At Work All Alone

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I was sitting in the office it was a Friday afternoon and I couldn’t take it any more. My boss had left for the day and I was there alone for the next four hours. I heard the bell ding letting me know that someone had just walked in so I got up and went to see who it was and what he or she wanted. When I got up front I realized it was the man that had been there the other day working on the security system. I made small talk with him and he said there was a few more things that he needed to do before the system would work and he needed me to sign some things. I told him it was fine and that he could go ahead and go back in the back. As he came around the corner I noticed that he was looking me up and down in a very strange way. I wasn’t used to getting any attention from guys. I was a very large girl, about 5’7″ and almost 300lbs. I had never had a boyfriend and had defiantly never had sex. So when I saw this tall almost chubby middle-aged man staring at me like that I didn’t know what to do. Luckily another customer came in and the repairman headed straight for the security system.
When I was finished ring up my last customer I started to head back for the back to finish my work for the cay I completely forgot about the repairman in the back. As I walked through the swinging doors he grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth.
“If you scream this will hurt”
I had no intentions of fighting him just the touch of his rough hand on my mouth made me so hot. All of a sudden I noticed he was naked it tried to grab for his cock. He pulled me closer to him and ripped my shirt off. After fumbling around with my bra for a few seconds he released my breast. He let up on my mouth a little and I told him he could do whatever he wanted to me and I wouldn’t scream or run so he turned me around to face him and let go of the death grip on my arm. He cupped my breast in his hand as he began suck on my nipple and bite down hard, I pulled of my jeans and panties. I dropped to my knees and took his massive 11-inch cock in my hand it was almost as big around as my wrist. He backed up against the wall as I took it in my mouth. I had never done any thing like this before but his hand guided the back of my head into position. After a few minutes he came all over my beast and then he licked me clean. He asked me if I was ready. I nodded and got on the floor very quickly. He positioned himself on top and guided his cock to the opening of my pussy. The first thrust was very gentle I told him I was a virgin so I think that helped. More and more of his cock was entering and the rhythm got faster I thought I was going to cum right then but I tried to hold on. I whispered that I wanted all of it and in one quick thrust I had it all I came 4 or 5 times over the next few minutes. After he went limp he moved down to lick my pussy clean making me cum again. All of a sudden the door rang luckily it was just the mailman. Ha came and went as we got dressed. Before he left he showed me how to disengage the alarm so that he could come and fix it.

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  1. ufopilot123

    hello: Awesome story. I love big women so I enjoyed a lot!

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