of her bra showed at the top of her ample cleavage.

She sat back down and rolled the stool close again and her skirt moved up on her legs and I could see a patch of white lace panties just a bit. She said it is getting hot in here.
Let’s try this a little longer.

With that she took my cock again in one hand and my balls in the other and actually started stroking the shaft while she massaged my balls. I was now getting fully erect.

She looks up at my eyes and said, is this alright? I said yes gorgeous, you are doing a great job. She smiled.

She asked me to hold her hair back again and drew closer to my cock, now level with her beautiful face and mouth. As I held her hair, I gently pushed her head forward while she stroked my cock, now fully erect.

She said, looks like it works so far, shall we go on? I said, yes please do and pushed her head and mouth a little harder toward my cock.

She looked up and me and giggled softly and went ummm as she opened her soft mouth and wrapped those beautiful lips around my rock hard cock.
I said, Oh Baby and she continued to suck the shaft going about half way down and then back to the top and saliva was running down my cock now. She was completely turned on now and so was I.

When I looked down I could see she had one hand in her crotch rubbing her clit through her panties which were now in full view. She was moaning softly and sucking my cock with slow sensual strokes in and out and drooling with her eyes closed.

I reached down and unbuttoned her blouse and pulled if off as she sucked my cock. The white lace bra had one clip in the front in the center and I flicked it open with one hand and it fell free allowing her beautiful tits freedom. She had no tan line. Her tits were tan and the nipples were as big as wine bottle corks with nice platters surrounding them.
I took one nipple in each hand twisting them with my fingers as she sucked my cock. She was moaning softly as she made love to my cock.

I pushed her head down gently when she was going down and my cock bumped the back of her throat. She reached up with her hands and took mine and put them on the back of her head and went down again. This time I helped her.

My cock slid all the way into her throat and she kept her head there for a few seconds working my cock with her tongue and massaging my balls with one hand and working her clit with the other. This went on for a few minutes and she drew her mouth off and said. We should see if you can have an orgasm now and went back sucking my cock deep in her throat. I knew I was getting close. She did too. She tasted the pre-cum and got very turned on when it left the opening of my penis.

I pulled her head off my cock and said. I want to see if its firm enough to use, why don’t you get on the table and I will stand up. She got up and sat on the table with her skirt now all the way up and her hands behind her on each side supporting herself.
I slid her panties off and could smell where the perfume was coming from now.

I bent down and kissed her pussy gently, then I slid my tongue between the lips and into her cunt. I kept my tongue against her pussy as I raised up and finished the lick by taking her clitoris in my mouth and sucked it gently. Her head was back and she was tossing it from side to side and moaning softly so as not to attract attention from the hallway just feet away.

I continued to eat her pussy for all it was worth then stood up and pulled her ass nearly off the edge of the table as my cock slid in.

I held her ass in both hands fucking her hard and fast and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and then bit my lower lip softly. We continued to fuck this way for a short while and she started shuddering and bucking as her orgasm overtook her. She held her lips tightly together and went ummm, ummm, ummm, as the spasms shook her body.

I was nearly about to cum myself but didn’t want to stop fucking this beautiful nurse. She was soaking wet with her pussy juices f
lowing out heavily down to her asshole as I continued to pump away while she had orgasm after orgasm all the while trying to keep as quiet as possible.

As I was fucking her I raised her sweet firm ass upward with my hands. Again she orgasmed and I pulled out slowly and put the tip of my cock at the opening of her asshole, which was very wet and slippery.

I held her there and bent my head down and she took a tit in one hand and raised it to my mouth. I sucked it like a baby hoping for something to come out. She pulled away gently and put the other tit in my mouth while I am still pressing my cock at the opening of her asshole. She was going wild and at the same time trying to contain it so not to draw attention to the room.

I pushed gently and my cock did not just slide in. I pushed harder and she squealed a bit and then closed her lips tight again to stifle the sound. I pushed harder and my cock bent. I pushed very hard and my cock slid into her asshole all the way to the hilt and she yelped owwww a little too loud.

She was bucking and grinding now with my cock still fully into her asshole. I started to slide in and out with long strokes and she continued to buck and moan as I slammed my cock and balls slammed into her wonderful ass with my balls slapping her pelvic floor with each stroke.

I was not going to be able to hold much longer and said, Baby I’m going to cum. She cried nooooo and pushed me away and got down off the table, fell to her knees and buried my cock in her throat. With 2 or 3 strokes in her soft wanton mouth I shot my load not quite down her throat onto her tongue. I tried to pull away but she held me there and swallowed the heavy streams of cum that seemed to have no end.

We were both sweating and breathing very heavy as my cock slipped out of her mouth and a small drool of cum ran down her lip and chin. She quickly pushed it into her mouth with her forefinger and licked it with a cute smile.

I lifted her off of her knees and kissed her mouth deeply, savoring the sweetness of her pussy still on my lips and what remained of my cum on her mouth and tongue.

She looked at her watch and jumped up and pulled her skirt down, threw on her lab coat and stuffed her panties in her pocket. She said I have got to go.

It looks like you are healed———— and so am I.

She tossed her hair with her hand and looked at me sideways and smiled as she left the room.

More to follow soon.

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